my eyes are kinda watery.

so i had a 3-hour nap today….wheee….i still felt/feel kinda tired
after tho…i wonder how long i would have slept if my mom hadn’t woken
me up…yeah this afterschool nap is becoming routine…

ahhh….i didn’t do any french during 2nd block today….but that’s ok
because i was doing some of the chem homework that’s due tomorrow, so i
mean…i was still being productive…plus the chem homework is
actually due…

can you believe?  my mom actually yanks the earphones out of my ears when i listen to my ipod!  wow…


One thought on “

  1. spuffy_obsessions

    wow…ipod yanking?? haha. poor timmy{ie}  yah ur right…i guess my mom’s overprotectiveness is nothing compared to urs. =p i didnt take my afteschoolnaptoday! =[ at least theres no band tomorrow morning. haha.anywhos..see u tomorrow night! go band! {chem is evil} lol.

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