Monthly Archives: January 2007

that girl in my calc class really is cute.  not only does she have the gorgeous hair thing going, but she’s most likely older than me.

in other news, i spent just about 2 hours (almost the entire class) on chapter 12 and still stopped just short of finishing it (and this is -starting- from the 40% mark).  I guess whoever thinks that they can go easy because it’s only one chapter and do it all on sunday night is gonna be screwed…(though I don’t think the actual length seemed that long…only 37 pages, compared to maybe about 30 for other chapters)….unless I just sucked at condensing my notes this time.

flutes suck dirt!

new quote.
“I’m too good for this world.” — Timm[ie]

I love not having to practice.  dont you?

if you see me mouthing “shubbashubbashubba” or “wakkawakkawakka” during 1st, it means im rather giddy (as is often the case in that class)

new glasses!  I actually don’t like the new frame quite as much…the lens sit farther away from my eyes so my FOV (field of vision) is smaller.  oh well, just something I’ll have to get used to.  it does help me see a tad better though.

I accidentally took a 4-hour nap this afternoon.  whoops.  hey, but that means I can go to bed at 4 and still have enough sleep to function for WP practice!  hooray!!

i’m wondering if i’m studying too much for gov.  heh.

I hate people.  I can’t stress that enough!

There’s this girl in my math1C class at foothill that has really pretty hair.  This is almost exactly the same thing that happened to me over the summer with my math1D class, except this time she’s not sitting right in front of me (thank god)…although, I have to admit, she’s pretty cute.
*sigh* trichophilia really is a curse.  a drug of sorts in that it’s addictive, but i doubt that it ever goes away, because believe it or not, I have actually gone for some (relatively) long periods of time without
doing any of that, and it’s never gone away.  it all started with kat and fiona…*shakes fist*
though i’m not too sure–I might have developed it anyways even if not for those two.

I’ve learned the basics of how to use Reason, just need to learn how to -really- use it now.