Monthly Archives: May 2014

It is done.

After a long while, I’ve finally finished uploading the entire archive contents of my old Xanga site here (one by one uploading xml files and waiting for wordpress to process them), so this will now serve as the definitive archive for my Xanga for the time being, all the way from September of 2004 until June 2013 when Xanga went bust and became a premium-only service.  All 3,780 posts across 10 years.

In retrospect, perhaps I should have went for the premium route–$48/year really isn’t that much, to be honest, and it would let me preserve all of my post links, which is actually quite important as I now I have a crapload of links in my xanga_favorites.txt file that don’t work anymore.  Maybe if there’s still a chance, I might join in, though I guess that’s also contingent on them surviving alright and not going bust again.  I’d be losing the ability to format all of my posts nicely the way they were supposed to be, as well.

It’s probably safe to say for now that I’ll still be blogging at for the time being, even if I do get the xanga premium membership.  Yes…it’s always sad to think that what I had can’t keep on lasting, but I won’t dwell on that here as I’ve already written about that.

Here is to the preservation of the past.  Hopefully I’ll at least be able to use a wordpress site search to find specific posts that I’m looking for in the future, when I try to recall what I wrote (this has already helped me out once).

Thank you for stopping by.