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Because of this convo, I’m now going to try and memorize how to recite ultraminiantidismembermentationisminglationifyingology.

DDRKirbyISQ: I decided

DDRKirbyISQ: to not try to own at cs

DDRKirbyISQ: and own at sc instead

DDRKirbyISQ: because I still have dial-up

Red7z7 is idle at 9:15:13 PM.

Red7z7: and because cs is lamer than sc

DDRKirbyISQ: lol

DDRKirbyISQ: no

DDRKirbyISQ: because there are more lamers on cs than sc

Red7z7: instead of timmy wong it should be skinny thong

DDRKirbyISQ: rotfl

DDRKirbyISQ: and instead of ryan

DDRKirbyISQ: it should be brain

DDRKirbyISQ: ryan

DDRKirbyISQ: bryan

DDRKirbyISQ: brian

DDRKirbyISQ: brain

DDRKirbyISQ: and “piss wang” instead of “chris chang”?

Red7z7: lol

Red7z7: and instead of brett langdell

Red7z7: pet ringbell

DDRKirbyISQ: lol

DDRKirbyISQ: nicky elias?

Red7z7: sticky

Red7z7: mucus

Red7z7: lol no

DDRKirbyISQ: lol

DDRKirbyISQ: “sticky mucus”

DDRKirbyISQ: sacience besasaelsa

Red7z7: niiice

Red7z7: what was he trying to say?

DDRKirbyISQ: science vessels

Red7z7: lol

DDRKirbyISQ: ultraminiantidismembermentationisminglationifyingology

DDRKirbyISQ: ultra-muta-meta-mini-anti-dis-member-ment-ation-ism-ing-lation-ifying-ology-er-est-pod-lic

Red7z7: anti dismemberment?

DDRKirbyISQ: exactly

DDRKirbyISQ: like

Red7z7: isnt that like, putting limbs back on

DDRKirbyISQ: yes

DDRKirbyISQ: only

DDRKirbyISQ: it’s ultra-mini-anti-dismemberment

DDRKirbyISQ: meaning you put really tiny limbs back on really well

Red7z7: lol

Red7z7: so like

Red7z7: replacing hairs

DDRKirbyISQ: kind of

Red7z7: as a career

DDRKirbyISQ: as a study

DDRKirbyISQ: as in

DDRKirbyISQ: I’m an ultraminiantidismembermentationisminglationifyingology professor

DDRKirbyISQ: I think I might memorize how to recite that

DDRKirbyISQ: it’s faster and more confusing than saying pi

DDRKirbyISQ: and easier to say than my screen name

DDRKirbyISQ: ultramimiantidismembermentationisminglationifyingology





DDRKirbyISQ: crap

DDRKirbyISQ: does that link work?

Red7z7: dunno

Red7z7: sleeo

Red7z7: sleep

DDRKirbyISQ: dammit

DDRKirbyISQ: it’s 10:48

DDRKirbyISQ: god

Red7z7: race tomorrow morning

DDRKirbyISQ: ….

DDRKirbyISQ: …

DDRKirbyISQ: …


DDRKirbyISQ: sucker

DDRKirbyISQ: =p

Red7z7 signed off at 10:49:45 PM.

DDRKirbyISQ: the only race I’d be interested in would be a cube race or an ssx3 race—…..

Previous message was not received by Red7z7 because of error: User Red7z7 is not available.


DDRKirbyISQ: meh

Previous message was not received by Red7z7 because of error: User Red7z7 is not available.


I own.

The new cell phone that I got for some random reason pwns because now I can take videos of myself doing crazy finger tricks with my rubik’s cube.  It’s even better than normal videos because it makes it blurry so it seems hella fast.  Plus, my wallpaper is Kirby’s Air Ride, the same one I use for my comp.  owns.

So today (well, yesterday technically, because now it’s like 12:17 and crap I need to like sleep but tomorrow is a late start which is good because then I get to sleep, but then again I got to sleep today (well actually yesterday) too because marching band is every other day and we didn’t have rehearsal this morning…although we did have rehearsal this night and I was hella hungry towards the end, which is one of the disadvantages of weighing like 6 pounds you get hungry hella fast, and it’s hella hard to play ddr at the arcade and holy frick this is a long parentheses piece of crap and you’re gonna have to read back to “So today” to undertand what the hell I’m talking about, although now since I already said that again you won’t have to, unless you look back again just to make sre I’m not lying or something…except the only problem is that I forgot what I was gonna say actually x_x), during French class we had like half an hour where we sat around doing nothing, even the teacher sat around with us and we just talked while I solved my rubik’s cube and took videos of it.  yeah.

And, I made a kick-ass cd with my 10 songs that I made, plus some kick-ass OCRemix.

Christmas wish list:

-OC Remix Hoodie

-New Rubik’s Cube


-Fruity Loops 4 Studio

-{heheheh, insert that thing here} O_o



[edit: I spaced some of the hella long words in my posts so now my xanga’s actually readable.  w3.14159t.]

frick, I entered this entry before, but xanga had a stupid error.  “Premium”, it says…pfft.

Anyways, this weekend sucked.

On friday, the band had to play for the football game from 6:00 till like 10:00.  And it was hella cold.

Then on saturday, we had rehearsal from 9:00 am till 9:00 pm.


…well, at least I was wearing 5 layers that day so I wasn’t freezing like everyone else. (heh, suckers…)

…then this morning (sunday), I had to volunteer at the hospital from 9:00 till 12:30.

…but I made it all up by solving my Rubik’s cube and timing myself at the hospital.

…the result?  A new best average of 10 solves–45.4 seconds.


and my new techno sounds pimpin.  All trance-y and stuff.

Another reason why I own:

I found a repeatable chain of internet acronyms:

rotflolmaomfg2g4u2cul8ter = rotfl + lol + lmao + omfg + g2g + g4u + u2 + 2c + cu + l8ter

rotflolmaomfg2g4u2cul8terotflolmaomfg2g4u2cul8terotflolmaomfg2g4u2cul8te rotflolmaomfg2g4u2cul8terotflolmaomfg2g4u2cul8terotflolmaomfg2g4u2cul8te rotflolmaomfg2g4u2cul8terotflolmaomfg2g4u2cul8te!

(yeah, this used to be one word, but I fixed it so it wont screw up everything)

dammit, I dont know how to enable word wrap.

…another reason why I dont own.


…my convos all own.

check out this orange (intentional typo):

DDRKirbyISQ: I posted me and Brett’s hella long convo on my xanga
DDRKirbyISQ: and linked it in my profile
Red7z7: niiice
DDRKirbyISQ: heh
Red7z7: super food man
Red7z7: so awesome
DDRKirbyISQ: lol
DDRKirbyISQ: I just owned Brett
DDRKirbyISQ: crap I don’t know after that
DDRKirbyISQ: but I know the middle
DDRKirbyISQ: “Final Fantasy, it consumes my life”
DDRKirbyISQ: “and that is probably why”
DDRKirbyISQ: “I’ll never have a wife!”
DDRKirbyISQ: “Final Fantasy has awesome music”
DDRKirbyISQ: “and that is probably why”
DDRKirbyISQ: “it always gets remixed!”
NaTuRLySToNed7z7: lol that’s wayyy longer than the captain planet song
DDRKirbyISQ: “I always buy the soundtrack to each game”
DDRKirbyISQ: “oh it is the only thing that I will listen to”
NaTuRLySToNed7z7: of course it only makes sense cuz your memory is about 100 times bigger
NaTuRLySToNed7z7: err, longer
NaTuRLySToNed7z7: would be a better word for it
DDRKirbyISQ: no
DDRKirbyISQ: memory can’t be “big” or “long”
NaTuRLySToNed7z7: lol i dunno then
DDRKirbyISQ: it’s
DDRKirbyISQ: my memory has about 100 times as much capacity as yours does
Red7z7: lol
Red7z7: owanage
Red7z7: orange*
DDRKirbyISQ: rotfl
DDRKirbyISQ: “owanage”
DDRKirbyISQ: “obiwanage”
Red7z7: and plus, bigger was a better word than longer
Red7z7: longer alwas refers to physical size
Red7z7: but bigger can also mean capacity
DDRKirbyISQ: not necessarily
DDRKirbyISQ: there can be a “longer” number
DDRKirbyISQ: or a “longer” period of time
DDRKirbyISQ: but there can’t be a “bigger” period of time
DDRKirbyISQ: although there can be a “bigger” number
DDRKirbyISQ: holy crap, I just realized you changed your buddy icon back
Red7z7: lol
Red7z7: i change it by one pixel
Red7z7: every time you blink
DDRKirbyISQ: rotfl
Red7z7: so
Red7z7: (-1, 0 , 4) huh?
DDRKirbyISQ: ?
DDRKirbyISQ: 3d etch-a-sketch coordinates?
DDRKirbyISQ: zeros to f(x) = x(x+1)(x-4)
DDRKirbyISQ: ?
Red7z7: yeah
DDRKirbyISQ: …
Red7z7: but im talking about a single point
Red7z7: not three points
DDRKirbyISQ: so, just one 3d co-ordinate, not three points on a line
Red7z7: well
Red7z7: by line you mean plane
Red7z7: and yes
DDRKirbyISQ: no, I mean line
Red7z7: no
Red7z7: you mean plane
DDRKirbyISQ: as in
DDRKirbyISQ: three points on the x-axis
DDRKirbyISQ: so the x-coordinates would be -1, 0, and 4
Red7z7: uh no
Red7z7: the x coordinate is -1
Red7z7: y is 0
DDRKirbyISQ: the y coordinate is 0
Red7z7: and z is 4
DDRKirbyISQ: and the z coordinate is 4
DDRKirbyISQ: but I’m saying
Red7z7: i woned
DDRKirbyISQ: the =other= way it could be interpreted
DDRKirbyISQ: is three separate points on the x-axis or y-axis or a number line
Red7z7: which isnt what im implying
Red7z7: so end of discussion
DDRKirbyISQ: but you said something about a “plane”, which didn’t make sense at all
DDRKirbyISQ: unless, of course, you were stating that three points always lie on a single plane
Red7z7: yeah (-1,0,0) (0,0,0) (0,0,4)
DDRKirbyISQ: which is already obvious anyways
DDRKirbyISQ: no, not (-1,0,0) (0,0,0) (0,0,4).
DDRKirbyISQ: it would be like
DDRKirbyISQ: x = (-1, 0, 4)
DDRKirbyISQ: as in, zeros of a polynomial of degree 3
Red7z7: so -1,0,4 as in the values of x y and z when the others are 0
DDRKirbyISQ: “the others”?
Red7z7: ugh
DDRKirbyISQ: what others are there besides x, y, and z
DDRKirbyISQ: rotfl
DDRKirbyISQ: …
Red7z7: go shove a calculator down your throat
DDRKirbyISQ: I dont need to
DDRKirbyISQ: there’s already one imbedded in my brain
DDRKirbyISQ: yours apparently needs to be upgraded
Red7z7: lol
Red7z7: ti 92
DDRKirbyISQ: the earlier models dont handle symbolic manipulation all that well
Red7z7: +
DDRKirbyISQ: ti 92+
DDRKirbyISQ: and we were psychically aligned
Red7z7: yup
Red7z7: owmnage
DDRKirbyISQ: because we said that within 5 seconds
DDRKirbyISQ: obiwanage
DDRKirbyISQ: …
Red7z7: lowlamna
DDRKirbyISQ: ddroflolmaomfg2g4u2
Red7z7: c
Red7z7: 4u2c
DDRKirbyISQ: lol
DDRKirbyISQ: ddroflolmaomfg2g4u2cul8ter
Red7z7: yeah1
DDRKirbyISQ: roflolmaomfg2g4u2cul8teroflolmaomfg2g4u2cul8teroflolmaomfg2g4u2cul8te roflolmaomfg2g4u2cul8teroflolmaomfg2g4u2cul8teroflolmaomfg2g4u2cul8te roflolmaomfg2g4u2cul8teroflolmaomfg2g4u2cul8teroflolmaomfg2g4u2cul8te roflolmaomfg2g4u2cul8teroflolmaomfg2g4u2cul8te
Red7z7: e
DDRKirbyISQ: () |2 /- || 6 3
Red7z7: as in
Red7z7: é
Red7z7: as in
DDRKirbyISQ: as in
Red7z7: sauteé
DDRKirbyISQ: …
DDRKirbyISQ: no, I was thinking
DDRKirbyISQ: réparé
DDRKirbyISQ: as in
DDRKirbyISQ: j’ai réparé ma voiture
Red7z7: as in would you mind repairing my vulture?
Red7z7: with your scv?
DDRKirbyISQ: rotfl
DDRKirbyISQ: dude, I should so play sc in french
Red7z7: yeah
DDRKirbyISQ: attaquez maintenant!
DDRKirbyISQ: construit les zerlingaliskers!
Red7z7: zerglingaliskers?
DDRKirbyISQ: lol
Red7z7: thats german
DDRKirbyISQ: ok, fine
DDRKirbyISQ: fremontalisks
Red7z7: suurglungolisker
DDRKirbyISQ: that’s like russian
DDRKirbyISQ: 10011111010010101010111100100101000111lisk
Red7z7: zurglung
DDRKirbyISQ: alisk
DDRKirbyISQ: mutalung
DDRKirbyISQ: aqualung
Red7z7: breathing lung?
DDRKirbyISQ: gamete metabolic glandular adrenaline boost
Red7z7: ö
Red7z7: i cant believe i argued with you about math
Red7z7: lol
DDRKirbyISQ: rotfl
DDRKirbyISQ: nice going
Red7z7: i must be awesome
DDRKirbyISQ: well
DDRKirbyISQ: you’re better than those other dudes who tried it
DDRKirbyISQ: I said “prove that parallel lines never meet”
DDRKirbyISQ: and they just said “that’s the definition of parellel lines, you idiot!”
DDRKirbyISQ: ….suckers….
Red7z7: lol
Red7z7: this is a good convo to save
DDRKirbyISQ: lol
Red7z7: what the hells the point of plotting points anyways?
DDRKirbyISQ: so you can draw lines
Red7z7: some smart jackass just ends up spelling U
DDRKirbyISQ: and curves
DDRKirbyISQ: rotfl
Red7z7: SUCK with them
DDRKirbyISQ: …pwned.
Red7z7: lol
DDRKirbyISQ: now I just have to get it to say “OWNED” in big animated flashing block letters
Red7z7: ahh awesome
DDRKirbyISQ: or get it to explode in your face
Red7z7: i think the key to math is being so good at computing numbers you can compute which problems will appear on the upcoming test
DDRKirbyISQ: that would also own
DDRKirbyISQ: lol
Red7z7: try telling me that wouldnt be awesome
DDRKirbyISQ: …or you could be like super food man and just swallow a hella smart professor before the test
Red7z7: lol
DDRKirbyISQ: my friend made a program for his calculator that made it seem like it crashes
DDRKirbyISQ: he gave it to his little brother and ran it
DDRKirbyISQ: and he’s all like
Red7z7: you just have to use the triple AbyNx variable
DDRKirbyISQ: “You little idiot, you broke my calculator, gimme $10 so I can go get it fixed”
DDRKirbyISQ: “AbyNx”?
DDRKirbyISQ: lol
Red7z7: yeah
Red7z7: triple
DDRKirbyISQ: I wanna know why the heck “ABS” is written on the plastic case of every TI calculator
Red7z7: because theres a full bs in every calculator they make
Red7z7: just to show theyre awesome
DDRKirbyISQ: full “bs”?
Red7z7: and can make calculators out of anything
DDRKirbyISQ: lol
Red7z7: including BS
DDRKirbyISQ: only “abs” stands for the absolute value function
Red7z7: butterscoth ahahaha
DDRKirbyISQ: britney spears?
DDRKirbyISQ: backstabber?
DDRKirbyISQ: “Another victory for BS, Inc.”
Red7z7: build spawning pool
DDRKirbyISQ: lol
DDRKirbyISQ: build supply depot
DDRKirbyISQ: is more common
Red7z7: screw
DDRKirbyISQ: they always write “abs” and then put a little triangle on top of it
DDRKirbyISQ: i think it’s another conspiracy
Red7z7: save and post this convo on your xanga
Red7z7: im going to sleep
DDRKirbyISQ: just like that toothpaste one
DDRKirbyISQ: lol
DDRKirbyISQ: I was already panning on posting this
Red7z7: good
DDRKirbyISQ: how the heck can you be going to sleep
DDRKirbyISQ: It’s 10:30
DDRKirbyISQ: =I= should be going to sleep
DDRKirbyISQ: I have frickin marching band practice tomorrow
DDRKirbyISQ: so I have to be there at like 7:00
Red7z7: lol
DDRKirbyISQ: and put on sunscreen beforehand and crap
Red7z7: lol
DDRKirbyISQ: and put on my ownage hobo gloves
Red7z7: 1337
Red7z7: i mean errr (1,3,3,7)
DDRKirbyISQ: one thousand three hundred thirty seven
DDRKirbyISQ: 4-dimensional coordinate systems?
Red7z7: the fourth one is the triple AbsNx variable
Red7z7: AbyNx*
DDRKirbyISQ: f(xyz) = x^2 + 3xy + z^2y – 25(xz-yz)
DDRKirbyISQ: now graph that
Red7z7: lol
Red7z7: i just
Red7z7: died
DDRKirbyISQ: lol
Red7z7: you opened a fourth dimension in my mind
DDRKirbyISQ: rotfl
Red7z7: and it consumed itself
Red7z7: right now im only talking to you
Red7z7: out of reflex
DDRKirbyISQ: but if it consumed itself
DDRKirbyISQ: that means you should have hella energy now
Red7z7: whoa
Red7z7: weird
Red7z7: foodman can consume his own mind
DDRKirbyISQ: lol
DDRKirbyISQ: probably
Red7z7: so that if hes held hostage
Red7z7: he wont say anything
DDRKirbyISQ: rotfl
DDRKirbyISQ: he just undigests it in like 5 hours out of reflex
DDRKirbyISQ: of course, he’d never be taken hostage
Red7z7: yeah
Red7z7: hed eat his captors
Red7z7: sleep!
DDRKirbyISQ: or eat his chains or bindings
DDRKirbyISQ: or spit out plasma webs and shit
Red7z7: save convo
Red7z7 signed off at 10:39:37 PM.


Well, I fixed the timezone thing…

Anyways, yeah, me and Brett had this hella long AIM convo last night, in fact I’m gonna post it here, and none of you are gonna be able to read it all.

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: omg

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: i found out how to change in-game text

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: for games

DDRKirbyISQ: …loL?

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: this owns

DDRKirbyISQ: I have xanga!?

DDRKirbyISQ: heeeeeeeeeeeeee

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: huh?

DDRKirbyISQ: lol

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: lol

DDRKirbyISQ: god we already have an essay to write

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: heh, you can change hte color and text and stuff

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: and where it appears

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: p11mp

DDRKirbyISQ: and it’s so…like…

DDRKirbyISQ: ….boring

DDRKirbyISQ: like everyone’s essay is gonna be the same

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: i have a rough draft essay due friday

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: :o

DDRKirbyISQ: no, the final is due on friday

DDRKirbyISQ: I’m like done

DDRKirbyISQ: I need like one more sentence

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: i know…

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: lucky

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: i have to do the whole rough draft

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: in a day

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: oh well

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: omg my comp is being crap

DDRKirbyISQ: rotfl

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: like if i hold a letter down it goes so slow

DDRKirbyISQ: rotfl

DDRKirbyISQ: lag

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: yeah

DDRKirbyISQ: I remember on my old comp when Microsoft Word lagged

DDRKirbyISQ: like, at random intervals it would freeze up

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: i can usually have 8 aim things open, a few mozilla windows open, and halo

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: with no lag

DDRKirbyISQ: and then I’d type like 10 sentences

DDRKirbyISQ: and they’d all appear at once after the lag finished

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: LOL


NaTuRLySToNed7z7: ahahhaahhahahah


NaTuRLySToNed7z7: i just found the captain planet song posted

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: at this site

DDRKirbyISQ: oh

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: ahahhahahah

DDRKirbyISQ: I thought you were doing this weird late reaction thing

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: lol

DDRKirbyISQ: because you said LOL








With your powers combined I am Captain Planet!

Captain Planet, he’s our hero,

Gonna take pollution down to zero,

He’s our powers magnified,

And he’s fighting on the planet side

Captain Planet, he’s our hero,

Gonna take pollution down to zero,

Gonna help him put us under,

Bad guys who like to loot and plunder

“You’ll pay for this Captain Planet!”


We’re the planeteers,

You can be one too!

‘Cause saving our planet is the thing to do,

Looting and polluting is not the way,

Hear what Captain Planet has to say:


DDRKirbyISQ: and then ten seconds later you were just like AHAHAHAHA

DDRKirbyISQ: yeaaarrgghh…..

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: heh

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: i gotta make that my profile

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: soon

DDRKirbyISQ: rotfl

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: what was the point in that show?

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: some lame way to get kids to recycle?

DDRKirbyISQ: rotfl

DDRKirbyISQ: rotflrotflrotflrotflrotflrotflrotflrotfl

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: it’s stupid, i recycle ANYWAY

DDRKirbyISQ: god, do you know how hard that is to type

DDRKirbyISQ: harder than “starcraft”

DDRKirbyISQ: starcraftstarcraftstarcraftstarcraftstarcraft

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: lol

DDRKirbyISQ: rotflrotflrotflrotflrotflrotflrotfl

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: rotfltrofltrofltrofltorlftorlf

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: crap

DDRKirbyISQ: crapcrapcrapcrapcrapcrapcrapcrapcrap

DDRKirbyISQ: lmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmao

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: lololololololololololollololollolololol

DDRKirbyISQ: holy crap that one’s hard

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: noooo, 2 errors

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: lmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaom

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: meh, easier than rotfl

DDRKirbyISQ: lollollollollollollollollollollol

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: lmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmao

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: oh you did the double l thing

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: omgomgomgogmgogmogmgogmogm

DDRKirbyISQ: lol

DDRKirbyISQ: omgomgomgomgomgomgomg

DDRKirbyISQ: omfgomfgomfgomfgomfgomfgomfgomfgomfg

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: roflolmaomg

DDRKirbyISQ: jeez, that ones so easy

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: omfgomfgomfomgfomfgomfgomfgomfgomf

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: yeah

DDRKirbyISQ: brbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrrb

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: lol

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: bblbblbblbblbbl

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: ttylttylttylttylttyl

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: whoa

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: hard

DDRKirbyISQ: lol

DDRKirbyISQ: biasbiasbiasbiasbiasbiasbiasbiasbiasbias

DDRKirbyISQ: ha!

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: g2g2g2g2g2g2

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: bias?

DDRKirbyISQ: g2g2g2g2g2g2g2g2g2g2g2g2g2g2g

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: biasbiasbaisbaisbais

DDRKirbyISQ: Back In A Second

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: crap

DDRKirbyISQ: the one I made up

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: oh lol

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: i remember when nobody even used lmao

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: or rofl

DDRKirbyISQ: lol

DDRKirbyISQ: tytytytytytytytytytytytytyty

DDRKirbyISQ: nsnsnsnsnsnsnsnsnsnsnsnsnsnsns

DDRKirbyISQ: n1n1n1n1n1n1n1nonononononono

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: thxthxthsthxthxthtxthx

DDRKirbyISQ: ywywywywywywywywywywywywywyw

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: wtfwtfwtfwtfwtfwtfwtf

DDRKirbyISQ: lol

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: hm

DDRKirbyISQ: wtfwtfwtfwtfwtf

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: not many left

DDRKirbyISQ: omgwtfomgwtfomgwtfomgwtf

DDRKirbyISQ: omgwtfbbqomgwtfbbq

DDRKirbyISQ: hard…

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: ahahha

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: the only way this can be useful

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: is in unreal tournoment where it says what you type

DDRKirbyISQ: rotfl

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: including abbreviations

DDRKirbyISQ: that would own

DDRKirbyISQ: ddrddrddrddrddrddrddrddr

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: LOL

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: ddrddrddrdddr;p

DDRKirbyISQ: isqisqisqisqisqisqisqisqisqisqisq

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: LOL!!!

DDRKirbyISQ: icicicicicicicicicicicic

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: okokokokok

DDRKirbyISQ: lol

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: okayokayokayokayokayookayokay

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: that one’s easy

DDRKirbyISQ: okayokayokayokayokayokayokaoykaoykayokayokay

DDRKirbyISQ: oops

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: whoaa

DDRKirbyISQ: “okaoy”

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: lol

DDRKirbyISQ: lol

DDRKirbyISQ: I remember when Nicky’s comp was screwed up

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: lol

DDRKirbyISQ: and he said “sacience besasaelsa” instead of science vessels

DDRKirbyISQ: rtsrtsrtsrtswtf

DDRKirbyISQ: fpsfpsfpsfpsfps

DDRKirbyISQ: msmsmsmsmsmsms

DDRKirbyISQ: pingpingpingpingping

DDRKirbyISQ: laglaglaglaglag

DDRKirbyISQ: halohalohalohalohalo

DDRKirbyISQ: starcraft is hella fun to type

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: LOL

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: starcraft

DDRKirbyISQ: starcraftstarcraftstarcraftstarcraftstarcraft

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: starfat

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: crap

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: i can’t do it fast

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: fpsfpsfpsfpsfspfsp

DDRKirbyISQ: I use circumstancional typing

DDRKirbyISQ: crap I cant spell

DDRKirbyISQ: circumstance

DDRKirbyISQ: w/e

DDRKirbyISQ: w/ew/ew/ew/ew/ew/e

DDRKirbyISQ: so I dont always use the same fingers for keys

DDRKirbyISQ: starcraft

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: w/ew/ew/ew/ew/ew/e

DDRKirbyISQ: so I use my index finger for “c” in starcraft

DDRKirbyISQ: starcraft

DDRKirbyISQ: starcraftstarcraft

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: whoa

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: that one’s hard

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: seriously

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: heh, i type seriously fast

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: seriolsy seriously serouslyf

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: crap

DDRKirbyISQ: seriouslyseroiuslyseriouslyseriouslyseriously

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: serioslyseriosly

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: argh it always looks like that

DDRKirbyISQ: hellahellahellahellahellahella

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: hellahellahella

DDRKirbyISQ: =)=)=)=)=)=)=)

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: taht one’s easy

DDRKirbyISQ: ^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: :D:D:D:D:D

DDRKirbyISQ: the ultimate challenge:

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: your screenname

DDRKirbyISQ: <(^_^)><(^_^)>


DDRKirbyISQ: yeah

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: whoa

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: nice

DDRKirbyISQ: pi is easy to type

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: pipiopoipoipio

DDRKirbyISQ: 3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169…

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: wtf?

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: o?

DDRKirbyISQ: lol

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: oh that’s what you mean

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: lol

DDRKirbyISQ: haha

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: i know this much: 3.141592653589793238

DDRKirbyISQ: 46264338

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: now i’ll work on the 4

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: and maybe 6

DDRKirbyISQ: 7z7z7z7z7z7z7z7z7z7z7z7z7

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: LOL

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: 7z7z7z7z77z7z7z7z7z

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: naturlylstoned7zu

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: crap

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: naturlystoned7z7

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: naturlystoned7z7

DDRKirbyISQ: ddrkirbyisqddrkirbyisqddrkirbyisq

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: yes!

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: heh

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: NaturlyStoned7z7

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: NaturllystEdont7z7

DDRKirbyISQ: lol

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: crap

DDRKirbyISQ: this is what it’s like when I play beatmania on my computer:

DDRKirbyISQ: vzvcxdzvcxdzvcxdzvcxdzvzvxczdxvzcxdzvcxdzvzcxdzzvxvczdxczvcxzdxvczcvzxfdzxdfzx dfzxdfzcxczcxczccxzcxcczcxczxczdxczfxzcxzcxczcxczcxcczcxczxzcxfzvxfxzccxzcxczcxcz cxcczccxzczcxdzcxfzxczcxczccxzcxzccczxczxczfxzvxfx

DDRKirbyISQ: yeah.

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: ahahahhaha

DDRKirbyISQ: stfustfustfustfustfustfustfustfustfustfustfu

DDRKirbyISQ: rotfl that’s fun

DDRKirbyISQ: if you do it right

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: stfustfustfustfustfustufstusfustusfu

DDRKirbyISQ: with left hand for “st” and right hand for “fu”

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: it also says fust

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: :D

DDRKirbyISQ: lol

DDRKirbyISQ: nice observation

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: lol

DDRKirbyISQ: >_<>_<>_<>_<>_<>_<>_<>_<>_<>_<>_<>_<>_<>_<>_<>

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: LOL

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: õ_õ ô_ô

DDRKirbyISQ: rotfl

DDRKirbyISQ: ownedownedowned

DDRKirbyISQ: hmm

DDRKirbyISQ: owndowndowndowndowndownd

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: õ_Ô

DDRKirbyISQ: pwndpwndpwndpwndpwndpwnd

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: pownedponwed

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: crap

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: i still dunno if pwned is pronounced powned, pooned, or poned

DDRKirbyISQ: technically

DDRKirbyISQ: it’s

DDRKirbyISQ: “awp-owned”

DDRKirbyISQ: pwndpwndpwndpwndpwndpwnd

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: huhhh?

DDRKirbyISQ: as in

DDRKirbyISQ: the awp

DDRKirbyISQ: the hella cheap-ass rifle in CS



NaTuRLySToNed7z7: h2h2h2h2h2h2

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: heh

DDRKirbyISQ: hlhlhlhlhlhlhl

DDRKirbyISQ: tfctfctfctfctfctfctfc

DDRKirbyISQ: ctfctfctfctfctfctfctf


DDRKirbyISQ: that’s so cool

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: i’ve download a 50 min vid of halo 2

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: and a 20 min vid

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: =Ð

DDRKirbyISQ: tfc = ctf only shifted

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: lol

DDRKirbyISQ: which ownz because tfc IS ctf

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: heh, cool

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: =Ð

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: it has a tooth

DDRKirbyISQ: tfctfctfctfctfc ctfctfctfctf

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: or a toungue

DDRKirbyISQ: lol

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: or something

DDRKirbyISQ: he’s …

DDRKirbyISQ: …his nose is bleeding

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: LOL!

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: or maybe it’s that wobbly thing in the back of your mouth

DDRKirbyISQ: that’s your tongue

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: LOL

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: the other thing

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: hanging in the back of your throat

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: that nobody knows what it’s called

DDRKirbyISQ: …your tonsils?

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: uh, i dunno

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: meh

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: w/e

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: Halo CE Halo Œ

DDRKirbyISQ: 314314314314314314

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: heh

DDRKirbyISQ: d2d2d2d2d2d2

DDRKirbyISQ: asdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfsafd

DDRKirbyISQ: asdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdf

DDRKirbyISQ: qwertyqwertyqwertyqwertyqwertyqwerty

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: ¶

DDRKirbyISQ: lol

DDRKirbyISQ: esych thias

DDRKirbyISQ: erm

DDRKirbyISQ: **watch this

DDRKirbyISQ: lol

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: lol

DDRKirbyISQ: _,.-=+*^”‘”^*+=~-.,_

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: 2¶r²

DDRKirbyISQ: rotfl

DDRKirbyISQ: it curves…

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: nice!

DDRKirbyISQ: it’d look nicer with courier font

DDRKirbyISQ: but I’m too lazy for that

DDRKirbyISQ: lazylazylazylazylazylazylazylazylazylazylazylazy

DDRKirbyISQ: lazylazylazylazylazylazylazylazylazylaz

DDRKirbyISQ: it’s easier to type as

DDRKirbyISQ: ylazylazylazylazylazylaz

DDRKirbyISQ: ylaz

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: wait is ¶ pi?

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: sorta looks like it

DDRKirbyISQ: …

DDRKirbyISQ: not really

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: meh, except the huge blob

DDRKirbyISQ: lol

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: hm

DDRKirbyISQ: [][][][][][][][]

DDRKirbyISQ: ()()()()()()()()

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: i do n’t know what half these sympols are

DDRKirbyISQ: -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-

DDRKirbyISQ: =_=_=_=_=_=_=

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: ¹

DDRKirbyISQ: |o

DDRKirbyISQ: | o

DDRKirbyISQ: | o

DDRKirbyISQ: |o

DDRKirbyISQ: |o

DDRKirbyISQ: |o

DDRKirbyISQ: |o

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: how is a 1 power useful?

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: ¹

DDRKirbyISQ: lol

DDRKirbyISQ: for

DDRKirbyISQ: when it’s not actually a power, but a footnote

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: o.0

DDRKirbyISQ: so there’d be a 1 at the bottom of the page with some notes

DDRKirbyISQ: but then again

DDRKirbyISQ: I think it might actually be a subscript 1 for that

DDRKirbyISQ: I dunno


DDRKirbyISQ: lol

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: =þ

DDRKirbyISQ: xangaxangxangaxangaxangaxangaxangaxangxa

DDRKirbyISQ: xngaxngaxngaxnagxnga

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: alt symbols own

DDRKirbyISQ: þ

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: xangaxangaxanga

DDRKirbyISQ: kirbykirbykirbykirbykirby

DDRKirbyISQ: gbgbgbgbgbgb

DDRKirbyISQ: bsbsbsbsbsb

DDRKirbyISQ: atiatiatiatiati

DDRKirbyISQ: nvidianvidianvidianvidia

DDRKirbyISQ: gcgcgcgcgc

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: þwñêd

DDRKirbyISQ: rotfl

DDRKirbyISQ: nice

DDRKirbyISQ: n64n64n64n64n

DDRKirbyISQ: snessnessnessnes

DDRKirbyISQ: nesnesnens

DDRKirbyISQ: genesisgenesis

DDRKirbyISQ: gbspgbspgbspgbsp

DDRKirbyISQ: gbcgbcgbcgbcgbc

DDRKirbyISQ: atariatariatari

DDRKirbyISQ: pcpcpcpcpc

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: cppcpcpcpcpcpcpcpcp

DDRKirbyISQ: lol

DDRKirbyISQ: c++c++c++

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: lmaolmaolmaomlamaolmaomalaom

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: lmaolmaomlmaolmao

DDRKirbyISQ: lanlanlanlanlan

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: roflolmao

DDRKirbyISQ: dsldsldsldsldsldsldsldsldslds

DDRKirbyISQ: lsdlsdlsdlsdlsdlsdlsd


DDRKirbyISQ: dsl = lsd shifted

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: ddroflolmao

DDRKirbyISQ: rotfl

DDRKirbyISQ: how many can you link?

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: that many

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: ^^

DDRKirbyISQ: hm…

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: oh wait

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: actually

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: i forgot

DDRKirbyISQ: ddroflolmaomfg

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: ddroflolmaomg

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: yeah

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: can’t link anymore

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: unless you make something up

DDRKirbyISQ: ddroflolmaomfg4u

DDRKirbyISQ: g4ug4ug4ug4ug4u

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: ddroflolmaomg2g

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: yes!

DDRKirbyISQ: ddroflolmaomfg4u2g2gl8rbiastfu


NaTuRLySToNed7z7: lol

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: g4u?

DDRKirbyISQ: ddr rotfl lol lmao omfg g4u g2g l8r 8br (brb) bias stfu

DDRKirbyISQ: good 4 u

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: ooh

DDRKirbyISQ: we ned to link the beginning to the end

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: NICE!

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: yeah

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: oh i know a place with an aim dictionary

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: brb

DDRKirbyISQ: oh wait

DDRKirbyISQ: I also had gl in there

DDRKirbyISQ: good luck

DDRKirbyISQ: ddroflolmaomfg4u2g2gl8rbiastfu2micu

DDRKirbyISQ: ddr rotfl lmao omfg g4u u2 g2g gl l8r 8rb bias stfu u2 2mi ic cu

DDRKirbyISQ: pimpin

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: u2g?

DDRKirbyISQ: ?

DDRKirbyISQ: erm

DDRKirbyISQ: crap I think I forgot it already

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: oh

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: u2

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: you too?

DDRKirbyISQ: yeah

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: k

DDRKirbyISQ: ggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

DDRKirbyISQ: best ever

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: jjeez

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: that’s long

DDRKirbyISQ: lol

DDRKirbyISQ: lamelamelamelamelame

DDRKirbyISQ: llamallamallamallama


NaTuRLySToNed7z7: mvc?

DDRKirbyISQ: the game ryan is supposed to own at

DDRKirbyISQ: Marvel vs Capcom

DDRKirbyISQ: (2)


DDRKirbyISQ: dude

DDRKirbyISQ: they should make

DDRKirbyISQ: Super Puzzle Street Fighter 2 Turbo Alpha Third Strike Special Edition Unlimited: Evolution


DDRKirbyISQ: or Mortal Kombat 8


NaTuRLySToNed7z7: ya

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: :D


DDRKirbyISQ: or Metal Gear Solid 5: Sons of Daughters of Sons of Nephews of Mothers-in-Law of Liberty

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: qtf?

DDRKirbyISQ: well

DDRKirbyISQ: metal gear solid 2 is “sons of liberty”


Apollo7z7: or doom 7:attack of the clones

DDRKirbyISQ: or Mario Sets the VCR Clock

DDRKirbyISQ: or Mega Man 16,384,024

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: ahhahahahah


DDRKirbyISQ: or the internet =2=

DDRKirbyISQ: after you beat the first on

Apollo7z7: yes!

DDRKirbyISQ: *one

Apollo7z7: the internet:reloaded

DDRKirbyISQ: and they need to make like ultra pong 3d: speed edition

DDRKirbyISQ: and the Matrix: revelAtions

DDRKirbyISQ: because RevolUtions sucked


DDRKirbyISQ: of course, you’d need Windows 98 2000 2003 NT XP Professional Office Edition

DDRKirbyISQ: and then Super Smash Bros.: Missile Attacks

DDRKirbyISQ: ….no that would be gay

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: ultra pong 3d?

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: bahahahhaha

DDRKirbyISQ: and they seriously need to upgrade high school

DDRKirbyISQ: with like a v1.3 patch

DDRKirbyISQ: it’s all glitchy and buggy now


NaTuRLySToNed7z7: that’s a little different

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: ahahhahahahahahahahahah

DDRKirbyISQ: and it crashes all the time

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: LOL!

DDRKirbyISQ: and then Grand Theft Auto: Traffifc Jam edition

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: lol

DDRKirbyISQ: DDRKirbyISQ: they need a 3-d etch-a-sketch

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: omg

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: that

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: would be p111mp


DDRKirbyISQ: that would own

DDRKirbyISQ: in fact, I’m going to invent it

DDRKirbyISQ: and then some freak will draw some crazy-ass picture of something

DDRKirbyISQ: and everyone will try to do it

DDRKirbyISQ: only they’ll all give up

DDRKirbyISQ: kind of like rubik’s cubes

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: heh

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: yeah, it seems like something like that would be invented

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: :p

DDRKirbyISQ: DDRKirbyISQ: and pokemon: crud brown edition

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: yeah seriously

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: eventually they’ll run out of colors

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: and be forced to use that one

DDRKirbyISQ: and “flesh”

DDRKirbyISQ: and clear

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: lol clear

DDRKirbyISQ: and diamond

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: they’ve already repeated a bunch of the colors

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: like red and blue

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: sapphire and something else

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: they KILLed it

DDRKirbyISQ: eventually they’ll have pokemon pinball stadium puzzle attack: shit-colored brown edition

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: lol

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: and they don’t even make big changes to them

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: just the stupid pokemon

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: #@%$

DDRKirbyISQ: eventually they’ll make a pokemon called “crappy”

DDRKirbyISQ: who evolves into “cruddy”

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: lol

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: i wouldn’t be surprized

DDRKirbyISQ: and then finally, “shit”

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: LOL

DDRKirbyISQ: and they’ll have like a pokemon that’s made of earwax or something

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: LMFFFAO!!!

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: they seriously need to make some kind of big change to the pokemon games

DDRKirbyISQ: and a half-bug half-rabbit half-elephant half-human half-robot half-worm half-spider half-plant half-seal half-dolphin pokemon

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: p1mp

DDRKirbyISQ: and then a half-bug half-rabbit half-elephant half-human half-robot half-worm half-spider half-flower half-seal half-dolphin pokemon

DDRKirbyISQ: which has yet a different name

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: that’s 10 halves

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: making 5 pokemon

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: lol

DDRKirbyISQ: like Squrtortlekenjiskaniumitagmatism

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: or charvenistoice

DDRKirbyISQ: or “shit”

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: yeah

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: that works

DDRKirbyISQ: “waxamum”

DDRKirbyISQ: the earwax dude

DDRKirbyISQ: “waxmaphorium”

DDRKirbyISQ: and eventually they’ll make “asdf” who evolves into “jkl;”

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: LOL

DDRKirbyISQ: and “qwerty” who evolves into “asdfgh” and then “zxcvbn”

DDRKirbyISQ: although that would actually be kind of cool

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: or a qwertyuiop, who evolves into asdfghjkl who evolved into zxcvbnm

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: yeah

DDRKirbyISQ: of course, it’d start out as a “123456 stone”

DDRKirbyISQ: **fossil

DDRKirbyISQ: and they’d have a pokemon that’s like a rock with 9 gajillion hp that can’t attack

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: or a 3.14 who evolves into 159 who evolves into 265

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: would be pimp

DDRKirbyISQ: and also a pokemon with like 1 hp who also can’t attack

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: lol

DDRKirbyISQ: and a pokemon that’s actually a pokeball so you can store another one inside

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: lol that would be pointless

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: just use a pokeball

DDRKirbyISQ: no that would own

DDRKirbyISQ: because then there could be an infinite sequence

DDRKirbyISQ: and pokemon could teach you calculus

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: LOL!

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: yep

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: that’s just what pokemon games need

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: calculous

DDRKirbyISQ: dude this convo owned

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: and to get the coolest pokemon

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: you need to know calculoud

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: calculous*

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: lol ya

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: somehow from roflolmaomg

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: to pokemon teaching you calculous

DDRKirbyISQ: rotfl

DDRKirbyISQ: we own

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: heh

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: oh and those stupid pokecenters

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: should be more realistic

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: so that you wait hours

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: instead of 2 seconds

DDRKirbyISQ: lol

DDRKirbyISQ: someday

DDRKirbyISQ: they’ll have pokemon bowling

DDRKirbyISQ: and pokemon tennis

DDRKirbyISQ: and pokemon golf

DDRKirbyISQ: and pokemon kart

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: YEAH!

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: ahahahhah

DDRKirbyISQ: and pokemon sets the VCR

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: they have pokemon is ssbm

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: so they might as well have pokemon kart

DDRKirbyISQ: and pokemon teaches AP US History


NaTuRLySToNed7z7: or

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: you get quizzed on pokemon history to move on in the game

DDRKirbyISQ: Pokemon: Hypno’s hypnotic tape

DDRKirbyISQ: it hypnotizes you when you watch it

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: ahahahha

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: that’s like what happened to stewie

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: in family guy when he watches the teletubbies

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: it hypnotizes him!!

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: ahhhh

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: well, that’s not really the word for it…

DDRKirbyISQ: lol

DDRKirbyISQ: and then Pokemon teaches typing

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: lol how in the world can you get us history to fit with a pokemon game?

DDRKirbyISQ: I dunno

DDRKirbyISQ: they had “Mario is missing”

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: ahahahaha

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: ohhh i thought you meant US History into the gameboy version

DDRKirbyISQ: rotfl

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: if it’s on the computer

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: that’s a little different

DDRKirbyISQ: well there could be a gameboy version

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: lol ya

DDRKirbyISQ: pokemonpokemonpokemonpokemon

DDRKirbyISQ: rokemon ruled

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: pokemonpoikeon

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: rokemon?

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: oh was that the flash video?

DDRKirbyISQ: yep

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: ahahahah

DDRKirbyISQ: it was awesome

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: that POWNED


NaTuRLySToNed7z7: man i forget what the one in South Park is called

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: Chinpokemon or something


DDRKirbyISQ: lol

DDRKirbyISQ: wait, how many of my songs do you have?

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: hmm

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: i dunno

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: i lost count

DDRKirbyISQ: 1. Techno202

2. Megaman 3

3. DoesntHaveATitle

4. Nebula

5. FFX Remix

6. Qwertyism

7. Gradius 3 Remix

8. Mallow

9. TrancerDancer

DDRKirbyISQ: which ones do you need?

DDRKirbyISQ: lol

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: Qwertyism

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: ahahahhaha

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: i dunno

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: lets see

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: i know i have 1-4 saved on winamp

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: not sure about other ones

DDRKirbyISQ: ok…



NaTuRLySToNed7z7: cool

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: :D




NaTuRLySToNed7z7: yay!

DDRKirbyISQ: now listen to them while I take a shower

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: k

Auto response from DDRKirbyISQ: I just cleaned the inside of my Rubik’s cube.

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: lol

NaTuRLySToNed7z7 is away at 10:47:17 PM.

DDRKirbyISQ: erm

Auto response from NaTuRLySToNed7z7: solving my rubix cube


NaTuRLySToNed7z7 returned at 10:49:51 PM.

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: lol

DDRKirbyISQ: how far done are you?

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: the songs?

DDRKirbyISQ: yeah

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: or the rubix cube?

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: i dunno

DDRKirbyISQ: lol!

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: i’m listening to

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: gradius

DDRKirbyISQ: k

DDRKirbyISQ: done?

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: ya

DDRKirbyISQ: so?

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: nice!

DDRKirbyISQ: heh, lol

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: fuggin own

DDRKirbyISQ: all of them?

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: ya

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: well except the first 4

DDRKirbyISQ: lol

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: cuz i heard those a lot

DDRKirbyISQ: well, the first two

DDRKirbyISQ: but the 3rd and 4th still own

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: ya

DDRKirbyISQ: lol, you’ve probably listened to them more than I have

DDRKirbyISQ: if you’re already sick of them

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: lol

DDRKirbyISQ: the gradius 3 midnite blaze one was really good

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: ya

DDRKirbyISQ: qwerty-ism was just a short clip that I was too lazy to actually do something about

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: i’m listening to trancer_dancer again

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: :D

DDRKirbyISQ: lol

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: that one’s good

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: oh god

DDRKirbyISQ: ?

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: must…. memorize…. captain planet song

DDRKirbyISQ: rotflmaomfgbbq

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: bbl lol

DDRKirbyISQ: rotfl

DDRKirbyISQ: well

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: bbq*

DDRKirbyISQ: actually I think I’m g2g

DDRKirbyISQ: rotfl

DDRKirbyISQ: nvm, then

DDRKirbyISQ: ahahaha

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: lol

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: woops

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: crappy typo

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: ahahah

DDRKirbyISQ: lol

DDRKirbyISQ: no…there’s been worse

DDRKirbyISQ: like

DDRKirbyISQ: someone said

DDRKirbyISQ: “I thought you didn’t bang chicks, only me”

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: LOL

DDRKirbyISQ: and then he was like “***MEN!”

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: the typo was…


DDRKirbyISQ: but the best typo was

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: WTF!?!

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: ahahhaha

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: my best is hoof

DDRKirbyISQ: well, okay the 2nd to best typo is

DDRKirbyISQ: “wueathuwkahktbweatwba4owabtouw4”

DDRKirbyISQ: “there was a spider on my keyboard”

DDRKirbyISQ: “got it.”

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: lol

DDRKirbyISQ: and then there’s also “wh the heck are people soy stupid?”

DDRKirbyISQ: and the y shifted over to the right like 16 characters

DDRKirbyISQ: but the absolute best typo was


DDRKirbyISQ: “I mean, hi.”


NaTuRLySToNed7z7: lol!!!!!!!!

DDRKirbyISQ: and then the other guys were all like, “It’s a common typo”

DDRKirbyISQ: and then he was like

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: ahahahhahahaha

DDRKirbyISQ: “the keys are right next to each other!”

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: LOL!!!!!!!!!!

DDRKirbyISQ: ok now g2g, really this time

DDRKirbyISQ: lol

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: lol

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: heh, this convo owned

DDRKirbyISQ: I know

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: good thing i got log viewer

DDRKirbyISQ: I’m so gonna post this on my xanga

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: middle_man

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: :D

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: heh, ok

DDRKirbyISQ: and then I’m gonna like challenge people to read it ALL

DDRKirbyISQ: or something

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: lol

DDRKirbyISQ: ok, g2g bye

NaTuRLySToNed7z7: see ya

So…if you actually read that all, good job.

…And if you just cheated by just scrolling down here, remember that cheaters never always prosper. (e.g. they always never prosper)

…come to think of it, wtf is “e.g.” supposed to stand for?  Some latin crap, I suppose, just like “i.e.”…of course, whenever I think of “i.e.”, I think of “in example”, so I use that for examples.

…either that, or I just think of IE.

…which is weird, because my Internet Explorer is always crashing because it’s filled with spy-ware and crap, and I’m too lazy to fix it so I’m just browsing with AOL.


okay, how lame is that?  It’s still Wednesday, september 15, 9:00 PM, only stupid xanga thinks it’s already Thursday.

god, now I actually have to change the timezone settings or some crap like that.

…we so need a metric time system.

ok, I’ve now decided that xangas with song lyrics, poems, and stupid emotional shit are lame.

I mean come on, that’s what journals are for.


…no, not diaries, you idiot, =journals=

…shut up.

and this xanga’s gonna own, even if the layout sucks ass.

we have an essay due on friday in world lit.  whoo.

….I’m done with it.  suckers…

it’s the first day of my xanga and I already have 4 posts (including this one)…of course I could have just condensed them into 1, but I’m being nice and making it look better, so shut up.  again.


…it’s 9:00 and I don’t know what the hell I’m gonna do, besides take a shower and sleep.

…math club meeting tomorrow, we have 4 members!! w00t!

…okay, 3 members, if you don’t count my rubik’s cube.

…which is better than French Club, which doesn’t even exist.

… ownz…except for the fact that they rejected =all= of the quotes I submitted.

…overclocked remix ownz…except for the fact that I submitted a crap remix and as a result it got rejected.

…which is another reason I dont own.

…but my techno does.

“…” ownz.