Monthly Archives: September 2008

I declared this week/period of time to be unofficial “IM old friends who you haven’t talked to in awhile” week/period of time!

of course it could have been “call up old friends who you haven’t talked to in awhile” but unfortunately that one has a more dismal success rate. =(

crap, insomnia when i don’t need it =(.  I have a really busy day tomorrow.  I had shut off the computer and went to bed, but sleep ain’t coming right now so i’m just gonna do some random stuff for a little bit.

I’ve installed Workrave on my computer here because my RSI is starting to surface again and i want to crack down on it pretty hard.

for some reason Trillian doesn’t autostart when i turn on my computer even though i told it to, which is kind of dismaying.  I’m not using it as my IM client but I do use it for IRC, and most of the time i end up being too lazy to start it, join the channel, etc.  iono what the solution to that is.

Thought a bit about the scrapbook idea tonight.  I have a somewhat more solid idea of what I want to do with it now.  Basically going to probably be a collection of stories/memories…

“I like techno!  It’s danceable!”

overheard in my room, from someone outside in the hallway.

of course whoever it was probably has a really distorted and “ignorant” (more like unknowledgeable or uneducated and not really ignorant) view of what “techno” is, but at least they said something that’s generally true…kind of…in a way…=P


in other news, sorry guys, but Beatmania IIDX totally blows the pants off of Rock Band…

BT‘s music is very…pensive, if that’s the right word for it.  Definitely “listening” type music.  You could definitely use it as background music for like, doing homework or something, but it’s not really your “put on the radio/music” kind of music.  Would be really nice for a nighttime stroll (esp if the stars are out), or maybe if you’re going to bed.  The whole album is like an hour long though, so that’s a little bit prohibitive in terms of what contexts you listen to it–if you’re giving it a deep listen and not just listening idly.