Monthly Archives: October 2004

new Tetris Attack Time Trial high score:

-=*12,323 points*=-

PWNED, baby!!!

It was all because of that massive -=|13x|=- chain that I did. O_o


oh, and I memorized 3 more digits of pi, bringing my total to 111.  =p

and now I need to face Ray in SSBM.  because he actually SHIELD-GRABs!!!! O_o.  He doesn’t wavedash tho….=p

I want beatmania.  and I wanna play ddr…bleh.

….ok, back to emo mode.


Random update before I go to sleep:

Cubie is almost, but not quite up to, 300 solves. =p

Good job to everyone who attended the Novice IE today (Saturday)!  whoo yeah!!  (which reminds me, I gotta get going on my extemp research. x_x)

I just listened to the Orchestral Version of Suteki Da Ne.  I gotta say, the original’s waay better.  The orchestral version has some tuning issues, and although the oboe solos are cool, most of the time the other instruments just detract from the singer’s voice…and there’s basically no drums either.  But the orchestral is the only one I can play on the piano. =p  Oh well.

Hmm…after I finish memorizing the lyrics, I’m gonna end up learning how to =write= them in japanese. <(O_o)> or maybe not.  that would be scary.

That’s another way to equate the emo levels:
level 1: listens to song obsessively
level 2: memorizes lyrics to song in japanese
level 3: memorizes how to write japanese lyrics
level 4: ??? uh…maybe…memorizes how to play it on the piano?  bleh, whatever.


anyways, yeah…sleep now, I guess…not being able to sleep in on sundays sucks…but then again, I =could= always sleep at the hospital. =p

heheh…well, I didn’t really end up doing anything exciting today…but it’s cool…got some stuff done, at least…

…now time to ponder some things while I go to bed…..=_=…..

Hm…okay, let’s go over my day:

-No band competition today means SLEEPING IN!  whoohoo!!! ^_^

-Got a haircut (it’s about time, lol….)

-Finished my pre-calc homework.  yay!

-Downloaded some tight music from Overclocked ReMix (  w00t!  go remixes of FF Music! =D

-Isabelle wanted people to go to the movies but…it looks like that’s not happening.  meh.

-Played Tetris Attack. =p got around a score of 8000….meh, looks like I wont be breaking 10k again anytime soon.

~still at emo level 2~

…yeah…stuff…Gotta get up early tomorrow to go “work” at the hospital. x_x

Wow.  Erm…busy day.

Lots of homecoming…band…stuff.  The football game was awesome…our team won…and to top it off, the JUNIORS WON!!!! w00000t! Go Juniors!!!!
Yeah…and I didn’t mess up =too= badly while performing.  lol! XD

And also…=no competition tomorrow=!!!! which means…I can sleep in!!! whee!!

So tomorrow, I can either choose to go out and do something, or stay home and do nothing.  So hard to decide…..

What’s that?  Homecoming is tomorrow?
Stephanie and Isabelle are NOT going to drag me there.  I’m setting my foot down. *plants foot* “Ow! who put this thumbtack here?” *plants foot again*


…bleh.  I’m not gonna dress up unles someone gives me a pimp-ass costume.  Like a silken ninja.  Or a squirrel.  Or a hydralisk.  Or a rubik’s cube.  Or pi.


*sigh*…I’m still emo for now…thinking about it makes me happy, yet sad at the same time…

This week is =killing= me.

-Band is busy with stuff as usual.  We had “homework” today and yesterday. O_o
have to play at the homecoming RALLY, then at the homecoming PARADE, then at the homecoming FOOTBALL GAME.  I am =not= gonna have enough sleep to deal with that.  ugh.

-Homework.  sucks.  precalc+french.  ugh.

-The whooole EMO thing.  guh. =_= *sigh* depressing. blagh.

-need. sleep.

-I dont even wanna think about homecoming dance or halloween.

-emo level 2.  Oh wait, I already mentioned that.  oh well.

-Suteki Da Ne? erm….nvm.



Hmm…went to the rally today at lunch.
…and sat with the Juniors! XD lol, heheh….go juniors, w00t!

um…yeah…homework sucks.  Especially because I have a lot of it today, plus band rehearsal is 3 and a half hours today instead of just 3.  ugh.

It’s a good thing tomorrow’s friday.  I think.

~emo~.  =_= *sigh* depressing…

I’m not in any mood for Halloween right now.  beh.

Weird how all the emotion didn’t hit me until today, a day after it happened…maybe because I was comforted yesterday….

…I declare this ~temo the emo~ ™ level 2.

expect to see these quite frequently in my convos:


this is depressing…
t-E-tris attack? that’s al-M-ost always g-O-od.
i’m gonna -S-t-A-rt -D-oing that with all my sentences.
Suteki Da Ne…

yeah……….I’m forcing myself to listen to OCRemix instead of Suteki Da Ne.  I dunno if it’s helping.