Monthly Archives: June 2007

if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that trying to organize a get-together or an outing on xanga don’t work.  not even back in the heyday when more people would read this stuff.
so i’m gonna have to not be so fazy (“that’s fat =and= lazy”).  which i can do!

I was way too bored last night, I ended up spending a sizable chunk of time on facebook (which, is actually quite rare for me) and I massively updated my aim profile as well.  Then I tried to go to bed at 2 and it didn’t work, so I got up and ate stuff and read half a book and tried again…

The 3 books from Stanford that they want us to read got here in the mail recently, so that means it’s about time to start cracking down on them…(so I can laugh at all the procrastinators)…they don’t really look particularly intriguing, but they don’t really look particularly bad either.  I guess I’ll find out soon enough.

You know, I know a lot more about synthesis and production mechanics than I do about my intended field of study…

I need to find a new computer too.  my, my, these things are hard nowadays…too many choices…or rather, too many bad ones.  haha…

don’t take summer for granted.

Which sn do you think is most feminine: PinkPandaren, xXSasamiChanXx, or xXKawaiiKawaiiXx?

I ought to get another one, just to throw people for another loop.  Like xX aznqtbby Xx or something.  if someone thinks of something really good and its not taken, i’ll go for it.

My mom told me to go to sleep at 1:00 AM.
My mom told me to go to sleep at 4:00 AM.
My mom told me to go to sleep at 7:00 AM.
My mom told me to go to sleep at 11:00 AM.

This boggles my mind.

So there’s this nifty little plugin called Rewire that lets you use FL Studio plus Reason at the same time, which is really, really cool!  Here’s my first attempt at making something using it–the drum programming and note sequencing was done in FL, while the synths were made using Reason (which is kind of like a big software synthesizer anyways).  The best part about this setup is that I can use FL’s piano roll to enter in note data to transmit to Reason’s synths–entering in midi data using Reason’s piano roll is alright, but FL’s piano roll is soooo much easier…

so this song started out with a pretty kickin bassline and everything.  But after that i dont really like how it turned out.  The break and the chorus weren’t too spectacular–i guess i couldn’t think of an awesome hook/melody.  Oh well.  It’s still not half bad.  Maybe i should blame the chord progression–I probably picked the wrong chord progression.  or maybe i just didn’t program a synth that was bad-ass enough.  I dunno.

this might be the final version of the song, if i can’t find any minor tweaks i need to make.  I already tried going in 3 separate different directions after the intro, and I didn’t like the other ideas i had.