Monthly Archives: September 2006

clarification: i already had the surgery on thursday–went fine…they made my finger 100% numb….

i wont be at a lot of practice tomorro, but illl be there for the show at the veryu least.

yesterday I was ok, the band felt horrible

today it kinda flipflopped–band is back on its feet, but my pain medication made me reaaallly sick, drowxsy, throw up, etc so nows im just sticking to advil.

call me if ya want–cant type well nemore

Jason Estrella was parade dm.
then he gets into a car accident and he’s out of band.

next, i prepare to take over.
Then on THE EXACT SAME DAY that I tell K i’m going to take over, i have to have surgery on my finger, thus taking me out of exhibition and making mace practice impossible.

Please, if you value your life, do not take the position of parade dm…

this also means i can’t practice for auditions…which is reminiscent of last year’s symph band auditions where i got the flu…

DDRKirbyISQ (6:53:45 PM): hola
DDRKirbyISQ (6:54:32 PM): long story short
 my finger had to be cut open…
DDRKirbyISQ (6:53:18 PM): and now uhh….
DDRKirbyISQ (6:53:26 PM): well, i cant really use it
DDRKirbyISQ (6:53:30 PM): stay tuned!



My left ring finger is infected and all swelling

so it really hurts

throbbing pain

as in like, have to take painkillers if i wanna use it, and not typing with left hand pain…

I found it!!!! (again) =P

i really have to be more careful with this hairtie…it really is special to me…


so today was band day, which…was kinda troublesome, especially with the sun and all that, but at least I got to play screaming high notes practically on the 50, five steps from the front sideline.  and that’s -always- fun.  with earplugs on i mean.  lol.  ahhh triple C’s….man, someday i should try to go for a C# or something…