Monthly Archives: March 2009


Well, it’s started.  I’ve officially started making progress on my band “scrapbook” project.
It’s going to be pretty epic.  Imagine a Timm[ie]-letter-style rant about a band memory or experience or aspect, add in a picture, and then multiply that by 60.

This is going to take a while…even the Foreword is a full page worth’s of writing (though I’m not writing quite as small as normally ^_^)…

Me and Kristina were talking and I think I realize part of the resaon I’m still so stuck up in the past: I actually ENJOYED high school.


When I get my laptop, I might make a log of everything I do to it, for future reference and whatnot.  Or I might even videoblog it, if I’m feeling inspired.  But, mostly this’ll be an attempt to pin down how to convert “sucky-yet-underrated vista” into “timm[ie] vista”.

conversation tip: don’t assume that people know the details of your personal life, unless you’ve told them before.

i really hate being told what to do, and i also hate being told the same thing more than once.

I worry sometimes that if i ever have to raise a child, i’ll be wayyy too lax and won’t put my foot down on anything.
bah.  i kind of hate kids.  but then again, i kind of hate adults too, and i also kind of hate teens.  whoooo~

This spring break has been going unbelievably well!  I hope I can keep this up–it’s been wonderful!