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just because I haven’t met the right person yet, doesn’t mean that person doesn’t exist…just like how I didn’t know people like you existed until I met you.

haha, who knows, maybe it’s someone I already met…but just don’t know yet.

The completionist in me is kicking myself for not maintaining some sort of progress log so I could be sure, but I think I’ve finally gone through all of onee-chan’s blog entries to date.  Yay!

I’ve been trying to make headway on things…looks like I’m succeeding, here and there.  Got three letters done in the past two days, for instance.  However, there’s still loads and loads to be done.  Check out this list of links that I’m supposed to check out:–222961.phtml

Most of these are either (free) music to download or free games to play, so each one probably involves more than just visiting the page itself.  wheeeeee

Totally miscellaneous announcement that won’t really affect you:

I have decided that from now on, I’m going to also put my name, and not just my address, for the return address on the letters that I send out through the mail.  Most of the time you should already know that it’s me, both from the envelope design, the stickers, my address, and most of all my handwriting, but I realize that it’s definitely useful for -me- when I’m sorting through letters to have the name on the upper-left as well (I’ve got 107 letters in my big box, some of them grouped together by sender in ziplock bags, for prominent senders).

Then the question is, should I do it in cursive or not?  I usually sign my name in cursive, yes, with my standard “Love Always,”, but it seems weird to do it for the return address as well.

And hey, if I print my own name, I might as well print the recipient’s name too!  I admit that there are some names that are a little more awkward to write in cursive, and I think it would look nicer overall if it was all in print for the envelope.  My cursive isn’t messy or anything, but it definitely isn’t really -me-, the way that my print handwriting is.  So yes, I’ll put these changes into effect.

I realized a while ago that the reason I’ve made so many waltzes (side note: I say “made” or “produced” as opposed to “written” or “composed” because you have to understand that when I make electronic music, the process shares very little in common with what a composer does when they score a song for instruments to play) is because it’s probably the only dance form that can have a pensive, flowing emotion, with the possible exception of 2-step (and even then, the ideas I have for 2-step are all happy, like happy-walking music).  East coast swing is so peppy, cha-cha and salsa are so lively and jubilant, and tango is…well, tango.  Polka is like almost cheesy-happy, and WCS/hustle has this sort of attitude.

Which isn’t to say that they aren’t possible for me to do…I mean, making WCS/hustle/2step really isn’t that far of a stretch at all, and I’m sure I could easily do some UNTZ for polka.  But waltz lets me express this whole other range of emotions that are more introspective.  I can make sad waltzes, I can make waltzes that are full of feeling, waltzes that have intensity, even waltzes that are angry. (have done all of those, actually)

It’s not really about the fact that it’s in 3, because most of the music that I make is not.  But making songs with those emotions–songs like Fractale, for instance–they don’t turn out amenable to dancing…they’re more listening music.


As life goes on, I start to have more legitimate answers to those “favorite” questions.  For instance, I never really had a favorite movie, until maybe Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya.

Here’s what things look like now, I think:

Favorite movie: Brave
Favorite album: FX4
Favorite game: TGM series (closely beating out IWBTG, i think)
Favorite instrument: 2A03, or piano if that doesn’t count
Favorite dance: Waltz
Favorite anime: Nanatsuiro Drops
Favorite visual novel: Narcissu (+ Narcissu Side 2nd)
Favorite color: Pastel pink
Favorite drink: Smirnoff Ice
Favorite Sanrio character: Little Twin Stars
Favorite place: Sanrio Puroland
Favorite pen: Uni-ball Signo 0.38mm (black)

There’s still a bunch that I don’t really have though.

Favorite book: ???  Haruhi series?
Favorite food: ???  I have never been able to give a satisfactory answer for this one…

My favorite Tetris piece is probably the L block, haha.

Alright that’s it…I have to stop taking naps under these conditions.  It ends up getting really hot and stuffy and I get both dehydrated, really tired, and into either real or fake sleep paralysis…this time I was trying to avoid relapsing into Yume-Nikki related dreams as I woke up, and as all of you who have played Yume Nikki before know, you really don’t ever want to be having Yume-Nikki related dreams, ever.