Monthly Archives: November 2008

(hi kenneth)

Okay, somewhere in the middle of the 40 Christmas letters, it’s hitting me that I probably do enough writing that it might be worthwhile to go and find some good quality pens that I can rely on.  Doesn’t need to be anything fancy, but it’d be nice if I can eliminate this dependency on finding “good” free pens, where “good” just basically means it writes well.  Doesn’t need to be anything fancy, I just need something that writes well.  A relatively fine point would be nice, but basically I’m just thinking about a GOOD run-of-the-mill ballpoint.  The problem is I don’t really know what that means in terms of actually going out and shopping for…I mean there are really fancy fountain pens and gel rollers and stuff, but to my knowledge that’s not really what I’m looking for (correct me if I’m wrong).  Then I could buy big boxes of plain old ballpoint pens, but if none of them are any good, then that doesn’t help me at all.  So I’m kind of stuck here at the moment until I find out more.

(Note that 90% of the time these pens are gonna be used on paper stationery.

yes yes, you can gripe all you want about college apps, but don’t you think essays that are written about yourself are a million times more interesting than essays about irrelevant topics that you don’t even care about?