Monthly Archives: April 2007

the latest writings on my music folder (it’s really quite amusing, the stuff I end up writing during Symphonic Band):

“Play like a hellbeast

“play like a wolf puppy who wants to bite a head of cabbage off”

“PLURespect respect respect respect”

about that last one, i’m noticing more and more a lack of respect (*cough*) in the class…sometimes I can write it off, but sometimes it just pisses me off.  Today my angst was incurred–I wasn’t anywhere near the point where my wrath would be incurred as “pissed off Timm[ie]” but if things keep going at this rate something drastic =might= happen (probably a very slim chance, though).

It was a pleasure to welcome you to campus for the UCSD
2007 Freshman Admit Day.

the funny part is that I received this right after I declined their admission offer.

yes, yes, yes.  A lot of things in life are sad….downright depressing.  But the majority of -those- things are pretty funny, taken in the right context.  And even if that weren’t true, there’s those few things in life that are so cool.
aye…but i think i’ve already covered that before, now haven’t I?

i’ve succumbed to a small slice of laziness over the last week, but don’t fret–it’s really not bad at all, trust me.

I think I’m gonna start living by PLUR…it just makes so much, so much sense.

On a more random note, I figured out that I was doing this helicopter move (freehanding) wrong and that’s why it was so choppy.  So now I fixed it and hopefully now I can smooth it out.
though…I try not to talk about glowsticking so much.  it’s not something that should be shared with just anyone.

also, on a much more interesting note (though I’m still going to try and keep this from turning into a “here’s what I did today” post, because that’s only slightly better than “villan of the week” shows)…today me and people went to “amc vallco” and while I was there I bought more of that American Girl Juicy Apple Shampoo+Conditioner that smells soooooo good (haven’t had any for the longest time!) and a Hello Kitty wallet!  fweeeeee…~

and…hehehe my hair is growing longer….hehehe yayyyyyy!!!

Hooray for sleeping for 12 hours!!!

I dreamt about several, several things, including a band trip and some kind of weird super-assassin (whom I totally pwn’t).  I guess the notable things were that I dreamt about holding hands, and I also dreamt at one point that I broke down and cried.  Which I haven’t done in the longest time (though I think i’ve probably -dreamt- about it at some point in the past year)…IIRC, it was mainly in response to hearing “The Coin Song” from FFVI, which I’m not even going to bother posting here because no one would understand.

I love my brother.

So that no one catches me being completely whiny and unproductive on xanga (ah, that would be such hypocrisy!), let me at least post something interesting.

This is perhaps the best moment of trance I have ever experienced.  I guess it doesn’t have -quite- the full effect when you just listen to it alone like that, but god dammit…breakdowns like that are what i live for….
If I had to decide the absolute best segment of music I’ve ever heard, this one would probably give the other a good run for their money.

I’ve been sleeping quite a lot lately just because i can at least feel good about that.

isn’t sleep great?

puyo….this is a rather nasty case of the lazy’s.  i refuse to call it senioritis, though.  man, i’m proud to be senioritis-free.