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(continued from previous post)

So I went to the doctor’s office today to get some things
checked…(mainly my canker sores, which are kinda doing better i
guess…they gave me something, i haven’t tried it yet), and the nurse
there weighed me…and of course i was under 150…(no duh!) and then
she slid the little thing lower and lower…and…
well last time i remember weighing myself was at 24-hour fitness during
track season in the spring.  i remember for sure i was 110, +/- a
pound or so.  But now I was…like…=101=!  huhh?!?!??
I know…well either it means one of the scales is off, or…I lost TEN
POUNDS!  ommmgggg.  what is the world coming to…

…i hate to admit it, but…
…later i weighed myself again.  with jacket (cube+cell phone+wallet) it was like 100.8.  without it was 99.6.
i mean…i remember back when my goal in 8th grade pe was to gain like 5 lbs so i could be over 100…this is soooo weird.
Technically i can’t even do DDR freeze arrow jumps anymore!  Each
pad is supposed to require 50 lbs of pressure…and….if it’s a jump,
then 50+50=100….O_o
maybe it’s the canker sores and braces and everything. *shakes fist at evil orthodontist*
hm…i should go eat something.  like right now.  hold on a minute.

i guess maybe on the plus side, less weight might mean i can wear even -more- layers this year for marching season! =D


i have to careful this season, tho…i mean it’s not like last year
where i had had surgery over the summer…but still my stomach isn’t
exactly that strong, as far as stomachs go…and i dont wanna vomit or
get sick or anything because that’s even worse for me than other ppl.


but on the plus side (again)….i got my ears cleaned out too!  yay!  =ppp

(random interlude)
you know it’s always annoying when you get a shopping cart which naturally turns left…..
but speaking of shopping carts, there was this one shopping cart on the
sidewalk on uhm…Langport…and it’s been there for quite a while…(i
think i probably mentioned it before)…and just today we were driving
by, and i was thinking about how i always wanted to take a picture of
that shopping cart but i kept forgetting….
and it’s not there anymore!  *gasp*!
“who stole the langport shopping cart!?” *suspicious glare*
(/random interlude)

so yeah…and then we went to golfland!  we being me ryan brett
isabelle and angela.  that was great.  i totally pwned, i
dont even know how.  I mean my mom takes me mini-golfing
semi-often…she usually pwns me tho.  but today…wtf i was 3 or
lower for every hole except for like 2 or 3…(3 is par)…and I got a
hole in one on the 18th hole (we played the harder side)…that was
hecka cool, it was concentration to the max…
i ended up getting a 47, which is 7 under par.  i mean wtf i think
that even tops my mom’s best score, although i’m not really sure. 
either way, i’m saving the scorecard.  =p

maybe it was because of that “par-aid”…
omg, so there’s this thingy next to hole 1 and it says “par-aid”…we
got curious and it turns out you can stick your ball in it, and it
comes out wet!  We were just like “O_O wtf?”  but I did
it…(actually like 4 times over the course of the game)…i dunno,
maybe it worked.  I =did= almost get par or better on all the

whooo…this sure is shaping up to be a long post!

so yeah, then we went into the arcade (duh) and not only do they have
beatmania and ddr, but this time they added pop’n music!  i’m sure
none of you know what that is and it’s not ultra important, so i’ll
stop about it, but it was a little cool!
of course i got onto ddr….
i played “I do i do i do” for my first song, (the one i picked for my
second song last time at the movies) and i did pretty good! 
actually i’ve been listening to it because it’s really catchy and….ok
i admit i looked up the step charts to see what threw me off last time
and i fixed it =p.  what?  no i dont do this for every
song…*shifty eyes*
anyways that was good…the second song i picked some random 8-foot
song that had a cool title that seemed familiar (the least 100
sec)…uh….yeah i failed it.  dunno…i was kinda tired. 
but eh…whatever.
so ryan and brett pooled their remaining tokens to give me one shot at
Legend of Max heavy (again).  (i =could= have done 2 songs, then
Legend of Max…but i didn’t feel like it.)

…that owned.
i didn’t pass it.
but i got a heck of a lot farther than before…i’m getting farther each time…
this time i made it to 66%!  I got one minute through it! (out of
1:30)  that’s allmost to the freeze arrow stop point!  ok i
admit the last section is the hardest…but still!
that was awesome.

then when we were waiting to get picked up (we being me ryan and brett)
brett did this weird thing with balancing nickels on a pole which was
hecka awesome.  eh…it was one of those things where you had to
be there, i think. =p
and then we were talking about how the new golfland arcade tokens are
like half as thin as the old ones, and ryan had a whole pile of old
tokens stockpiled…so we were thinking…what if we just cut all the
old ones in half? (assuming we could do that, which we probably cant,
but forget that part)…then we’d have like double the amount of
tokens!??!  barring that we could just file each token down so
that it’s thin enough……
haha yep we’re weird ^_^

so today was great…but i think tomorrow will be like totally awesome!  ^_^

edit:  this was 990 words, just a little short of 1000, so i just =had= to push it over. =p

my thoughts in the morning:

wow…can i have that dream every night, please?


my thoughts in the evening:

I went to SF with my mom and dad after lunch…and i didn’t think we’d
stay there until dinner, but we did…so we went to this chinese
restaurant and i had left my two pieces of pound cake in the
car…(that cake is the only stuff i can eat really, really easily even
tho i still have all this crap going on with my mouth)…but it turned
out not to be so bad, after all!  We had fish…and the fried tofu
stuff…and some beef…
…and the fish was really really soft, and the other stuff i cut into
tiny pieces…and basically I ate without chewing anything most of the
time…it actually worked, although i had to be careful otherwise i’d
end up choking myself.  took a while to eat, too, since i was
eating all these tiny pieces of food and little bits of rice.

anyways, yeah…i did stuff to my canker sores again so they’re ok
again for the moment.  tomorrow i have a doctor’s appointment to
ask about those (among other things, like lymph nodes and about my
palms turning white when they’re under water for a while)…

golfland tomorrow?  uh.  uh.  uh.



but first, a totally and completely random note:
I found a fly in my calc book…yeah i guess i closed it one time
and…it….got in there….ewwwwwwwwwwwww… my mom got it wiped
off.  *shudder*…it was gross.
anyways…back to “ahhhhhh!!!!”

oh my god…

So yesterday during the money match with Mike at Cari’s (i won my 2
cents, btw…it was lots of fun, we had lotsa friendlies after), my
eyes at one or two points teared up…but nothing was wrong, it was
just one of those random times when my eyes tear up and they get a
little irritated…(this is different from when i’m really tired and
yawning and my eyes will tear…which is somewhat interesting because
the tears rolling down my cheek and the wetness will bother me, so a
lot of the time, i’ll wipe them off…but then sometimes i’m so tired i
don’t even bother to do that…)…so that was ok…

but this time i was eating dinner…and i dont know…it must have been
the combination of the pain…pain from canker sores…and braces…and
this thing on my tongue…and this other thing on my gum…together
with a headache…and i hit my foot on the table…and my mom was there
and that didn’t help things at all…first she said something about her
being sorry…but then later she said something about me being a
failure…(not for the first time)…
…and…i dont know…but my eyes started to get watery…and it was
the first time in a very long while that i’ve actually come close to
actually, really crying….and it’s so stupid, because it’s not even
over someone breaking my heart or something emotional like that,
but…i was just sitting there…and I was starving…and I knew I had
to eat…eating would mean pain…but i still had to eat…
…and then the thought crossed my mind that maybe i’d rather just
starve than have to eat…and of course right away i said to myself
that’s silly, it’s not that bad, but the fact that it still entered my
mind was depressing…

…but i guess somehow i managed to get through it, and then i got
upstairs and brushed away all the crap stuck in my teeth (i can’t even
use my tongue to clean my teeth anymore)…i’m not gonna use another
one of my canker sore swab things because i’m not planning on eating
anything for the rest of the night…i’ve only got 5 of those left and
i need to save them…i dont think my mom will buy anymore because she
said they were really expensive (she didn’t know there were only 8
swabs and you only use each once)…


i’m like -this- close to just walking in there tomorrow morning and telling them to just take the braces off, aligned or not.
…except they don’t work tomorrow.
…coincidence?  i think NOT!  *shakes fist*


So I was just practicing the piano…(our piano’s slightly out of tune
but it’s not nearly as bad as the one at my cousin’s house…sorry
steph =p), and this time I actually played the songs that I’m supposed
to! (as in the songs my teacher wnats me to play)
…well ok maybe not all of them.
But in any case I was playing Moonlight Sonata (not one of the songs
she assigned) and…well there’s this clock right there above the
piano…which my brother made in woodshop oh i dont know how many years
ago…(a lot)…but sometimes it’ll bother me because i’ll be playing
some soft song…and it’ll be ticking…and most of the time i dont
even notice it, but sometimes it’ll be annoying because i’ll be playing
but then i’ll suddenly randomly notice the tempo of the clock ticking…
So I was playing Moonlight Sonata and I noticed this ticking…and then
i realized that it was almost in sync with what i was playing!  so
then I checked the tempo marking and sure enough…it’s 52-60 BPM…so
i used the clock as a metronome.  ^_^;

Is your back supposed to hurt more when you try to keep it straight?  or what?  weird.

And in calc today we had a quiz and i’m pretty sure i missed one…not
because i didn’t know it, and not because of some 2*3 = 5 mistake, but
because i wasn’t exactly thinking……..right.
but anyways after the test there was this big commotion near the middle
of the back of the class (i was in the back corner) and the teacher was
trying to get everyone to quiet down, which he doesn’t usually even
have to do, but it didn’t work this time…and it turns out there was a
spider like hanging down right above someone’s desk!  so that
was…interesting, i guess.

Also, proofs are fun!  Well not really proving something, but more
like a detailed explanation of your problem solving.  as
in…writing 8 pages (single-sided with a lot of wasted space) about
one problem done 2 different ways…and yeah.  i guess i was going
to go somewhere with that…
…ehh….maybe i’ll just say two-column proofs aren’t what i mean by proofs.  haha.

Ooh and i had the weirdest dream last night…well probably not the
weirdest, but it was still weird!  I don’t really remember all
that much of it, but I do remember that I was holding my phone…and it
didn’t even ring or anything…but then some random guy started
talking!  and i’m like “hello?” and he says a bunch of things
which i do not understand at all, and i just say “uhh…..” and end up
hanging up on him.


wow my mom =really= knows the best way to get me depressed.  i
mean i was in a good mood…and she said like…2 sentences!  and now i’m upset.  ok
make that 4.  and make that really upset.  ….ok….make

and now she’s going on about…..

…nevermind.  nevermind.  nevermind.  nevermind.  nevermind.  nevermind.

Hey ho, let’s go
I’m gonna start a riot
You don’t wanna fight it
One two, ^$%& you
Don’t tell me what to do
I don’t wanna be like you
Can’t you see it’s killing me
I’m my own worst enemy
Knock me down, I’ll keep on moving
It’s the art of losing

oh, and…

1. Reply with your name and I will write something I like about you.
2. I will then tell what song/movie reminds me of you.
3. If I were to apply an o’clock to you, I’ll tell you what it would be.
4. I will try to name a single word that best describes you.
5. I’ll tell you the most memorable moment I’ve had with you.
6. I will tell you what animal you remind me of.
7. I’ll then tell you something that I’ve always wondered about you.
8. Put this in your journal.

So my canker sore still isn’t well (*grumble*, so i can’t really play
flute…) so my mom cancelled the flute lesson for tomorrow. 
Also, I was digging in the box of stuff that my (evviillll)
orthodontist gave me, looking for wax in case i really did need to go
to the flute lesson (but i dont anymore), and i found this gel
stuff…apparently it’s used to treat canker sores!

Now before i had been using this cleansing septic thingy that is
supposed to just…soothe it a little and make it heal faster
(faster?  uhm…doesnt seem that way to me), but this gel stuff
makes this film over the canker sore so it doesn’t even hurt
anymore!  i was a bit wary about it at first…(“how are you
supposed to use this stuff?”), and the first time i tried it uhm…i
put a bit too much on so the entire right side of my mouth was all dry
and numb (i’m exagerrating), but hey, it works!  =p

*On another, more important note: