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You know what I was just thinking of?  I remember this happening on multiple occasions, one during this summer…thing that I don’t even remember what it was (I don’t even think I had a clue what it was when I was THERE), and I know this even happened in middle school once.  There’s be some group project or something where you’d have to “invent” something.  I’m guessing it was supposed to encourage creativity, or groupwork, or presentation skills, or something like that.  So anyways, you were given really random stuff.  like I think for the summer one it was random mechanical parts and pieces of junk or something, and the middle school one was paper clips and rubber bands and stuff like that.  So there I am sitting there, and I’m like, what the hell?  First of all, if I was going to invent something new, I sure as heck wouldn’t do it with -these- people.  Secondly I would sure as heck not do it with these supplies, and…ugh.  Well whatever.  So I look at all this junk and I fiddle around with some of it and I’m like…-_-;
Turns out they forgot to mention that these “inventions” were supposed to be imaginary.  As in “oh yea, see this cylinder thing?  It shoots out a high powered laser beam.  That’s what our robot uses to destroy any enemies”.  So there I am, and I finally manage to work up -something- usable: like something that props a book open, or something, and then that’s all good and fine, and then some other group goes up and shows the rest of us their robot of death or their spaceship and i’m like…what the fuck?  Am I the only one here who didn’t automatically jump into fantasyland?

Silly teachers.  Then there was the time in pre-school where they marked me off because they told me to write the alphabet and I did it in lower-case.  What the hell, man?  you want it in upper-case, fine, =tell me so=.

Ms. Lee is gone from fhs so there’s officially nothing left over there worth seeing.  My friends are all graduated and she and mr. steffen were the only respectable teachers in my book.

I’ve had the idea more than once to make a video of all the crap that I do.  Only problem is that it would be a pain to collect all the footage.  I mean some of it would be easy to get, and some of the things I even already have loads of footage for.  But…well, let’s look at a list:

-Beatmania IIDX
-Super Metroid speedrunning
-Metroid Prime speedrunning (I did it at one point)
-Music Production
-Piano improv/composing
-Tetris Attack

Out of all of these, I already have ample footage for Super Metroid, SSBM/SSBB, Glowsticking, and even Speedcubing, and I could probably dig up the Metroid Prime stuff easily enough.
-Tetris Attack and

hmmm actually it doesn’t seem quite as much of a tall order as I once thought.  Maybe it’s just because I remember making the SeriousDDRKirbyConTrickster4Magic…–man I don’t even remember all of that offhand, so I’m gonna look it up: SeriousDDRKirbyConTrickster4MagicFantasyManaTriggerBillyBlastAargonMechRyokoOrionStarFortressBoundMario


Yea.  I ended up making a “Trailer” of sorts for my videos by compiling lots and lots of mini-clips of all of the different things the screenname refers to.  Well, actually it wasn’t quite THAT long at the time, but it was pretty close.  Anyways I recorded clips of each thing and synced it up with some crappy midi drum riff I made.  It was actually pretty nifty.  Getting all the clips was a pain though.  Some of them were easy enough, like I had my setup where I could record from VCR, so anything on the console systems was pretty easy.  A bunch of things I just ended up using screen recorder software and that worked pretty well, but some of it was really just terrible to get.  I remember the Worms clip was one of the worst.  Worms Armageddon wouldn’t capture and I ended up having to download like, the SNES version of the game and recorded that.  horrible.  horrible.  In retrospect I should have just looked for an official clip or trailer of the game and ripped something from that.  But then again, I might have possibly still had dial-up at the time (yeeech) and this was way before the advent of youtube and readily available videos.

If anyone’s curious, here’s what everything in my screen name stands for.  (oh gosh, hopefully I still -remember- it all.  I don’t have the file with me to check right now (it’s at home (yay nested parentheses))):

Serious – Serious Sam
DDR – Dance Dance Revolution
Kirby – Kirby (duh)
Con – Star Control 2
Trickster – SSX Tricky
4 – Legend of Zelda: Four Swords (gba/gcn, both)
Magic – I’m relatively sure this is Magic: The Gathering
Fantasy – Final Fantasy series
Mana – Secret of Mana
Trigger – Chrono Trigger
Billy – Billy Anderson
Blast – Blast Corps
Aargon – Aargon (fun little laser puzzle game)
Mech – Mechwarrior series
Ryoko – Ryoko from Tenchi Muyo! anime/manga
Orion – Master of Orion 2
Star – I’m pretty sure this is Starcraft
Fortress – Team Fortress Classic (TFC)
Bound – Earthbound
– Well, obviously it’s Mario, but I actually don’t know which Mario experience caused me to put this in.  I’ll have to look it up.  Might possibly be Mario & Luigi, but I’m honestly not sure.
Prime – Metroid: Prime
System – System Shock 2
Cube – Speedcubing
Smashing – Super Smash Bros: Melee
Vertigo – The callsign of the pilots from the Descent series
GT – Gran Turismo 3
Slug – Metal Slug series
Unreal – Unreal Tournament
CS – Counter-Strike
Mani – BeatMANIa IIDX
Azon – Amazon class from Diablo II:LOD
Pi – Pi.  ya know, 3.141592653589793238462643…
Sim – Simulant from Perfect Dark
17 – Team 17, the company behind the Worms series (or at least it was?  I don’t know if it still is)
cc – Engine class from Super Mario Kart
Earth – I was about to say Earthbound but that was already taken.  Dammit I kind of remember that being an issue before.  I’m going to take a shot and say this is SimEarth.  I’m kind of sure.
Man – Mega Man series.
Tetris – Tetris Attack (not Tetris)
Cookie – Yoshi’s Cookie
Bricks – Bricks (neat little puzzle game)
Remix  – OverClocked ReMix
Forever – Uhm crap.  I don’t know this one at all.  Reminds me of when I used to say “Metal Slug Forever” but that’s already been taken.

If I ever expanded the ever faithful screen name it would be a LOT longer.  all sorts of crap would go into it.  Tetris, FL Studio, Goldeneye, Glowsticking, DM, …

oh right.  Forever was for No One Lives Forever.  yet another co-op mode game.

Bound was Gunbound so Earth was Earthbound.  Mario was just Mario in general I think.

hi kenneth

hooray for backups.  so we’re using centOS at work (although interestingly enough we’re loading XP on vmware) and today the accidental rm -f * in the wrong directory happened, but luckily i had a really recent backup of the script i had finished, and the one I was working on was still open in another window, so I didn’t have to take any drastic measures and ended up not really losing anything except the shortcuts on my desktop, which…weren’t important anyways seeing as how it’s not even my home machine or anything.

My compulsive ctrl+s carries over somewhat into compulsive :w in vim.