Monthly Archives: August 2006

my mom thinks i should be responsible enough to have already done all this college stuff.

yet she also believes i’m not responsible enough to keep from being distracted by my “toys” without locking them away.

of course it’s totally the other way around =p

in other news, happy birthday to Chelskey and Stephanie!

i wish i could go to sleep right now, I really need it, both physically and mentally, in order to get all this work done.
only problem is, there’s someone working on our bathroom right now, so he’s making loud noises (i mean it sounds like he’s hitting things with enough force to kill people loud) upstairs, which also happens to be where my bedroom is.

ohhhhh well.

the good and bad.

bad: i think my phone apparently doesn’t work when it’s low on batteries.  as in, it’ll ACT like it’s working, but in reality no one will receive your calls, and it wont ring or pick up missed calls.  as a result i got home wayyy later than i should have.

good: i now have a hello kitty diary + hairtie…