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Dear Xanga (and you lazy facebook bums),

I will be taking a short break from many internet activities for the next week or so. I plan to be back at the beginning of the month, especially if this goes well.

There is no need for concern–I assure you that I have a good resaon for doing this and I will be back.


–Timm[ie] Wong

The one good thing about sleeping through most of the day is that when you wake up there’s -tons- of new content out there on the intarwebs!  15 new emails!  Some of them actually important!  Facebook notifications!  Message board posts!

Then after that initial rush it goes back to good old check-the-internet-every-5-minutes-and-find-that-nothing-has-changed mode.  Now excuse me while I go check 3 email accoutns, facebook, 5 message boards, 3 webcomics, and about 10 blogs that never update.

I’m totally appreciating this weather today!  Such a great day~

When I’m biking around and I want to put on a burst of speed, I always think of Inner Sakura and go “Shānnarō!!!”.  hahaha…

I’ve initiated a project to develop a new style of handwriting…and so far I’m already pleased with the results!  I haven’t really ironed it down at all, but I’ve already started to formulate another distinct style.  One issue is that the letters are all more rounded, and thus wider, so it ends up taking up more space…not sure if that’s a good or bad thing…

SC update

I played against my first hacker (?) today!

well, maybe not.  I’m not exactly sure what happened.  but antihack detected something fishy, and I was losing anyways, so I left and it didn’t count as a loss.  weeiirddd.

Things I need to work on in each matchup:
-building my first overlord O_O
-learning how to counter sair correctly.  My build SHOULD be relying on hydras to counter the first sairs, then spores later.  But often times I see the first sair and just panic.  I think I need to:
a) use my scouting ovy better to judge stargate timing
b) time my den better based on their gate timing.  here’s the math (should have done this earlier…):
core takes 60 seconds to build
stargate takes 70 seconds to build.
corsair takes 40 seconds to build
den takes 40 seconds to build
hydra takes 28 seconds to build.
so based on that, if I start my den as they start their stargate, i should be more than fine.  Ideally I start my den when their gate is halfway done.

So the game plan should be this: I clump my 4 or so overlords at my natural and my 3rd.  I hatch hydras in time to defend them.  When my lair finishes I put down a 5th hatch, 2nd gas, evo chamber.  I upgrade +1 when the evo chamber is done and overlord speed afterward, then build a SPIRE.
while this is happening, he could be doing two things:
-1 sair into standard ground stuff.
in this case I’m fine, I don’t really need to do anything.  Spores should be unnecessary, just build 2 scourge to take out the sair, or use hydras.
-mass sairs, probably with DTs.  possibly reavers.
in this case I need spore at each base AND I need to start pumping scourge to keep sair count low.  AND I want to probably go hydralurk instead of lurkling so I’ll upgrade hydras instead.

-if I have better scouting, I’ll have better plans.  If i can scout when they take their 3rd, I can try to take it down, or at least respond by taking a 4th.

-get a better timing for 3rd gas.  How about I do it along with my 2nd evo chamber, when overlord speed completes?

-get a better timing for hive tech.  How about I do it when my 3rd gas finishes?

-setting up my contain better.  I think my contain gets especially screwed up when they go mass sairs.  Although I guess if they’re going mass sair/DT I shouldn’t really be thinking so much about containing anyways????  Instead I should just think to set up defense and then push out with a hydra + speed ovy force?  Hm, I need to watch some replays vs sair/DT.

-judge sunken count better versus a sunken break.  I got raped by a sunken break timing attack last time.  How about lets say something like 2 sunks MINIMUM no matter what’s coming (unless nothing at all is coming).  then if they have a bunch of stuff, get 1 sunken for every 4 rines or so.  That means if they have a standard grouping of 12 or so you need 3 sunks.  If they have a big ball of 24 rines you need at LEAST 6 sunks.

-get hive tech when your 3rd gas finishes.

-leave the scout drone at an expo!!!!  Getting the expo AS your mutas come out is great! 

-expo at a ramp and put 2 lurkers there.  I never never never do this and i really should.

pull drones off gas, then put them back on at ~15.
-not much else to say.  this matchup is largely experience based and i dont have all that much experience so i only win against noobs =_=

My ZvP has improved a lot, but it could still be a lot more confident.  If I can still iron down my BO in ZvP even more it would help me immensely.  ZvT I just can’t seem to get a real handle on, as my muta harass has never been that great and my lurker transition isn’t that strong either.

Pro tip:

 (8:41:04 PM):
when you copypasta stuff
DDRKirbyISQ (8:41:07 PM): the trick to use
DDRKirbyISQ (8:41:09 PM): to keep your formatting
DDRKirbyISQ (8:41:13 PM): is to enter a space
DDRKirbyISQ (8:41:17 PM): then paste before the space


I like it when science texts/etc. elaborate on basic concepts to give you the whole picture and fill in the details as opposed to giving you a simplification of things.

The example I’m thinking of is how density in a solid is higher than for a liquid, which is higher than for a gas.  There’s all sorts of things wrong here–holes in the picture, so to speak.  For one thing, the density of a gas is wildly malleable–you can only really assign it a number if you have the other conditions handy (pressure, temperature?  Am I remembering this correctly? o_o).

The thing that always got me though, was that water doesn’t follow this rule.  Now if someone had just said, “One important exception is water, which is actually -less- dense as a solid than a liquid, because of its crystalline structure”, it would have all made sense to me.  But nobody ever told me that!  But I knew that:
-if you put a box full of water in the freezer, it pops its lid
-if you put soda in the freezer, it expands and you can actually see the bottle bulge.

I didn’t learn the truth until middle school, if I remember correctly.

Of course, I guess with complicated stuff (Electrical Engineering concepts, hello!  “Charge” travels from positive to negative terminal?  Maybe…but the charge carriers are electrons which actually have negative charge!?  So “charge flow” is really reverse electron flow?  -something- like that) you can’t really always give the whole picture…