Monthly Archives: September 2005

ok, so my parents were upset that i came home so late.  yeah, well
what’d you expect.  surprising part was my dad seems more upset
than my mom.

but i dont care!

also, does anyone want to get me a pink hair brush?  lol.

yeah my mom says i should pack up and get everything ready for school
before i go to bed, that way i dont have to do anything in the
morning….and i wont have to get up so early….

but i like getting up earlier!  and besides, the longer i’m awake
the more awake i’ll be!!….or…something…well you get my
point…and i’m too tired right now to think of another way to word
that….and see?  i’m too tired to go pack my stuff up right now,
which is just another resaon!  not to mention that if i continue
this post for too much longer i’ll get yelled at, so goodnight everyone!

whoa…we got like a heat wave or something…90 degrees??

this is throwing off my layer plans…=p

ahh….anyways, rehearsal tonight.  i didn’t bother taking a nap,
because it would have been 1 hour at the most, and a 1-hour nap is just
gonna make me all groggy and tired anyways.

my eyes are kinda watery.

so i had a 3-hour nap today….wheee….i still felt/feel kinda tired
after tho…i wonder how long i would have slept if my mom hadn’t woken
me up…yeah this afterschool nap is becoming routine…

ahhh….i didn’t do any french during 2nd block today….but that’s ok
because i was doing some of the chem homework that’s due tomorrow, so i
mean…i was still being productive…plus the chem homework is
actually due…

can you believe?  my mom actually yanks the earphones out of my ears when i listen to my ipod!  wow…

Nakushita Kotoba.  doesn’t make me emo or anything, but i feel
like i want a hug whenever i listen to it.  esp, along w/the video

Anyways…today was another one of those days….

…which days?  oh, the ones where i take a nap.  a 4-hour
long one…it’s funny…it’s 12:45 AM and i still actually feel kinda
tired….maybe i’ll go to bed pretty soon…like at 1 or so…which is
kinda weird, because if i get up at 8 tomorrow that’s 11 hours of sleep
total…which is a lot…well maybe i’ll just get up early tomorrow or
something.  being the first one up is kinda cool…and waking up
early is neat, if you’re not too tired to do it.  you get time to
do stuff…and yeah.

397 songs catalogued, 2027 left to go…

french class is starting to get reaaallllly bad…today i made a phone
call during french….hmmmmmmm……maybe tomorrow i’ll be awake enough
to get things accomplished.

my post-it chain is growing ever-so-large.

and my mom, out of nowhere, when we’re talking about a -completely-
different subject, says “Timmy, you’re skinny.  You need to eat
more.”  wtf????

so i was going to type liz’s drill, but then alexa had already done
that.  and then i was gonna type parisha’s but then kat had
already given her that too!  so now i dont have to give anyone
their drill!  which is good because it’s rather late and i
realllyyy would like some more sleep…

…best weekend ever!


well first thing, do you realize that i’ve been listening to Sixpence None the Richer like everyday during second block now….?


ooh, so yesterday i had an orthodontist appointment….i know what
you’re all thinking, but no!  nothing bad happened!!!…but yeah,
i picked up a set of those clear invisalgin-ish type retainers…i’m
supposed to wear those instead if i can because they’re adjusted
better…but i dont really like them…plus i mean my regular ones are
neon pink!!!
and then i went to the dentist for a cleaning….hey i just noticed,
this is probably gonna turn out into a rant!  yay!!!!…..anyways,
yeah, the guy who did the cleaning thing was pretty cool…then i had
an exam after that and the doctor guy who looked at my teeth didn’t
even like say a word to me or anything, which was kind of woogity, but
whatever…apparently my oral hygeine isn’t good enough, which is a
little disappointing, because i was thinking it was, but then again,
this is one of those times where, what the adult ppl say doesn’t really
matter if you think it’s ok….or something like that…
then i got the fluoride treatment thingy, which was a mistake because
you can’t eat or drink anything for half an hour afterwards, but there
was rehearsal, so i had like 5 minutes to eat stuff and then i had to
leave, or i’d be late, and this year i’m trying to be reaaalllllyyy
good on getting to band on time, because last year i never really came
as early as i would have liked…so this year i’ve been pretty good
with that…which is nifty…

so then today i had a flute lesson…which i so did not really practice
for…but it was ok…well this time at least….hey you know what’s
great….?  I noticed my whole endurance problem magically
vanished!  no more shaky lips after like 5 minutes of
playing….oh hey, no wonder, i got my braces off!!!! yayyyyyy….
and then was the football game…oh man, more yelling…i yelled even
more than last game…aggressive noise is totally the best thing ever…
halftime was cool…yeah…stuff…marching…all that good stuff….was all good…and….you get the point.
aftewards it was reaallllyyy hard to get back into the game…i dont know if i ever did.  but yeah…eh.

oh, i have thoughts about this year’s band, but i already talked about
them, and that sits good enough with me, at least for now.

and then after i got together with parisha and ppl and crammed into her
car (which got stolen, and then we couldn’t get into the back parking
lot, but then the janitor saved us, and drew is a panda, or an apassum,
or a furball!!!), and i almost killed myself trying to close the door,
and then we went to starbucks!!!!!!!  hooray for vanilla
and then we just cruised around dropping ppl home…oh i still can’t believe how fun it is just to be with great ppl…

today was great…thanks guys…or rather, girls…and one “guy”…this was another one of those nights…

liz was missing from the game tho!!!!!  =(  get better liz!!!! *sends positive energy in her direction*

tonight’s rehearsal was pretty spiffy.

now i’m going to attempt to call some people so i can actually talk to
them instead of posting a really really long rant here.  or maybe
i’ll just go finish my homework.  something.

you know how you can’t really tell sometimes if someone’s being
sarcastic when they’re typing something?  yeah, well, you know how
they have like….bold and italics and underlining?  yeah, they
should have a sarcasm font or something…