Monthly Archives: March 2007

@ CareyGLY: don’t worry, i’m not in trouble.  I never am!  Most of the things you’re telling me are things that i’ve thought about, actually.  In fact I just told someone something a bit similar.
Now I don’t know if I can say i love myself completely…but man, it’s the best thing in the world, being me.  it’s so fun!


in other news…
I wrote out this little percussion cadence groove thing during 2nd and 3rd block yesterday.  It’s pretty damn sweet…
(now i just gotta learn to play it clean)

i guess i could theoretically write out a tenor and bass part to it too.  but i don’t know if that would be cool–i dont play either of those.  plus, would i really get an entire line to play it?  ehhh…no.  i could totally jam on it with someone on snare tho.

i’m a bit distraught to find that there are barriers in me, even with quite possibly the most meaningful person to me.
but really, should i have expected anything different?  (that would have been being somewhat of a hypocrite, in a way…)

life is hard.  but at the same time, i own at life so much it’s easy.  i may seem a bit arrogant at times…but that’s a small price to pay, methinks.  am i the only one around who talks to himself sometimes? (just sometimes)

All the World in One Girl…
One Girl in All the World…


goodnight world.  i love you, but at the moment i’m a tiny bit tired of you (no really, only a tiny bit).

i’m more sleepy than tired of you though.  dont worry.



the question always is:
Do I want to hold her hand?
Or do I just want a hand to hold?

holy flippin crap it’s cold outside.

but it’s okay.  i got a hug…<3

I love cold weather too!

i like the rain as well, actually…i dont see why people hate the rain so much…it’s water!  maybe not exactly “tears from heaven”, but still!  isn’t it nice to have a nice little sprinkle?  The bad part is coming indoors after being in the rain…then you get that “rain smell”….also, rain in your face is not too fun…and rain combined with cold really isn’t too great either…but just plain old light rain is great!

I paid my respects to the field today.

I really hope the grass regrows nicely and they burn the lines again soon.  it’s in a rather miserable state right now and i’d hate to have it stay that way.