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it’s really weird knowing that these get copied over to facebook.  I mean it’s great that now (supposedly….) more people have access to it and actually bother with all of the content i make, but at the same time a but unsettling that ANY of the people i have friended can potentially look at all of this.  I’m kind of worried it might get me into trouble someday.

bah, whatever happened to the good ol days when a bunch of people (the -right- people) actually read this?  Now we have like 3 of you guys left.  yay.

anyways, look:

DDRKirbyISQ (3:33:21 AM): my electrical engineering–Analog Circuits Lab class
DDRKirbyISQ (3:33:24 AM): is really terrible too
DDRKirbyISQ (3:33:26 AM): -___-
DDRKirbyISQ (3:33:31 AM): it’s pretty badddd
mashpotatobunny (3:33:36 AM): Hahaha
mashpotatobunny (3:33:37 AM): How so?
DDRKirbyISQ (3:33:39 AM): i mean in dr B’s class
DDRKirbyISQ (3:33:43 AM): it was kind of ridiculous because
DDRKirbyISQ (3:33:45 AM): like
DDRKirbyISQ (3:33:52 AM): i did so much other crap in the class
DDRKirbyISQ (3:33:58 AM): i already basically knew it
DDRKirbyISQ (3:34:01 AM): so i actually ended up
DDRKirbyISQ (3:34:07 AM): writing more C++ code in the java class
DDRKirbyISQ (3:34:08 AM): than java
DDRKirbyISQ (3:34:09 AM): hahaha
DDRKirbyISQ (3:34:13 AM): because i was doing some project on the side
DDRKirbyISQ (3:34:15 AM): sigh…
DDRKirbyISQ (3:34:19 AM): but yeah this class i’m in right now
DDRKirbyISQ (3:34:20 AM): well
DDRKirbyISQ (3:34:24 AM): there are SIX people in the class
DDRKirbyISQ (3:34:27 AM): -_-
DDRKirbyISQ (3:34:33 AM): the professor is pretty terrible
DDRKirbyISQ (3:34:48 AM): he doesn’t really explain things that well and you can tell he honestly doesn’t care whether people get anything
DDRKirbyISQ (3:35:01 AM): one of the six people i know for sure just comes into class (late, I may add) and falls asleep
DDRKirbyISQ (3:35:12 AM): i’m never paying attention because usually i’m writing letters or something
DDRKirbyISQ (3:35:13 AM): etc etc
DDRKirbyISQ (3:35:23 AM): i dont really get the point =/
DDRKirbyISQ (3:35:30 AM): i haven’t learned anything, really
DDRKirbyISQ (3:35:52 AM): my lab partner has taken more Electrical Engineering classes than me
DDRKirbyISQ (3:35:53 AM): but
DDRKirbyISQ (3:35:58 AM): she doesn’t really seem to know what she’s doing
DDRKirbyISQ (3:36:03 AM): and her handwriting is terrible!
DDRKirbyISQ (3:36:32 AM): trying to do the prelab is always frustrating
DDRKirbyISQ (3:36:39 AM): because i have no clue what’s going on
DDRKirbyISQ (3:36:47 AM): (Since i never actually LEARN anything)
DDRKirbyISQ (3:37:03 AM): there’s no official textbook or homework or anything (which is the way i normally learn things)
DDRKirbyISQ (3:37:10 AM): yeah….
DDRKirbyISQ (3:37:12 AM): it’s just badddddd
mashpotatobunny (3:38:00 AM): Wow
mashpotatobunny (3:38:01 AM): That sucks
mashpotatobunny (3:38:02 AM): hahaha
DDRKirbyISQ (3:38:06 AM): yyyep
DDRKirbyISQ (3:38:10 AM): almost a complete waste of time =(
DDRKirbyISQ (3:38:28 AM): kind of unsettles me about this whole Electrical Engineering major, too…
DDRKirbyISQ (3:38:44 AM): especially because my CS class is pretty fun and the professor is REALLY good
DDRKirbyISQ (3:39:28 AM): yeah, my mom’s all like “hurry up and declare EE” and i’m like “uhmmmmmm i dont know………”
mashpotatobunny (3:40:17 AM): Hahaha
mashpotatobunny (3:40:22 AM): Do what you think is best for you
DDRKirbyISQ (3:40:26 AM): yyep
mashpotatobunny (3:40:30 AM): CS is getting big nowadays too
DDRKirbyISQ (3:40:33 AM): haha
DDRKirbyISQ (3:40:37 AM): it’s always been popular
mashpotatobunny (3:40:40 AM): Yeah
mashpotatobunny (3:40:45 AM): EE sounds pretty boring
DDRKirbyISQ (3:40:48 AM): haha yea?
mashpotatobunny (3:40:54 AM): I mean, CS is boring to me too but EE sounds worse
mashpotatobunny (3:40:54 AM): XD
DDRKirbyISQ (3:41:10 AM): yeah i have no real good reason to do it (yet???) besides my parents telling me to
DDRKirbyISQ (3:41:18 AM): on the plus side, i -know- that i like CS
DDRKirbyISQ (3:41:23 AM): so that’s always there for me to fall back on
DDRKirbyISQ (3:41:32 AM): other than that i wouldn’t really want to major in anything else
mashpotatobunny (3:41:48 AM): I would major in what I’d want to
DDRKirbyISQ (3:41:58 AM): haha of course!
mashpotatobunny (3:42:04 AM): Because heck, if you’re not learning anything in EE, what’s the point, right?
DDRKirbyISQ (3:42:05 AM): but i dont know whether i want to major in EE yet, is the thing
mashpotatobunny (3:42:14 AM): Go into CD
mashpotatobunny (3:42:15 AM): *CS
mashpotatobunny (3:42:18 AM): You seem to enjoy it more
DDRKirbyISQ (3:42:19 AM): gahhh

DDRKirbyISQ (3:42:26 AM): dont say these things <_< <_<
mashpotatobunny (3:42:30 AM): Why not?
DDRKirbyISQ (3:42:30 AM): hahaha
mashpotatobunny (3:42:31 AM): XD
DDRKirbyISQ (3:42:35 AM): no, you’re right though
DDRKirbyISQ (3:42:41 AM): all signs point to cs
DDRKirbyISQ (3:43:05 AM): blah
DDRKirbyISQ (3:43:14 AM): this kind of sucks

“all signs point to CS”

or maybe i should do what Kenneth said and go into English.  har har har….

The reason I’m going through all these photos and picking out the good ones is because most of them are just ehhh ordinary, but every once in a while you run into a really good gem.  Sometimes the picture doesn’t even have to be that great, but it totally still reminds you of something cool.


2007-2008 season, (moving symphony), I’m guessing this is just woodwinds?  I wasn’t actually part of the band but I was visiting (and of course my parents were there to take photos).

Look at Chris Betts on the far left.  Look at the way he’s holding his clarinet.  Exact same way I hold my flute all the time.  Coincidence?  I THINK NOT.

Chris Betts friggin pwns.

Only a couple thousand more pics to go through, and a couple hundred more xanga entries!

prdwong (1:41:11 PM): The Sci Fi Channel has given producers Granada America and World Cyber Games the green light to produce a new competitive gaming television series, tentatively titled GameQuest. The 8 episode series will bring together 12 gamers, who will compete in a variety of elimination events including both video games and game-themed physical challenges for the title of “best all-around gamer”, with a prize of $100,000 and trips to World Cyber Games events up for grabs.
prdwong (1:41:17 PM): “With two out of every three American households playing video games, it’s clear that this mainstream phenomenon is a perfect arena for the channel’s agenda of broadening the brand while celebrating imagination,” Sci Fi channel president Dave Howe said.
prdwong (1:41:25 PM): What Sci Fi channel president Dave Howe fails to grasp here is that with two out of every three American households playing video games, your audience is busy doing other things.


is it possible to judge someone based on the music they listen to?  I wonder….

it might be, but i’m only looking at a select few cases.  And i’m having a loose definition of “judge someone based on”…but it’s interesting~