Monthly Archives: January 2008

Today I slept in because I didn’t feel like going to Physics lecture (a recurring trend) (I went to bed sometime between 4 and 5 last night after finishing my laundry and doing some research).  I went to the cafe for lunch because I didn’t feel like eating at the dining hall, and I brought one of my research books to read.  I stayed there and finished up my letter, but I had forgotten to bring a sticker with me to seal the envelope (no self-adhesive) so I’m going to have to just mail it tomorrow.

aren’t posts like these so uninspiring???

Success!  I have a functional install of iTunes 7.6 on my machine now.

For anyone who’s listening, I had to purge my system of itunes/quicktime/apple mobile device/etc. then install itunes 6.0.4, then reupgrade.

woot, happy camper.

ok, it’s official.  itunes screwed me over.  i’ve tried about 10 different solutions to getting it to install properly, with no dice.

using another media player is somewhat out of the question since i’ve still got my faithful iPod mini around (which i may now have to use to play through my desktop speakers, how ridiculous).

Many many other people have had the same problem; I’ve tried suggested fixes but they don’t seem to work.

At this point (and I’ve made a system restore point) I’ve essentially purged all (or more accurately, HOPEFULLY all) traces of itunes, quicktime, etc. from my system.

eventually i’ll deal with this somehow, but until then all i have to say is,
“this is worse than vista.”

people, this is why you make system restore points.  lesson learned.