Monthly Archives: November 2009

Giving thanks

I kind of missed this, mainly because I’ve been sick the whole week, so my thanksgiving break has been rather uneventful and unnoteworthy.

what do I have to give thanks for this year?

first and foremost, I’m thankful that I was able to use mindgames to vanquish my “RSI” (quotes) issue. I would be in a hellhole right now if i hadn’t been lucky enough to do that. And I really am lucky. I am a lucky bastard, and I am thankful.

and secondly, I’m thankful for the friends I’ve met at Stanford. After two years, I finally feel like I belong.

Christmas letters X_X

current status: 21 done, 23 left to go.

I’m screwwwwweeeeeedddd. I have about one and a half weeks to write 23 letters. But that’s not counting 3 birthday letters I have to write, PLUS some of these letters are going to be looong ones. So it’s more like I have to write 30 letters in about 10 days.

Okay, 3 letters per day. I can still do this…

Thank goodness I have gifts stockpiled. I might not even NEED to do any Christmas shopping this year! xD


…was really fun while it lasted for me. But honestly, I hated being “the guy that can solve a rubik’s cube really fast”. Aren’t there more interesting things to be said about me?

The title stuck with me slightly through freshman year, but nowadays I never cube at all, so it’s faded. And to be honest, I’m pretty thankful. There are other things that I’m more proud of…like playing TGM. ^_^


Making assumptions about other people can get you into awkward social situations that could have been avoided otherwise. IIRC, I got asked fairly recently “how much allowance do you get”…meaning whoever it was assumed that I got one at all…

Even I run into this once in a while, but usually I stay out of trouble since I’m so, SO hands off about other people’s lives, and because I have such little curiosity.

This is also why I’m horrible at giving advice. Even if I -did- have an opinion, I don’t feel justified to impose my views upon your lifestyle.