Monthly Archives: October 2006

i dont have the slightest inkling of what caused it, but when i got up from my nap this evening, i thought to myself, “dude, being Drum Major is cool!”

I guess that’s a good thing…O_o

Negative Time Solving Contest 2006:

I solved a Rubik’s cube in negative 59 minutes and 39.34 seconds.

my actual solve time was 20.66…not sub-20 like i was hoping for, but pretty darn good for being so out of practice (because of the whole finger thing)…

in other unrelated news, Live Oak show went pretty well, yep yep yep…

so i’m totally looking forward to not having loads of crap to do tonight…

who thinks i’m still gonna stay up until 3 am anyways? =p

i totally skimped on one AP English assignment.  whoops.  i’ll do it later…


feels like it should be the weekend reaaallly sooon…

im kinda petered out as far as the marching season goes.  you know DM really sets you up for that.  plus, it -always- feels like you’re going through the motions, because everything that you possibly do, is already part of your job description.

….well, except for being cool.  hmmmmmmmmm….hey, that’s a revelation! (epiphany, maybe i should say)

hooray for insomnia!!!

i dunno if i’ll make it through school and rehearsal and all that, though.

in other news, if you don’t see me at school today, you’re missing out…

you remember 2 years ago when there was that one rehearsal with the mist over the field and the end of My Way was the coolest thing ever because we just faded away into it?

this morning was this crazy heavy thick fog….

you know what I feel?

i feel *sigh*