Monthly Archives: August 2005

-Haha filters…who needs a * filter when what I really need is a **
filter and a *** filter!  or something….you know what, forget it.
maybe =he= could pour acid on himself…well, i mean spill…hey we worked with nitric acid today in chem!  pretty nifty…

-ooh i found a useable flute in the band room after digging through the
extra ones (because the one i’ve been using is sorta dying…)…gosh,
some of those really need to be uhm….thrown away…or
something….haha….anyways now I can actually play low notes! 
yay!  plus i can get that high C#.  mwahaha…

-i miss you. =(

-whoa new editing…posting…thingy…thing…neat!


-I lost my data for Cubie! I no longer know
how many solves I’ve done on it…i know it was around 7500 or
something….*sigh*…oh well…i guess it’s not that big of a deal
because along the way i probably made 20 or so miscounts or
something.  haha…and now i wont have to take my calculator
everywhere i go with Cubie…and i wont have to worry about adding
solves all the time…

-i hate how when i get home, and then eat something, i dont even have
an hour to sleep before i have to get up to eat again and then go to
band rehearsal.  blech.

-speaking of sleep, i really need some more of that, so i’ll stop this post right here.

I do believe I’ve been listening to this
song on repeat for quite some time now.  I don’t even know the
original song, but the remix is simply badass.  you can already
tell from the first 14 seconds.

I’ve started my own layer log…haha…yesterday i had 7, and today i
had 4…later on i’ll see if i can graph it…you should see the
average number of layers slowly rise as we get into fall and then
winter… =p
7 is quite a lot for right now, tho…i think i might have overdone
it.  still, i guess it proves what i’m capable of.  it felt
uncomfortable…my arm was like dying, but the heat didn’t bother me
-too- much.  i just have a high tolerance level for heat,

Parisha walked me to second block, haha wheeeee!!!! ^_^

and calc is awesome sitting with kat and fiona and isabelle and liz
because they’re all awesome.  im getting a little tired of sitting
on the ground all the time but it’s alright, i guess.  Steffen
hasn’t really said anything, so i’m assuming it’s ok, lol.

ehhhhhh time to do chem homework for today, tomorrow, and
wednesday.  I took a 4-hour nap…uhhhh i dont exactly know what
that means for my sleeping schedule.  9 hours of sleep is pretty
darn decent, so I could try for that, which would mean 5 more hours of
sleep for tonight.  I dont have first tomorrow because we have
evening rehearsal tho, so that’ll mean going to bed at 3 AM. 
lol.  seems kinda late…

also, i found this passage slightly amusing.

“Last night I felt great. In perfect health. This morning I wake up with
a nasty sore throat and the beginnings of sinus congestion. I feel like

It’s as if, while I slept, my white blood cells said “C’mon boys, he’s
asleep! Let’s go to a strip club and get drunk!”. And then they leave
the front door ajar, and in walks some shady character who insidiously
multiplies his viral infection until all hope is lost.

I hate being sick. I remember precisely the last time I was ill,
because it was such a monumental state of poor health. It was when I
got sick at Megacon earlier this year, and Brian Clevinger likened my
appearance to that of the living dead, neither fully present in this
world, or the next.

Talk about a dent in productivity. I do have to wonder though, is
bedrest and chicken soup aren’t the remedies of the past. Perhaps the
influenzas and common colds of our technological age can be cured with
overdoses of World of Warcraft and Hulk: Ultimate Destruction. I’d be
happy to find out. In the name of science, of course.

Still, I’m not a happy camper right now. There’s little worse than
trying to concentrate on artwork when your whole body is screaming
“ACHE!”. But the work has to get done. In fact, you can watch me work
on a piece of artwork over on my journal,
if you wish. Assuming my throat doesn’t spell completely shut, and I
have to spend the afternoon figuring out how to breath through my ears.

And all because my white blood cells were out late, stuffing dollar
bills into the g-strings of busty women and dropping irish carbombs
with little regard for home security.

Now there’s a mental image, eh?”

along those lines, I’ve been feeling a little stuffy too.  i’m
hoping it’s just allergies…but i took some claritin in the morning
and it didn’t help too much.  if i =am= getting sick, hopefully
that 4-hour nap helped.


today’s morning rehearsal was goood.  whee.
today’s afternoon rehearsal…i wouldn’t even just call it
woogity.  it wasn’t woogity.  it was just frustrating. 
in almost all aspects.

eh, but i’ve got roughly 1 hour before the evening rehearsal.  laters.

real post soon.  for now…

k today was….uhhh rather lethargic.
first was good, but then first is always gonna be whatever, because
band is first, and first is different, and first……all well you know
what i mean.

french 2 i uhhhhh well i’m still keeping up my streak of doing work, which is a good thing, i guess.

then calc AB was sooo totally boring =/…i was going to go get my chem
book from mr. scott’s room but someone moved it!  so i didn’t get
it until later….so i was stuck in 3rd in my corner….none of the
cool ppl sit near me…i kept on feeling that i should have been doing
something….eh, well i went over to the 4 awesome ppl in that class
later on…haha i still can’t believe there’s 4 ppl from the list in
the class, and they’re all sitting in the same place…

4th was ok, i guess…except even that felt lethargic because we had
some time on our hands to do lab work or do homework and whatnot.

eh, i guess it’s because it’s friday.

parisha drove me home tho, wheeeeee…
it’s 12:30…i should go to sleep sometime in the near future, because there’s the 9 to 9 tomorrow…

but then again…when i got home i ate some stuff and watched tv until like 5 or so…and then i fell asleep until 11. ^_^;;

hooray for naps!

so we know i’m better at giving pep talks.  and better at being
“hardcore” and channeling my energy the right way, and knowing when to
keep my mouth shut.

however, i also still need to work on…asking for hugs…(i told
myself, and a few others, i need to work on this…it’s silly, but i
do…), and not letting my parents get to me.  actually my mom
just shouted something at me recently.  it’s harder to manage your
time…when your parents try to do it for you.  as long as i can
keep myself together, and not let my parents stress the bejesus out of
me, i’ll be fine.  half of my stress must be from my parents,

it’s 11….today i’m setting a goal to go to sleep rather
earlier.  it doesn’t look so good right now, but i might still be
able to pull it off….=p

k fine, here’s the deal:

1st block: marching band w/Kelly
today was alright, i think, from what i remember…(gosh parisha’s
right, my memory is really really bad…O_o…that one time she went
through her day, and then i tried to go through mine, and it didn’t
work too well….hahaha), i mean there was some woogityness, but what
kind of rehearsal doesn’t?!?
anyways, being a section leader is great…setting drill is stressful, but it hasn’t been too awful (yet)…
of course there are always the high points and the low points…somehow
tho i feel like i can shrug off the low points a bit better nowadays.
overall this year i’m just feeling ultra-hardcore.  i
mean…yeah.  im feeling that kinda vibe, definitely.  i do
regret that a lot of other ppl haven’t really locked into that yet, but
we’ll see how it works out.
oh i had my first drop ever yesterday….….well, unless you count that one other time…=p
i wasn’t even trying some weird fancy thing either.  well it was
semi-fancy, but i’d done it a lot of times before.  i’ll just have
to work on my control or something.  spinning with my white gloves
on is a bit dangerous actually since I can’t really grip as well. 
or i could just spin johnny’s yellow stick that he gave me.  but
then again…i can’t do that on the field while we’re doing
stuff!  lol…

2nd block: French….uhm…”2″…w/Balesteri
yeah so it’s french “2”…only i’m in it.  studying for french
AP…kinda interesting, i can actually get work done since i dont have
anyone in the class to talk to.  i predict it’s gonna get uhhhh
frustrating/stressful trying to prep for the AP test (do i really have
a chance of passing it?  uhhhhh possibly not.  but i get
credit for the class anyways, so bah.), but i guess i’ll be ok. 
*crosses fingers*  the grammar was never that hard for me
(although sometimes i’ve gotten sooo confused), but the oral/reading
comp/listening comp/whatever other parts is gonna be a somewhat
different story…

3rd block: Calc AB (TA) w/Steffen
sweet.  steffens class is always awesome.  right now it’s just review so i’m just sitting in the corner doing stuff.
cool ppl in this class, methinks…although i do get a bit lonely over in my corner.  ah, well i just sit and do work.
geez, there’s 4 people on the list in this class, and they’re all sitting together in one group…lol.

4th block: Chem AP w/Mr. Scott
I think i’ll like this; Mr. Scott seems like a great teacher (whooo
semicolon use…), and there’s cool people in here too…(although a
lot of people have it 3rd….boo…)…so far everything’s
been…uhm…fine and dandy!

so it’s the 2nd day…wheeeeeeeee….haven’t died yet……

this post has a very….”eh” feel to it.  hmmmm lets change that.

wheee!!!!!!! <(^_^<)

so much stuff to worry about…or should i say, so much stuff to =not=
worry about…(if that made any sense)…but i haven’t stressed out!

“Oh no…you’re getting cold…”
“use a layer!”

“Oh no…you got wet…”
“use a layer to dry off!”

“Oh no…you’re bleeding…”
“wrap a layer around it!”

“Oh no…there’s a fire…”
“throw a layer on it!”

haha…it’s still summer and i’m already hitting 6 layers at night rehearsals…
i never remember what my record was last year, all i know is that i did
it at championships….(lol Kenneth told me he heard it was 18 or 21
O_O)….i’m pretty sure it was around the 13-15 range tho. 
doesn’t really matter because i’m planning on setting a new record this
year. =p

i hate it when parents try to manage your time for you…but i really
would rather talk about that, then type about it.  …or something.

expect my away messages to continue being long rants (i’m making away msg rant #6 right now).  enjoy!

i could go on and on about the first day of school and all the classes
and go on a huge rant like you’re all expecting me to.  but i’m

instead, i’ll just go

ohhh my goshhh, parisha you’re the bestest most awesomest friend =ever=!!!

it’s 7:27 AM (not quite like an airplane) and i hate getting up early, yet this is the happiest i’ve been in a long time…