Monthly Archives: August 2008

facebook: Timothy is leaving tomorrow .4 hours ago

<not that anyone =cares=…>

But when that thought crossed my mind, I totally just rolled my eyes instead of sighing.

also i think tonight i’m going to read the last Animorphs book.  it’s going to be epic.

I totally feel proud of NOT joining in someone’s facebook wall parade on their birthday because I already hand-delivered a present and letter (a very EPIC letter at that) to them beforehand.

kenneth i’ll either drop by and show you the cards or just scan em in, no big deal.

this was my doing.

pretty obvious from the screenshot, but what I did was just open up like 10 instances of it and just leave them all running (yay being smart).  It totally isn’t worth it, except I leave my computer on at work all the time anyways, so i figured might as well leave it running.  I admittedly could have done a better job (i.e. fill the entire chart) but whatever.

On the off chance that someone sees it, then goes to out of curiosity, then +1 brownie points to me


okay, even better.  After submitting you can just hit the back button and resubmit the same score under another name.


Sometimes I’m a very “impatient” person.  I don’t really mean impatient in that I can’t wait for something, but just that I won’t just sit there and waste time (multitasking is always a big plus).

One of my habits (+5 million brownie points if you already knew) is right-clicking my mouse, then moving the mouse to the left (so i dont select anything on the context menu) then left-clicking.  Repeat ad infinitum.  I noticed today that even though I have left-handed mouse on at work, I =still= do it.

Other people I’ve seen have the habit of selecting text with their mouse as they read it.

Yeah, it’s just habits.  With -my- computer and my mouse though, I have the scroll wheel to play around with.  Sometimes I worry that my middle finger is going to get something because I’m messing around with it so much.  Seriously though, I use it to occupy my fingers more often that I actually use it to scroll!

One of the things I’m doing at work involves looking up info on drugs and adding it to our database.  Found this one:

Important information about Lyrica

You may have thoughts about suicide while taking Lyrica. Your doctor
will need to check you at regular visits. Do not miss any scheduled

…makes you wanna kill yourself.