Monthly Archives: October 2007

how can someone hate hello kitty???

i can understand thinking that it’s overrated, or “stupid”, but downright hating it?  i’d certainly hope not.

there’s a girl here who lets me brush her hair.  i think my life is complete.

kenneth, dude, i miss you man.

i can’t remember the last time I said “aww yeah, haaaaaandd scooped!” or “in a box!”

even “suck dirt” and “jerkface” have started to disappear from my vocabulary, and that’s just depressing.

Average: 18.12 seconds
Individual Times: 16.34, 18.16, 17.49, 21.78, 18.24, (15.35), 17.54, 20.56, 16.45, 18.52, (22.52), 16.16

im still getting good times, but now i need to regain the consistency.

it’s all in the mindset, really.

i’ll do an average of 100 someday, i should be able to beat my old record.