Monthly Archives: December 2007

I have a new mouse now so I’m in a little bit of a getting-used-to phase, especially since I’m using low mouse accel now.  Normal windows navigation and all seems to have gotten back to good now, but I think micro-intensive apps like WC3 are going to take a little bit more time.  Kind of interesting, how new mouse settings generally only take a few days to get used to (though i’m sure it takes a little bit longer to actually get -fully- back in the jist of things).  My old computer has the sensitivity set pretty low, I’m always pretty surprised when I hop on it every once in a while.

Compare that to switching to dvorak…(nope, haven’t made the switch, not planning on it anytime soon)

The lesson learned: if you want to get Christmas presents, do your shopping over the summer, and write your cards in the fall.  Then mail as many as you can, by the end of November (because it doesn’t matter if they arrive -early-), and as soon as break starts, take care of the rest of them.

The inevitable delays will mean that everything gets done just in the nick of time.

This is somewhere along the lines of the Pi[e] day attendance rule: assume an attendance ratio of 50% and you’ll be pretty accurate.

people just dont care enough, but i’m not sure I blame them anymore.