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It is done.

After a long while, I’ve finally finished uploading the entire archive contents of my old Xanga site here (one by one uploading xml files and waiting for wordpress to process them), so this will now serve as the definitive archive for my Xanga for the time being, all the way from September of 2004 until June 2013 when Xanga went bust and became a premium-only service.  All 3,780 posts across 10 years.

In retrospect, perhaps I should have went for the premium route–$48/year really isn’t that much, to be honest, and it would let me preserve all of my post links, which is actually quite important as I now I have a crapload of links in my xanga_favorites.txt file that don’t work anymore.  Maybe if there’s still a chance, I might join in, though I guess that’s also contingent on them surviving alright and not going bust again.  I’d be losing the ability to format all of my posts nicely the way they were supposed to be, as well.

It’s probably safe to say for now that I’ll still be blogging at for the time being, even if I do get the xanga premium membership.  Yes…it’s always sad to think that what I had can’t keep on lasting, but I won’t dwell on that here as I’ve already written about that.

Here is to the preservation of the past.  Hopefully I’ll at least be able to use a wordpress site search to find specific posts that I’m looking for in the future, when I try to recall what I wrote (this has already helped me out once).

Thank you for stopping by.

We’re moving…

This blog is finding its new home at  Please follow me there.

I’ve been here for 9 years, and haven’t regretted it at all.  It’s been great, Xanga.  It’s been really great.

Everything is being archived, so don’t worry…the history of this little corner of the internet should be preserved just fine.  But now is your chance to take a peek around and say a final goodbye, because it might all disappear from here…

Will probably be moving over to Blogger, or something.  Trying to settle on life balance again; some parameters have changed.  Don’t know how I feel about certain things, but I think the best way to feel is to just be happy, so I’m trying to go for that!  Being at peace with myself is really important.  PLUR and everything, whatever.  This is really uncharacteristic, I know…

My hobby: Blasting 9-bit chiptune music out of my windows whenever I’m on Stanford campus.

You know how there’s music that makes you cry because it reminds you so poignantly of certain things?  Maybe it reminds you of a loved one, maybe it reminds you of an experience you once had…maybe it reminds you of a breakup, or of graduation, or of a last dance, or anything.

Yeah…but there’s also music that makes you cry simply because of itself alone.  It doesn’t even have to have words.  Who needs words to express emotion???  Isn’t the larger part of emotion expressed via non-verbal communication anyways?  It’s not because it reminds you of anything…it’s not empathy that you’re feeling.  It’s just the things that are embedded in the song itself.

Do you have songs that are like that?

I feel like it’s unfair for me to point out songs that are written by myself, so I won’t.  I’ll point out some other ones instead:

I’m not sure if they’ve -actually- made me cry before, but they’ve certainly come close.

It’s less about what is right or wrong, and more about how it affects people’s feelings.  Feelings are subjective, but to me, they are also objective…they’re very real, very important, very practical, pragmatic even.  “I cried because of it.  That must mean I feel strongly about it, because I only cry over things that I feel strongly about…”