Monthly Archives: July 2008

discovery of today:

the firefox browser XUL has a vbox with id=”appcontent” that you can use the overlay stuff easily.

also, don’t try clever boolean logic in javascript when it would result in embarassing things like taking (!”false”) which evaluates as false since “false” is a string that evaluates to true

generally (always?) Linux X interfaces let you have multiple desktops so you can switch from one set of windows to another and it’s as easy as scrolling the mouse wheel while it’s on top of your desktop. (@Kenneth is there a keyboard shortcut for this that I somehow missed?)

random fact: here at work, I’m using 4.  They are labeled:
-Windoze (<- since we’re running XP on vm-ware)
-Twilight Zone

reading through my entire weblog, in chronological order.

so far i’ve gone through all of 2004 and it’s not terribly exciting at all.  Of course I didn’t make quality posts back then, and I was busy bumbling around now knowing what the heck I was doing, but I don’t really regret it or anything.

Found 5 good posts so far.