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Azurrebliss07 (4:04:37 PM): yeah, i think those are common–when we’re not engaged in anything, we tend to get really sluggish and centered on the little things (which really dont seem big in retrospect) because that’s all we have at the moment

man, i’m phailing at life.  though, it’s not bad on all fronts, which is cool.

there’s not too much to be done but wait it out.  well, maybe i could try and do something but i’m not feeling in that mood right now.

Ok, I am totally content with my friends most of the time.  Just knowing them is good enough for me most of the time, and to be able to talk to them and write letters to them is great, and requires absolutely no effort on their part.  And sometimes I even get to hear from them when I take the effort to reach out!  And I can be sure that my closest friends really value my friendship.

But when I actually make the effort, not just to call people, but to leave messages on 6 different cell phones, and then I get no responses, that doesn’t make me a happy camper.  maybe one of them is having phone troubles, ok maybe another one is out of town, but 6 people not getting back to me is really too much.  I normally don’t whine about this stuff too much because I don’t want to turn into an attention whore, but really, what is up with you guys?

I’m sure I won’t be mad about this after a day or two have passed because I’ll look at it in retrospect and think that it was rather silly of me to get this impression in my head.  and moreover it looks like on Monday my internship is going to start which means DM timm[ie] is going to have to back a comeback (i don’t really like that guy that much), so i’ll have other things to worry about.

i dont know….both glowstringing and freehand glowsticking are both -really- cool…i don’t know if i could pick one over the other.

well, actually i might still pick freehanding over stringing, even though i’ve been having a lot of fun with stringing lately.
why?  because freehanding never involves whacking yourself in the face when you screw up.  man, those things can -hurt- when you screw up.  i hit a nerve in my hand once, too, and it went all numb-like.

So me and my dad ended up dropping my cousin off to this Boy Scout thing (i think) and while we were waiting for him to get done we decided (or rather he decided) that we’d park and look at this park that happened to be nearby.  It had this nice little lake except it smelled like a swimming pool, which didn’t make sense until i noticed that there -was- a swimming pool behind it.  There were these 3 ducks there too.  Next to the lake was this big field of grass, and it was perfectly flat, and the grass was nice.  it was a big field.  pristine, almost.

man, i miss it.  I miss two years ago, man…

if anyone does anything to ruin the experience for the youngins this year im going to shoot them.

on another note, I went to this company today to see what it was like to work there because I could possibly be working as an intern there, starting monday.  I suppose maybe it’s not completely professional to write about work stuff in a blog like this, but then again, that never stopped me before.
Maybe i’ll wait until after I actually decide on it, though.

Oh I -love- getting mail!  This one was a bit of surprise because it was a special letter, even though it was addressed to “Timmy” and not “Timm[ie]”
It’s okay, not all of my friends have caught on, it doesn’t matter.
It’s actually a pretty great system, though, because usually by the name it’s addressed to I can tell whether it’s one of my friends or not…

the kids (or maybe i shouldn’t call them kids because most if not all of them are older than me) in my Differential Equations class found out that I’m going to Stanford and now I have to tell them to shut up whenever they make some remark about me being smart.  That’s right, my reputation bug has struck again…Most of you should already know that if you tell me I’m smart I -will- tell you to shut up, ’cause I don’t wanna hear it!
On the plus side at least they’re talking to me now, which makes things a bit less dull.  There’s an asian girl there that’s older (i think) with long hair and I’m not going crazy over her–that’s gotta be a first…

I’m assuming the professors in both of my classes are now well aware of the fact that i don’t listen to their lectures…
During Linear Algebra I sit wayyy in the back and oftentimes I’ll listen to my iPod mini (the one that says “Cadence” on it because it’s “special”) and work on homework, or sometimes try and sleep.  Except the professor already knows I know everything because he uses my tests as the grading key.
During Differential Equations since we moved to the new room I now sit in the very front, and I’m assuming since I’m right under the professor’s nose that he can tell I’m not listening…but hey, at least I’m doing problems (its sometimes kind of scary how much math I write out each day) and not sleeping like the guy next to me or being a smart-ass like the other guy who sits over a few rows.  Why am I sitting in the front row?  Because girl with the hair wanted someone to sit in the front row in front of her and I didn’t really care either way.  Hey, I do try to be a nice guy when I can…

these classes are funny and ridiculous at times…