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Moar link dump.

quote near the bottom:

While this may be extremely difficult as there are already preconceived ideas about what Facebook should be like, they’ve shown their ability to make fairly major changes to the platform while only upsetting 90% of their users.


Well, it would be good and bad.  Some mischievous part of me wants to see google take facebook down.  But then, that wouldn’t really solve anything, would it?  No, of course not!  The problem isn’t the service, it’s the users! 9_9

“I think you should do what you feel is best and not care about what people think of you

Because like…there’s always gonna be people judging you no matter what

So might as well do what you want”

More links

To think that I only stumbled upon Leigh Alexander’s site after doing a very on-a-whim google search for “SVGL”, which to me stands for sunnyvale golfland.

I don’t have much to say about the first article, other than the fact that it strikes a note on the same chord as this one which questions why the gaming industry is…well, not “fun”.  It’s troubling to me as a future game developer, but even more troubling to me a gamer.  There’s just so much -bad- out there, that sometimes I feel like I need to do all I can to save face…somehow.  It’s the same reason that I feel so very frustrated when I lose as Mewtwo in SSBM.  Though he is no longer at the bottom of the MBR tier list (pichu regained that spot at some point), I still look to him as the hardest character to play, and as a result I find that I try harder than ever to win when I play as him.  Because to be destroyed by a fox, a falco, a marth, as Mewtwo is just somehow -disheartening-.

There’s just too much hate in the world.  And of course, that’s the same reason why I feel the need to defend windows and mac when they receive their respective piles of hate.  Though I guess it’s different from the reasons for which I uphold my 640×480 graphics and beloved 2D sprites.

On the second article, I only have to say that I can’t even think of many games I’ve played that let you play as a female protagonist.  And that makes me really sad, because I feel like I can -only- identify with female protagonists.

A really, really interesting question: Is there a visual novel out there that lets me play out the role of a girl?


This weeks theme is “Lost in a futuristic dome city.”

So, this week’s was a lot of fun, as usual.  My first inclination upon seeing the theme was to use some sound out of the Ugo “Motion” synth, which specializes in evolving and dynamic growling sounds.  So that’s what you hear in the first 8 bars here.  I took the tempo way down, first to 100, then 90, then I think I may have even settled on 80 BPM.  Going for a very ambient feel.

Next I threw in the drums, which I’m very, very pleased with.  I didn’t really make any “mistakes”–I laid down the skeleton, threw a loop on top of it, worked on the processing, sequenced some variations, and then after it was looking fairly complete i even threw on a tiny bit of distortion and even a lo-fi plugin to make it sound meaty and gritty.  I’m happy with the variations that came out of it too.

Of course, then I threw on dblue glitch for some drumglitch fun.  I can’t really get enough of it, it seems.  My friend warns me that I’m starting to overuse it, which may be true. ^^;

After that the rest of the song was basically just me playing around with sounds.  Though the vibrato-y theremin-esque synth was something that I had in my mind ever since the song started to come together.  The bell sounds are from Synth1; I’m going to have to use those a little more often since I’ve often admired bell synth sounds in other songs.

Overall something I’m very happy with.  Came out at 3 minutes too, which is my longest entry ever–even longer than the Galaxia trance song that I managed to whip together that other time.  Though I guess it makes sense since I’m repeating a little more and the tempo is so slow.  Still, something I’m proud of.  And the drums are just.  so.  tasty.  The glitch at 2:22 is something I’m particularly happy with, as it turned out even better than I had expected. 

eherm ^^;;

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urgh….11:30 and I’m so tired–have been for the better part of the day today, actually.  To make things worse my throat is sore.  Not sure if it’s from talking with BenZhen on sunday (whatt???) or if I’m just getting sick (oh no…).  I have two birthday letters I’m supposed to be done with right now, but I think I’m just going to call it a night.  If I’m not feeling well in the morning I’ll just stay home.

Growing up

For perhaps the first time ever, I’m feeling an ever-so-slight twinge of not wanting to grow up quite so quickly.  It’s not that time is passing by too quickly, or that I regret not doing certain things, or anything like that.  It’s just that when I think about it, growing up just means that there are going to be more (or stronger) social expectations that I’m going to have to fight against in order to be who I am.  And then there’s the problem that I’m just now deconstructing myself and that it feels as if I’m “younger” than I have been in a long time–possibly since 3 or 4 years ago.

“College isn’t the place to keep to yourself and I sure as hell don’t want to be surrounded by introverts in one of the few years of your life when you are encouraged to do crazy shit.”

No harm was meant…and none was really taken.  But I can’t resist pointing out that I would prefer being surrounded by introverts!  *laughs*