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I’ve got so much I want to do…maybe it’s time for something to give?  I’m not sure…granted, I just came back from thanksgiving, so it’s a given that I’m going to be playing catch-up for a little bit.  I think the issue is that I don’t see myself having chunks of time to actually -do- that catch-up.  Coming back on monday, it was all I could do to check up on a few things and go to bed (coming off of a 6-7 hour flight, and the time difference).  Well, I guess I was also spending probably a bit more time than I should have looking at drawing videos…

Then Tuesday night was just spent with family, tonight is Syncopation work day.  Tomorrow is OHC, though at least that’s only an hour or two’s worth of time…work is getting a little busier too.

There’s a dance coming up on Saturday, and I don’t think I want to make it to both that and FNW.  These days, I don’t think I can afford to do more than one dance a week, I just need that time for other things.

I guess it’s all part of being in the working world now, I guess.  It still sort of puts me on edge a little bit though.

I have lots of things that I’m working towards.  I don’t know if “goals” is the word I would use, and I’ve said so in a previous post that I’m too sleepy to dig up right now, but I have lots of things that I’m working towards.  I think right now, a big one that popped up is conquering my fears.  It’s time to start facing up to them…

Right now, though, my goal is just to go sleep.  yay~

I wonder if it’s more difficult to get used to a relationship where both people are “equal” rather than one deferring to the other.  I feel like I already wrote about this before at some point, but whatever.  Anyways, maybe most people are actually just more used to “normal” relations than I am.  I think it has to deal with my ISFJ-type thinking of separating out the world into two neat areas, one inside my comfort bubble and the other outside of it.  So for any subject that I’ve decided to be outside of my “realm”, it’s much easier to just defer and assume that I’m much “lesser”.

Even in things that -are- inside of my “domain”, though, it’s easier for me to either act like I’m superior, or inferior, I notice.  I think it’s a sign of my immaturity that I can’t just push aside those two absolutes and just face up to the fact that it’s not like that.  It’s something that requires you to get over the fear of being wrong or making mistakes.  Ah, there’s that fear again…I keep on finding it everywhere in my life.

Wish List 2012

Somehow, the earlier I do this, the less guilty I feel about it.  Probably because I know no one cares this early anyways.  Do people even start thinking about Christmas before Thanksgiving?  I feel like I have no idea, because my timeline is all screwed up because I have to start Christmas letters 3 months in advance.  Plus, I just get excited about it every year anyways, especially when the weather starts getting colder (which it is not right now!).

The more important part of this list might actually be the Not wishlist, since I already have too many of certain things, and I know that even though it’s very easy to just go “oh, just buy anything Sanrio for Timm[ie]”, it’s actually not quite that easy because I already -have- so much stuff.  So those are some important guidelines.  But I know I’ve rarely had this list actually matter anyways–I didn’t actually get anything from the one last year, except maybe Kirby Mass Attack which to be honest I’m not even sure whether I own or not (sigh…too many games…well, I guess it’s more like, I have other things to do now.  Wait, when did this happen, nuuuuu….).

Also, you should note that I actually get more excited about Little Twin Stars and Cinnamoroll merchandise than Hello Kitty stuff, in general ;P  With Hello Kitty it’s harder to get the right “aesthetic”, too, since there’s all this really flashy and glitzy or hot pink or whatever stuff, which isn’t quite the case with some of the other characters…

Not Wanted:
Wall decorations (I have very little wall space left)
Paper star paper (I have lots)
Cute silverware/cups/plates/coasters/chopsticks/towels (I have lots)
Cute notepads/binders/folders/sticky notes/diaries/erasers (I have lots)
Hairbrushes/combs (I have lots)
Video games (I have lots, that I’ve never played)* – some exceptions below
HK clothing that’s too small (should be obvious, but I still get some of this sometimes)
Starbucks gift cards (I have lots)
Pens (I have specific ones I use)
Fragrance spray/body wash/shampoo

The Wavering of Haruhi Suzumiya
The Intrigues of Haruhi Suzumiya
The Indignation of Haruhi Suzumiya

To the Moon (Steam)
SSX (2012)

Uniball Signo 0.28mm Black refills
Uniball Signo 0.38mm Black refills
Cute stamps (for USPS mail)
Artist’s tape/drafting tape

Gift Cards:
Sanrio gift cards

Cute Stuff:
Charms (I don’t think I will ever have “too many” phone charms/keychain charms)
Stationery/Envelopes/Stationery pads (same deal)

Drawing Stuff:
Drawing tablet of my own (borrowing one from work atm)
Drawing books

Tech Stuff:
New earbuds (decent ones) GPS for car
Hair straightener (ceramic?)

Wreck-It Ralph DVD (pre-order)
Wreck-It Ralph Art Book
Brave Merchandise
Wreck-It Ralph Merchandise

Of course, just plain money is not a problem, since I have a lot of miscellaneous stuff that I would spend it on, like plane tickets, paying off loans, etc.

And of course, more importantly, none of the materialistic stuff will make as much difference as simply you spending time with me, or sending me some warm sentiments, like a letter!  Even a phone call is okay too.

I’m not sure whether I should get a Sanrio datemate this year.  I’ve got one every year since 2009 I think, but I never use them anymore, so it’s kind of sad.


Edit: added drawing books, hair straightener

Edit: know I shouldn’t, but I’m adding To The Moon for now as the one game I’m interested in.  Still don’t know whether I’ll have time for it, considering I haven’t even gone through Analogue: A Hate Story and a whole bunch of other narrative/VN/etc games, but isn’t emotional experience through the medium of gaming something that I really should immerse myself in?

Edit: Adding Brave and Wreck-It Ralph merchandise because omgggg Brave + Wreck-It Ralph

Edit: Hair straightener has been claimed

Edit: Earbuds have been claimed

Edit: Add FEZ, SSX