Monthly Archives: April 2006

dammit, i realllllyyy want to conduct Seagate Overture by James Swearingen, I keep listening to this recording and it’s awesome….too bad it’s over 7 minutes….hahaha….

i am very cranky right now

because first my mom turned on my light and opened my door

the light was no big deal, i just shielded my eyes

the opening the door wasn’t bad either

until my dad started vacuuming downstairs

i wasn’t going to get up and close the door

so i figured i’d wait for him to finish

so he did

and then he came upstairs and started vacuuming my brother’s room which is right next to mine.

hate you guys…..

guys guys guys my dad mowed our lawn!!!!

if you want you can drive by….maaannnn it’s short….it was like a jungle before… it’s…..

……wait…it’s yellow again!!!