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lmao, so on liz’s chatternox there was a link to an “instant blog post generator”….lets try it…

Last week my teacher was writing an essay about homosexuality on the
African subcontinent. She was quite shocked by that stuff, so she told
my friend Tamika about it, and she screamed:

Dude!.. Whoa! Don’t tell me you’re into the African subcontinent too!

But then when my teacher got to the part about the
homosexuality, Tamika ran away all of a sudden. And the next day,
Tamika’s father told me that the reason Tamika was so freaked out was
because she had to study homosexuality in class. At times Tamika can be
really dumb like that, but I have to live with that…

Link of the day: Your Horroscope

wow….ok lets try it again!
Last week my boss was thinking about friendship of the European
lowlands. He was very fascinated by the whole thing, so he told my
friend Tamika about it, and she was all:

Damn!.. Wow! If I hear another thing about the European lowlands I’m going to shoot somebody!

But then when my boss got to the part about the friendship,
Tamika ran away all of a sudden. But the next day, Tamika’s mother told
me that the reason Tamika was so freaked out was because she was
watching about friendship on TV. Often Tamika can be quite cool like
that, but I have to live with that…

Link of the day: Go f@$# yourself

Hmm…interesting similarities between those two…lets just do one more.

I really despise my grandma C.J.. There are days when she is quite
difficult to handle, but then last week she just uninterested me… I
asked for her help writing an essay about education in the coming
decades, but then she screamed:

No way! Don’t tell me you’re into the coming decades too!

At first I was like “WHOA!” then just now I just quieted down and began picking my nose. After all, she *is* my grandma and she should know better…

Link of the day: Go f@$# yourself

well that was fun while it lasted.

that was just ridiculous….lmao….ridiculous…

while i loved the major pink-ness, lol my hair was uhhh…i dunno…all
i can say is that i was planning on taking a couple of pictures and
posting them, but after looking at the one, i was just
like…uh…..yeah, that’s enuff.  lol with my hair up in the
front it looks hellllla weird because my face is so damn long and you
can see all of my forehead.

ok FINE, here, for anyone who didn’t catch me at school….

simply redonkulous.

lol lets compare.


time to take a walk…*hears screams of “OMG Timmy’s gonna get kidnapped!”*

funny…because before tonight i was thinking i was losing the touch of
even being a section leader…not to mention, i felt like i didn’t run
a good sectional today.  funny……….

on a totally other note, the orthodontist says my teeth are
shifting.  so not only was i pissed off that i had an orthodontist
appointment that no one told me about until the day before, but i was
also pissed off because now my orthodontist is being evil, and then my
mom’s going “OMGOSHHHHHH” and i’m just like “…i’m wearing my retainer
everyday…i’m happy with that…i dont care…i dont care….”, then i
mention that there’s this part of my gum which has been a little
sensitive, and then the orthodontist goes how it’s -seriously inflamed-
and then my mom freaks out, of course, so then right afterschool, when
i’m FALLING ASLEEP because i’m so damn tired, and I just want to get
home, because i know i have sectionals to run at 5, my dad tells me
that i now have a dentist appointment to look at my gums. 
GREAT.  so then i go to the dentist appointment, and of course on
the way my dad’s trying to ask me some things “have you been flossing?”
and of course despite the prolonged silences and the muttered, one-word
answers (later no answers, even), he doesn’t manage to get the message
that i just dont want to talk at all…then the dentist goes poking
around my inflamed gum to see if there’s anything in there…”no, i
haven’t eaten any popcorn recently.  it can’t be popcorn stuck in
there.  yes, i’m sure.  NO, dammit!”, and then they just tell
me it’ll go away anyways, i can do some stuff to make it better or
whatnot but basically i dont ever have to worry about it. 
besides, my mom’s already worrying about it enough as it is, you
know…freaking out because i dont have my retainers on 24/7…freaking
out because i didn’t put hydrogen peroxide on my gums…freaking out
because “my teeth are crooked”…which she says every single time i
open my mouth anyways…ha, but i dont do that much more……both my
parents were wondering why i’m not talking to them….

more importantly, while my mom was busy you know…calling me a failure
or whatnot (she’s not actually that mean, really, she’s just
insane…), i just thought to myself…and it occured…well not really
occured to me, because i kinda already knew it, but it…materialized
in conscious thought form.  gosh, that didn’t make sense.  oh
well, but i just said to myself,

“the only person who can decide if i’m a success or a failure, is me.” – Timm[ie]

my parents dont know what’s good for me, my parents dont know what’s
good for me, and my parents dont know what’s good for me.  if they
had their way, i wouldn’t be in band right now.  who the hell
would i be then?  i’d be a *expletive* loser.

now i’m going to do the chem homework because parisha told me that i should, and i trust her with my life.

also, i need help tomorrow…from someone with a car….to go shopping…pleaseee??

on a cooler, much more awesome note, today at lunch i was sitting
outside the band room, and then someone (no idea whoa) was playing the
peanuts theme…(yay snoopy…), and i was listening to it…and i was
like, hm, wonder what notes it is…so i tried to figure it out. 
next thing i know i’m in a practice room, totally playing it….it was
awesome…i mean playing something on flute by ear is cool, but when
you can actually do it with piano pieces….well, it felt cool.  i
mean i didn’t play it perfectly, probably don’t have 100% of the notes
right, and it’s not that hard of a melody or bassline to catch on to,
not to mention i’ve heard it before, but hey, it was like the coolest

ah, so i guess this is another of these rant posts….i knew i’d have one, eventually…=)

lol annie yeah i have perfect pitch, only it’s not perfect.  if
that makes any sense.  i have some degree of it anyways.
durrrr our school beel is out of tune….

but moving on, you know, i dont care if the closer was horrible in the
runthrough tonight or whatever, the 2 most important things in that
runthrough were:
-remember how we started like 3 different times?  I’m =soooo hitting that high D=.
-kenneth flipped his hair at G in the opener at like the =exact= right
time that i remember he used to.  at that point i was just like
“kenneth omg i love you”.  lmaoooooooooo

want another quote?  “my parents suck at my life.”