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It can be scary to go somewhere you’ve never been, far away from home. Maybe it’s an emotional disconnect and unfamiliarity. Tonights theme is “Distant and foreign.”

My entry:

Well, this week I meant to do awesome chiptune stuff, inspired by Electric Children, but I felt really meh at what I made.  The groove part was pretty good, but once we got into the UNTS section I felt like everything was pretty uninspired.

It was still well-appreciated, but it didn’t feel good to me.  Which is okay…it happens.  Heck, sometimes I even get 1st place for entries that I think are yucky.

But, I think I might take this as an opportunity to try out using a tracker and see where that takes me =D

Ate at Orenchi Ramen with R and S today!  Kind of forgot that their portions are kind of small, which is nice because it ends up working out to about the right amount for a good meal for me (unless i’m super-hungry in which case maybe i would order an appetizer or something?).

As I was leaving, I noticed the car next to mine had Hello Kitty seatbelt covers and a Hello Kitty sticker on the window and I put my hands on the window and stared in like a little kid…

Yeah, I’m a CS major at Stanford who plays lots of video games, does lots of social dance, has a social life, writes lots of hand-written letters, gets good grades, and gets enough sleep (6 hours per day does not qualify as “enough”, you crazy people).  Not to mention the slew of other things.  How is it possible?

I don’t know…how is it -not- possible?  It’s only this past year that I began to feel some degree of empathy with those who don’t have enough time for the things in their lives…but it’s still not something that I quite understand that much.

I guess one big factor is that I don’t go to class; it really helps.  But then again, I go to Japanese 5 days a week and social dance 3 days a week, not to mention japanese office hours 3 days a week as well…

Insomnia last night; first time in a while that I’ve had it like that.  Meaning I’m super-sleepy today, ugh.  Not really a good feeling on a Monday.  I’ll try to continue to stand up to life though.  Nrrgh.

Okay, this is sort of out of hand, I don’t know whether I want to have all of you unknown subscribers subscribed to me anymore.  I don’t really know what stance to take on it though, because xanga subscriptions to me are…well, not quite that useful anymore (though on the once-in-a-while that someone -does- post something that’s generally how i know).

Well, I’ll probably remove you guys soon unless one or more of you speak up.  So be it.


After the whirlwind torrent, miles of wreckage lay at your feet. Tonights theme is “After the storm.”

My entry:

The two things I decided on before this week’s compo started were first, to try and not start picking out things until after the theme was announced, and second, to perhaps get back to a little more traditional DDRKirby(ISQ) style, in terms of my songs generally having an atmospheric/ambient intro and then going to a cool beat/groove section, and then going from there.  I didn’t transition into trancey UNTS this time around, but that’s totally fine xP

My idea once I read the theme was to do something spacey (how many times have I said that before?), so I imagined some sort of space wreckage after some “space storm”, and that’s what I wanted to go for in the intro.  So the beginning here has me using Crystal and Motion for some neat evolving/moving textures, which is…pretty standard.  Then I throw in Chimera (a noise-based synth) which happens to make some pewpew laser noises (which actually surprised even me during the listening party) and TaL Noisemaker which has a really beautiful arp preset which I stumbled upon and decided to use.  The light “pinging” sound you hear is from the Crystal patch.

After that I introduce a sine pluck and triangle pluck with some nice interplay, both with really heavy reverb since that sounds really nice on them.  After adding the cool beat (done using Slicex), I add in another drum loop on top of that for extra drum goodness, and then a “kirbysquare” lead that’s unfortunately a -bit- too loud (but still acceptable).  Then we have some chippy arps that get thrown in, and a lowpass filter before we go into…

4-on-the-floor territory!  Though not quite UNTS.  One complaint I got here was that the bass should be a bit more prominent, oh well.  There’s lots of chippy arp stuff going on here, probably like 3 layers of it, and there’s also an offbeat sub-bass going on underneath the main bass.  Then we’ve got Alchemy providing us with a nice pad sound that I’ve used countless times before.

Then onto a breakdown section, where I have a screamin TS404 lead with a bit narrower Pulse Width than I usually use, and some slight vibrato, with pulse pads in the background.  The second time around there’s a 50% (wider) square wave that joins in with a countermelody, and also more pads, including some low strings that give us a more “epic” feeling.

Then back into chorusy mode, with the new melody, and from there we outro.

I was actually super-happy with how this one turned out.  The melody lines are a bit repetitive, but I think it all came together really nicely.  Layered chippy arps are always delicious.