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if anyone’s curious (……..ehhh……well then you’re weird…but then a lot of people (awesome people included) are weird….wow i just did nested parentheses), i’ve got 22 bottle cap thingys on my headphones now (actually 26 counting the ones that are on the headphones themselves, not the cord)

someday i’ll find out what these….things….are called!!!


5 minutes later…i found out.

Finish Insert-A removable part of a blow mold to form a specific neck finish of a plastic bottle. Sometimes called “Neck Insert” or “Neck Ring.”

Neck Insert- Part of the mold assembly which forms the neck (finish). Sometimes called “Neck Ring.”

Neck Ring-See “Neck Insert”, “Finish Insert.”



if anyone has extras, gimmeee!!!!! XD

well there’s a certain technique to getting em off.  lol.


track practice causing me to get home late (not to mention making my legs hurt which is bad because we have a meet tomorrow and stuffffffff) plys physics hw being a lot more work than the past 2 days means i’ll get less sleep.  which is bad because i’m tired and i want sleeepp!!!!!

but….things are still awesome.  i’m really happy with this life, really.

oooook.  well i just practiced….like…..hella.


and well, it’s not a tone problem that i have, it’s an endurance problem.  which….is….just =swell= because that part in overture is towards the latter part.  plus it’s after the chorale section which already busts my chops.  blehhhh.  sucks.

well whatever.  more practice and i’ll uh.h………stuff.

…..track practice was ok today.

moreeee music in my library O_o

i’ll start doing statistics…the % of songs i have rated….lol maybe even a chart….wait no, i have other things to do other than make funny charts…like starting to draw kirby =p


ok well i finished downloading the second batch of 500 OCRemix songs off of bittorrent (id#500-1000), bringing my total to 1249 songs.  woww….it doesn’t even all fit in my mini ipod anymore….O_o  although that’s allright, all the good ones can fit. ^_^

(ooh, plus i still gotta add hecka ddr songs….yeeeee well that’ll be a break/summer/weekend project for sometime.  heh)

soo….right now i have 616 of the 1249 songs rated.  that’s less than half.  aaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! well only 1.5 days worth of music to listen to and rate, and i’ll be done!  wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

neways…..well i still have a disposable camera with 8 spare pictures left….hm….gonna have to use em…=somehow=….(i already took like 10 of my cubes and my room and stuffff haha)…, i’m not going to use them for stalking….i mean, that would be excessive, i mean come on!  really, now….plus, there’s the fact that -.


sooo i need to decide whether to take Calc AB next year or study on my own.  errrrgg……well also, if i don’t take it, what am i gonna take instead? O_o………my parents are all like well if you take calc ab as well as bc, that’ll be too much work and you’ll have to drop band.
me: *GLARE*
…..yeah, well screw THAT.  but my point is that if i -dont- take calc ab, i’ll still have to be dilligent and study on my own, which might not work out.  and if i -do- take it, then if i’m still dilligent, i’ll be able to get the work done easily.  sooo………..i dont see why i shouldn’t take it.  or do i?   iono anymoreee…….

well the choice other than taking both calc ab and bc is to study on my own and then aide for someone…like vettel or steffen….i seriously dunno anymore.  i guess i’ll have to ask vettel/steffen if i -can- aide, then iono.  well actually probably vettel if i wanna aide pre-calc…but then steffen is cool.  ehhhhhh FORGET IT.  not gonna think about this anymore tonight.  latterrrr…..(tomorrow i’ll have to ask.  as well as get the daily bulletin announcement out for Rubik’s Cube Club.  sure thing.)

i resent the idea of being treated as an alien. =p

uhmmm…….guess that’s all for now…i’m gonna have to be more discrete with my cubing durign physics…lol mmc complained about the noise…..see he shoulda made me sit in the back again!  haha…well maybe not.  i guess it’d be fun to sit next to the..uh…*counts*….uh….one awesome person two awesome people in the class.  but whatever.

stuff to do, stuff to do, but memories and thoughts make me happy.  and music, of course.  which reminds me, i gotta practice more this week.  ohhhh god we’re running dedicatory tomorrow, with me as the only flute, meaning i’ll die on the Cs.

okay i seriously gotta stop now.  noooooo stressage.


oh, i know.–Kirby–kirby

I want. =)

course, new cubes as well too.  and wc3.  heh.

time to also start drawing kirby for real again (meaning copying)  whoaaa maybe i’ll actually learn how to ink and then scan in my art.  haha not.

512 words ok that’s enuff.  lol.

good night.