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so…fuck.  i just woke up from a dream where I was trying to wake up from my actual bed in my dorm room, and there was a weird noise and my room (yes, the room that i was actually sleeping in, and the posters on the wall in the dim light from my monitor looked exactly as they should have) started shaking.  LIKE IN YUME NIKKI.  And then I realized that if I didn’t wake up RIGHT NOW, I would see Uboa and be taken to that hellplace.  shitt….>_<

Great I wasted like an hour of time.  On the plus side, I have some possible ideas for “what should i devote myself to over winter break” (last year it was KeyBlox).  Options include C#, Python, Unity, and XNA.

dead week IS going to be busy for me, as usual.  finals week will probably be much much more tame, as usual.

There are 4 things for japanese–the skit, final, kanji final, and interview.  None of these are particularly difficult, but still, 4 separate things is a bunch of time, haha.  I’m not sure how much time CS144 (due thursday) and CS242 (due wednesday) will take, but those are significant as well.  And of course there’s the christmas letters, which I might actually have to get done by FRIDAY, which is ridiculous and impossible.  I might just deliver one of them early, in which case I probably have something like until monday.  And then there’s actually getting them all delivered alright.  On the plus side probably one or two of the longer ones I’ll probably hold off on until next thursday or something.

What a pleasantly exhausting day…

There are days that are filled with activities that just leave me in a drained, out-of-batteries, frazzled, meek mood, but I don’t think this was one of them–probably mostly in part due to the fact that I was on my own for pretty much the whole day.

Went shopping in SF Westfield mall and spent ludicrous amounts of money.  Uhm…it’s kind of frightening.  Uhm…so my new christmas wishlist is basically just money.  I feel like I just did all of my own christmas shopping for everybody else, so I’d probably feel bad if you gave me =more= stuff as opposed to giving me money so that my wallet forgives me a little bit.

In other news, at Natalie’s urging (and because I want to look pretty, and because heck, when have I =not= turned down suggestions like these), I started to play an MMORPG called Vindictus today–it’s the “prequel” to Mabinogi.  I haven’t really gotten anywhere as I was busy doing other stuff, but I already look cute.  *instant approval*

Uhm…yeah.  But today was a success in basically so many different ways…I shopped for everything that I was looking for, and more–there’s a Maido in the mall (I had totally forgotten) so I picked up some pen refills, AND spoke to the people working there in japanese.  And I got 3 more Christmas letters done during the train commute, bringing me up to 20.  Hot damn I’m good.

Only unfortunate thing is that I left my bike at the caltrain station, so that’s going to be a hassle for me, haha.  Oh well, who cares!?  I only go to like two classes anyways…

if you’re gonna spy on me, lie to me, or do things behind my back…i mean, it’s not that terrible, but for christ’s sake, at least have the decency to make sure I don’t find out about it.


Tempted somehow to go to the afterthanksgiving sale at Sanrio, hahaha…but I probably shouldn’t; I have other things I should be doing with my time and I might want to be saving up money for other things.  I think I only want to go because I dreamed about being in a Sanrio store hahaha…


edit: lie TO me, not on me.  man i’m feeling tired…

Stanford Soundtrack

I guess I could submit something like my unreleased Ignition single (  I’d feel proud to represent electronic music in a scene where I don’t here it too much.  Though, if I were to go that route, maybe I could see if I could submit something less trance-dancey and more electronic VGRemix-y.  Or hell, I guess if I -really- wanted to go that route, I would make some chiptune music, hahaha.  Well, I’ll put it on my calendar and see what I have as the submission date nears.