Monthly Archives: November 2004

So much STUFF to do!  gaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!



Festival of Lights parade on Sunday was cool.


I ended up corrupting the ps1 memory card that me and my brother used for ALL our ps1 stuff. T_T….

yeah, it kind of sucks…but it’s not that bad…i mean, there wasn’t anything =that= important on there.  The only thing that was really worth keeping is the Final Fantasy Origins data my brother was in the middle of playing.

I don’t even remember how exactly I corrupted it, but I know it was my fault. =p  I probably did something hella dumb.


…but whatever, I’m over it now.  I think.  blehhhhhhhh…..


…too much to take care of….





-=I GOT CABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=-




excuse me while I download the internet to my hard drive.

Didn’t go shopping.  My parents were out most of the day, plus I didn’t really wanna go alone…plus I didn’t really have anything in mind to buy. =p

Updated the FHSURCS page and added a link to a page with info on myself on it.  So far the website’s turning out to be a whole load of info.  A good read if you’re bored. =)
…now I need to start getting pictures…xp

Making techno is hard….x_x…

…listening to it is much easier. XD

So uh…there goes the 2nd day of no school…and I didn’t really do anything today…athough I’m gonna watch a movie at home later tonite.  And i =did= finish most of my math homework. =p

what to do tomorrow……

Cubie Update:

-1236 total solves (11 done by Kathleen Colby, 1 done by Kenny Mendes, and 1 done by Tracy Phan)
-27 solves done in one breath
-51 days spent solving (today is 11/25)
-24.235 solves per day (average)
-best average of 10 solves: 34.225 seconds
-fastest single solve: 24.89 seconds

Went to SF today to visit relatives and have thanksgiving dinner…except I had to chop the ham and turkey into little bits so my teeth wouldn’t hurt.  Stupid braces…(got them adjusted on tuesday) x_x

Shopping tomorrow?  I dunno.  meh.

Hm…yesterday my dad was using the comp all day….=_=…

But that’s allright, I was really emo yesterday.

well, actually I was only emo last night.  But not anymore. =p

And before that, I went to a pie day with the rest of the flute section!!! mwahahaha!  Had hella fun eating some stuff and just hanging out.  Good times…except for at the end when everyone left and I was all lonely.  but meh.

ended up doing 60 solves on Cubie there, too. =p


…NO  SCHOOL!!!  bwahahhaahahaha!!!!