Monthly Archives: November 2004

So much STUFF to do!  gaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!



Festival of Lights parade on Sunday was cool.


I ended up corrupting the ps1 memory card that me and my brother used for ALL our ps1 stuff. T_T….

yeah, it kind of sucks…but it’s not that bad…i mean, there wasn’t anything =that= important on there.  The only thing that was really worth keeping is the Final Fantasy Origins data my brother was in the middle of playing.

I don’t even remember how exactly I corrupted it, but I know it was my fault. =p  I probably did something hella dumb.


…but whatever, I’m over it now.  I think.  blehhhhhhhh…..


…too much to take care of….





-=I GOT CABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=-




excuse me while I download the internet to my hard drive.

Didn’t go shopping.  My parents were out most of the day, plus I didn’t really wanna go alone…plus I didn’t really have anything in mind to buy. =p

Updated the FHSURCS page and added a link to a page with info on myself on it.  So far the website’s turning out to be a whole load of info.  A good read if you’re bored. =)
…now I need to start getting pictures…xp

Making techno is hard….x_x…

…listening to it is much easier. XD

So uh…there goes the 2nd day of no school…and I didn’t really do anything today…athough I’m gonna watch a movie at home later tonite.  And i =did= finish most of my math homework. =p

what to do tomorrow……

Cubie Update:

-1236 total solves (11 done by Kathleen Colby, 1 done by Kenny Mendes, and 1 done by Tracy Phan)
-27 solves done in one breath
-51 days spent solving (today is 11/25)
-24.235 solves per day (average)
-best average of 10 solves: 34.225 seconds
-fastest single solve: 24.89 seconds

Went to SF today to visit relatives and have thanksgiving dinner…except I had to chop the ham and turkey into little bits so my teeth wouldn’t hurt.  Stupid braces…(got them adjusted on tuesday) x_x

Shopping tomorrow?  I dunno.  meh.

Hm…yesterday my dad was using the comp all day….=_=…

But that’s allright, I was really emo yesterday.

well, actually I was only emo last night.  But not anymore. =p

And before that, I went to a pie day with the rest of the flute section!!! mwahahaha!  Had hella fun eating some stuff and just hanging out.  Good times…except for at the end when everyone left and I was all lonely.  but meh.

ended up doing 60 solves on Cubie there, too. =p


…NO  SCHOOL!!!  bwahahhaahahaha!!!!

Updated the FHSURCS page with lots of stuff. neato! =)


Broke some records.

new -unofficial- (timed using a wall clock) fastest single solve: 23 seconds
new official fastest single solve: 24.89 seconds
new official fastest average of 10: 34.225 seconds

and btw, 1049 solves.

yep.  awesome.

Crap I need to go to sleep.  And take a shower.  blehhhhhh…..

w00t!  Just came back from school.

The FHSURCS meeting went okay, I guess.  Weird how no one knows each other.

And during Lit I was cubing like crazy.  I think my average is down to around 33 seconds now that I’ve practiced and relubed Cubie.  In fact, I got a new unofficial record single fastest solve of 23 seconds!!!  Too bad I wasn’t using an official timer. =p

Hmm…I’m not feeling so emo…I mean…I still…but then…

…I’m happy. =)

Whoa.  I just realized I forgot to blog last night.  So I’m posting now…Tuesday morning! xD

heehee, people are in 1st block rite now…

…anyways, the FHSURCS meeting is today.  Fun fun fun!!  I’m bringing my whole lot of cubes. =D

(but I think I left “Crappy” in my French class yesterday. O_O yeeeeek!)

edit: nevermind, it was in my house.  phew!