Monthly Archives: November 2007

Since I already had two people ask, I was gonna put up a more general offer to look over college app essays, since apparently I’m good at doing that.  Then I realized I should have done that a week or so before, because they’re all due within the next couple of days.  Any help you’re gonna get now is gonna be of minimal use…

contrary to what you might, think, i don’t take up a stance against ALL guys as being stupid and whatnot (throw rocks at them??).  3 cheers for Chris Chang!

ah, the benefits of managing your sleep wisely are many…

I could complain about how wisdom teeth surgery (or, more accurately, the aftermath) sucked all the time out of my thanksgiving break…or I could just be satisfied with the way things ended up going anyways.

which do YOU think I’m gonna do?

Another vista fix:

If you’re getting a “connection status: unknown” “server execution failed” problem and Network and Sharing Center hangs, open up a command prompt (go to Run->command) and type in:

net localgroup Administrators localservice /add

and reboot.

cross your fingers and with luck everything should be fine.

i’m home…

as great as Stanford is, it’s so great to be back.  I’ve missed this place, of course.  Not only the people, but my house, my room, and even quaint little Eagle Drive.

Of course, there’s still a challenge in not letting this week go down the drain, but it shouldn’t be -too- hard (hopefully).

I get my wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow.  gambatteeee~

wow, I totally win.  Through some magical feats of power, I managed to get my Thermo pset done and double the length (and coherence) of my essay in the same night where i went back home to watch the band kids.  I even managed to grab breakfast in the morning, and I’m not even tired.  damn, i’m good…