Monthly Archives: November 2006

man guys…im friggin tired…i even got my nap tonight too.

WP starts tomorrow–id be excited, but i think i’ll save that for tomorrow when i’m hopefully more awake or something.

how am I supposed to know when to be unhappy?

for the past….well actually, since the beginning of senior year, and even before, i’ve been happy with my life.  I’ve always found things to complain about, because…well, there’s always things to complain about (people who live in mansions and have everything at their fingertips still complain–but instead of complaining about normal things, they complain about tennis elbow and about their personal maids)…but i’ve never actually gotten upset.  I’ve goten pissed off, and “man i -hate- you guys…i’m not even kidding this time…” but not really truly unhappy.
Part of the resaon i’ve been so happy is just because things have been so good, -but- a big part of it is actually just the fact that I don’t let anything bother me anymore.  It’s not like I don’t care, i’m just not bothered.  It’s rather cool actually.  It’s this system that me and my mind have kind of (not really) worked out…
but i was thinking about it today, and if i never let myself really get bothered–if i simply complain but never actually get upset–
how am i supposed to know when to stop taking it…how am i supposed to know when enough is enough?

or should i just go on being “happy” no matter what?

note that even though i’m using “happy” in quotes here, that doesn’t mean to say that the happiness i have is -fake-.  on the contrary, i have a lot of resaons to be happy.  its just that sometimes i’m happy, whereas i’m sure other people, when put into my shoes, would most certainly not be happy.  I wouldn’t really call it forced happiness (omg forced enthusiasm!), since…well it’s something that i consciously want, but maybe it’s not exactly natural either.  it’s weird.  i’m weird!

maybe, if i’m supposed to be unhappy, one of you guys tell me so…

hah, that always works…when you dont know how to feel, just ask someone else!


in other news, i seriously need to catch up on my sleep.  I can function just fine as is, but i can’t go into insomnia mode (i.e. i can’t do 3 hours of sleep) right now–i’ve tried recently and it hasn’t been working.  and this is a bad thing.  i need that buffer in case i ever need to pull something crazy.  soo uhm…sleep is good.

just a few highlights:

-Yahtzee at 1:11 AM in the hotel…

-“So the REAL question is, if =Kenneth= got shot, would =I= still go on?”

-i exploded on the bus. =X

-after 2 days of being with the band, i found myself muttering, “i hate you all…” and “ya jerks…” and whatnot at every single opportune moment…

-“Kenneth–I love you, man…”

-The Fog

-holy crap, these hotels are uhhh…..

-“thank god these buses don’t smell like the san diego ones…”

-“Hey, guess what, we’re kidnapping all of you–you’ll never see your families again!!!”
“YES!!!!!–…oh wait, $&^#, they’re travelling with us….”

-Clovis West’s drumline makes their band look like Teh Suck.

-“Hey, could you two pick up those water bottles?  cuz they suck.”

-Where’s Kyleeeee?

-Jane’s first time being at competition with us

-My lens =not= popping out

-Not being able to get anything done on the bus ride because of movies, so I just jammed on my pad the whole time instead…

-“The two people here on my list–you know who you are–you’re awesome…”

among other things….