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oh, so remember how tomorrow i said i have a half hour flute lesson and then foothill class?  I forgot–i actually have a ~5 hour math competition afterschool (5 hours, and like 6 problems, whooooo).  Then i get to be late to my foothill class.  I still get to see pretty hair girl, though.  tee hee.


I was digging through my files and came across a piece of writing that I did from awhile ago.  Probably my most recent attempt at creative fiction, although it’s still quite old, and looking at it now, the writing is pretty underdeveloped and things aren’t quite there.  But I thought you guys might want to see it anyways, so here it is.  You won’t =really= get what it’s about unless you’re my brother, btw.

Chapter 1: A Feeling


sighed as he walked down a long corridor. 
On his left side was a viewport that displayed a small region of space,
with stars clustered around a blue planet called Earth.  As he continued down the corridor, he
suddenly heard a young girl’s voice cry “Come back here, thief!”.  He turned and saw a small, old man run
through an adjacent hallway, being chased after a girl with red hair and a
pigtail.  They were followed shouts of
“Ranma!  You no finish date with
Shampoo!”, “Pig-tailed girl!”, and “Ranma honey, come back!”.  Timmy silently chuckled to himself and
readjusted his glasses.  Even after the
battle with the two scourges of the universe, Damian and Draygon, things were
still lively as usual in the company of the Io Squad.

brother Daniel had always been a fan of Japanese anime, so it had come as no
big surprise when he had traveled to the dimensions where anime existed to
enlist help.  Timmy, however, had always
been more of a video game/computer game person.  Maybe that was the reason why he had been down lately…

thoughts were broken as a young girl with billowing red hair came up to
him.  “Hi, A-Ko,” he said in greeting.

up, Timmy?  You seem a little…under the
weather.”  A-Ko blinked her eyes questioningly.

            “Well, I
guess it’s because I never really got the chance to meet anyone from the other
group of dimensions…”

leaned back on a wall.  “What about
Tebriel?  He’s from the Breath of Fire
universe, isn’t he?”

but…well…I guess I’ll go and talk to him…”

see me if you need anything!”  A-Ko
waved as she walked through a doorway to another section of the ship.

            As Timmy
walked through the ship, his thoughts turned to the members of the Io Squad
that had come from Earth.  They had all
been Daniel’s friends, and maybe one of them shared his passion…

an arm reached out and pulled Timmy in through an open doorway.  Startled, Timmy regained his balance and
found himself staring at a girl with long hair and Asian features.  By far the most distinct trait about this
girl, however, was that of a patch of ice, seemingly glued to the bottom of the
ice skates she was wearing.

            “What was
that for, Danielle?” Timmy demanded.


lowered his voice.  “What?”

            “Well, I
didn’t want anyone else to know this because I didn’t want them to worry…”

gently placed a hand on her shoulder. 
“You can trust me, Danielle…”

            “It’s no
big deal, really, but you see…I have this feeling…a bad one…”

            “Hold on
a minute…is this like that time when you got a feeling about Ayeka’s blender?”

remembered that incident all too well. 
Tenchi Muyo had been an average teenager until he stumbled upon a
magical sword and a demon that had been imprisoned by his ancestors.  Along the course of his adventures, he had
gained quite a few suitors, and the two prime contenders were Ryoko, a five
thousand year old demon, and Ayeka, his great aunt.  Despite the generation gap, they competed fiercely and were
always looking for ways to get at each other.

            One of
these schemes involved Ryoko rigging Ayeka’s blender to blow up in her
face.  It would have worked, but
Danielle had gotten a “feeling” and had sent Daniel to investigate.  The blender ended up exploding in Daniel’s
face, and Ryoko had had a lot of explaining to do.

gently brushed her hair with her fingers. 
“No, this feeling’s different somehow…I feel like something bad is about
to happen.”

            “But we
defeated Damian and Draygon, right?”

what’s troubling me…I don’t know what it could mean…”

            “Well, I
guess all we can do is prepare ourselves and wait, then.”


worry about it too much.”  Timmy walked
out of the room and continued on his way to Tebriel’s room.

warning, a computerized voice blared, “Timmy, please report to the bridge immediately.”

            About a
second later Timmy heard his brother’s voice in his head.  <Timmy, get over here now.  This is urgent, and there’s no time to

            “Uh-oh.”  Timmy sprinted towards the front of the
ship.  “I think I’m about to find out
what Danielle’s “feeling” was about…”




Chapter 2: The Return


            A door
slid open, and Timmy walked onto the bridge of the ship.  Daniel was in the center of the bridge, and
several other members of the Io Squad were present.

walked up to Daniel.  “What’s going on?”

picking up two unidentified objects coming our way at a high speed.  They’re changing their courses to match
ours, so we thought they might be ships, but from the energy readings, it seems
like it’s Damian and Draygon.”

            “But I

            “I know
it sounds crazy, but I’m afraid we’ll have to prepare ourselves for the
worst.”  He turned to the other
personnel.  “Get everybody on full

            As the
officers quickly scrambled to ready the ship for combat, one of the turned to
Daniel.  “They’re about to enter the
range of visual sensors.”

            “Put them

the blank screen at the front of the bridge was filled with the images of what
appeared to be Timmy and Daniel flying through space.  Upon closer inspection, however, one saw that the person who
looked like Daniel definitely had some differences.  For one thing, he was flying through space at an incredible
speed, something that Daniel could not have possibly done, and he was not
wearing glasses, as Daniel did.  The
major difference, however, was that he had a sort of evil emanating from
him.  You could almost see an aura of
darkness around him.  The differences of
the child who appeared to be Timmy were less subtle.  His hair was spiked, he was wearing black shades, and his arms
were crossed as he hurdled through space.

be here in about a minute or so.”

all vehicles and have our weapons ready to fire as soon as they come into
range.”  Daniel’s voice always seemed to
bring order to the situation.  “Timmy,
stay with me.  If they come inside the
ship, they’ll probably attack us first.”

nodded silently, waiting for the inevitable.

entering the range of our weapons.”


            A bright
flash could be seen on the screen as a powerful laser blasted the two with full
force.  As the intense light faded, the
picture resumed to showing Damian and Draygon flying ominously towards the

stared at the monitor in awe.  “A full
laser discharge, and they weren’t even hurt?”

scratched his head.  “How is this
possible?  They weren’t this powerful

            “Sir, our
fighters have engaged the enemy. 
They’re approaching 1000 meters from our position.”

screen now changed to view a variety of space fighters firing lasers at the
duo.  Damian could be seen talking to
Draygon for a minute, and Draygon raised his hand, gathering energy and
releasing a powerful discharge that blew a hole in the nearest fighter.  The craft could be seen slowly falling
towards Earth.

the…call them back!”  Daniel wiped off a
drop of sweat as he issues the order. 
He was powerless as he watched more fighters being crippled.

            “Sir, I’m
detecting a massive energy discharge from them!  It’s headed this way!  At
it’s current speed, it’ll get here in approximately five seconds!”

hands brace for impact!”


held Timmy in his arms as the countdown continued.


            There was
silence for a moment, and then the ship started to rumble.  Explosions could be heard close to the

hull breaches on decks two through six! 
Weapons have been disabled! 
Structural integrity is breaking down!”

still held Timmy in his arms.  “Try and
make a crash landing on Earth.   Maybe
we can regroup there.”

rushed into the room, giving her brothers one last look.


            There was
a bright flash of light, and Daniel’s vision faded as he plunged into




Chapter 3: Daniel


awoke, and as his vision returned he saw that he was on a very small island,
just large enough for him to lie down comfortably.  He sat up and looked in the distance, but the only thing he saw
was water and a few small outcroppings of rock jutting out of the sea.

he thought.  “First Damian and Draygon
come back, more powerful than ever, then our ship was shot down, and now I’m
stuck in the middle of nowhere.”  He
crossly pounded his fist on the ground. 
How had Damian and Draygon been revived, and why were they so
powerful?  Daniel didn’t remember himself
being like that, unless…

            He raised
his hands in front of him, as if he were holding a ball.  He focused, and a sphere of energy began to
form between his hands.  It grew larger,
until suddenly he thrust his hands forward, causing the energy to erupt in a
concentrated beam.

didn’t know I could do that before.”  
Daniel pondered this for a moment.  
“Maybe I’m not stuck out here, after all…”

stood up and closed his eyes, concentrating.

(that’s all i wrote)

oh crap, this week is busy…here’s the rundown…

reign of K continues

afterschool – flute lesson
evening – calc class at foothill (*Pretty Hair Girl! =O)

afterschool – WP snare sectional
evening – WP practice

1st block – practice duet with jessica
afterschool – WP snare sectional
evening – calc class at foothill

afterschool till 11 – Wilcox WP competition

morning – SCVMA Math Field Day competition
afternoon – CMEA Solo/Ensemble festival

morning – volunteer at Good Samaritan hospital

and I need to fit in a practice with Erica somewhere in there.  and i’ve got an essay to write by tuesday or wedesday.  and a programming assignment due tomorrow.  hehe.

The good news:
*nothing on monday!  which means sleep sleep sleep sleep….
*I’ve already done notes for Chapter 16 of Gov, so that’s one less thing to do for the weekend
*Math Field Day pretty much precludes any chance of me being able to volunteer for festival.  score!
*I grabbed a nice 5-6 hour nap today so I can stay up late and hopefully do hecka.

and so it begins…

also, have I mentioned, i @$#^@^ hate canker sores!  zilactin is expensive, but so worth it…


tee hee, i’m watching the Tenchi Muyo OVA, haven’t seen this stuff for awhile…(and i believe when i last saw it i was hearing it in english!  yeech)

I can modulate!!!!

Now I don’t know if I can actually work it into something that I’m playing and have it make sense yet, but it sure was fun, i just spent a few minutes going up the circle of fifths from C to C and then back around the other way….fun fun!!!