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As much fun as it was to head off to Stern late night for chicken tenders with hot sauce and waffle fries a little before 2AM (closing time)…it was more fun going to the Axe & Palm freshman year back when they still had breakfast sandwiches and good burgers (I can’t even remember what their burgers were like back then, but it certainly isn’t anything like they are now).

…but that’s besides the point, because neither of them are as good as turning on the stove and cooking up some chicken, scrambled egg, garlic, and rice, with some oyster sauce and other seasonings.  Too bad I’m out of mushrooms…

Also, you should see the way I crack eggs.  It’s so -me-.  hahaha…


What would the me from the high school golden era think about the me now?  A pointless thought experiment, for sure, but it’s interesting anyways.  I’ll not consider the me from before the high school golden era because…well, that’s just not interesting.  But what would Timm[ie] from back then think about me?  He’d probably be a little sad at how my letter-writing volume has fallen and how my diary has been relatively untouched, and other things like that, but he’d probably forgive me, as I -do- still keep up with my letters, despite my average falling ever-farther from the elusive 0.325 per day that I always remember having at some point.  He’d reflect on the fact that I…have drifted from my high school friends, but I think he’d understand if he knew the kinds of companionships I have with my current friends.  He’d be happy that I learned how to cry again.  Don’t know what he’d think of Sayuri, haha.  Both surprised in a weird way, but also maybe happy in another way.  He’d probably be even more entranced by the pretty-haired girls in my life than I am.

He’d listen to the music I make and beam a huge grin because man, it’s super awesome and it would be proof of the next 7 years of practice paying off in a big way.  He’d listen to me talk about social dance, and that would be intriguing because it’s not entirely obvious how that fits into my life.  He’d be happy that I’m getting my footing in pixel art, for sure, and proud of my accomplishments in LD and such.  He’d probably be happy with the job I have lined up too.

But what of my actual persona?  How much of the current “me” would he understand?  Because back then, “being Timm[ie]” was a very important thing, and I don’t actually find myself using that phrase or concept quite that much anymore.  I think back then, what it meant to “be Timm[ie]” was that all-important determination to go above and beyond, even into the realm of ridiculousness, to carry out whatever it is that I set my mind on.  While that’s still an important part of who I am, there’s also this other, angelic, soft part of me that I don’t really think existed before–or well, it existed in some form, but hadn’t really taken shape yet, at least not in the way that it has manifested itself now.  You could almost say that there was another soul that was born inside, within me, that carried this angelic softness that is such a defining part of my character now.

I don’t think the me of back then would have used “soft” as his “one adjective” to describe himself.  Back then I wasn’t really about being soft…(figures–after all, I was being loud out on the marching field, eh?  yeah…I haven’t been loud again since that time).  It was more about being determined, being true to the things that I believed in, staying strong and “happy” through it all and shrugging off all the negativity in the world.  Took a good number of years to finally wear down the suit of armor I put on at that time…


I pray sometimes.  Not in a ritualistic way or anything, but every once in a while, at random times–sometimes during awkward times; those times when normal people would try and break the awkwardness but instead because I am “soft”, I simply let it be because I am at peace with it–I will pray for the people that I am closest to.  Not because I believe in the power of my prayer or anything (though I do think it’s cool that sometimes I do get some coincidental “spiritual connections”, like the time I figured out that Kiki was in trouble), and I’m not even praying -to- anyone, but simply because it feels nice for me, to think of someone else and wish them well in that quiet way.  I am at my most natural state when I am soft, peaceful, quiet, and thinking about others, so in a way, a prayer for someone else is probably theraputic for myself.  I guess it’s like that for most people, though part of me would like to think that it’s slightly different for me.

Fanime – Day 3

Day 3 (Sunday) was wholly and completely different from the other two…

Started off with me getting to the con and then calling people to see who I could meet up with…and I managed to get a hold of Annie!  So I met her and Lydia (who I only knew before as “that girl who comments on Annie’s pictures) and Annie’s brother and after some photos we went to Hydration for some boba, randomly meeting up with Alex along the way (who later realized that he had forgotten about his laundry).  This was the first time I had seen Annie in a whole year, so it was really nice to see her again ^.^

On the way back I ran into the Shia cosplayer that I remember from the past 2 years, so I took a picture with her–so cool!  Course, her costume looks better than mine, but….it’s okay~ xD

We then split up as they went to go through Artist’s Alley while I went to go pick up my earbuds from Kotaro’s room since I had accidentally left them there the night before.  On the way I ran into Kat!~  That was a pleasant surprise, especially because we didn’t really have each others’ contact info so I had no way of finding out where the heck she was…

Anyhow, after retrieving my earbuds, I went back down and tried to meet up with Ray at the Arcade, but didn’t find him.  Instead I played a little TAP, and got an awesome doubles mode clear with Alex which left us both with tingling hands and an adrenaline rush.  Our clear time was 4:24:73, which puts us in 7th place on TC!

Kat wanted to hang out again (yay!~

I also managed to catch Annie and Lydia as they took off and left the con, and then we split up as Kat went off to try and find Xavier while I went to go pee (yay restroom awkwardness).  Tried finding Erica and Amy (again) to no avail (though I saw a bunch of other fanimaid people), and then just went back to the Arcade again for some more TAP I think.  I think around this time I realized that my camera was broken from when it slipped out of my pocket earlier (my cosplay’s pockets were useful, but not that great…I needed to make them a little deeper/close it off a little more so things don’t slip out when you sit down and such).  Luckily I managed to fix it, though the flash doesn’t pop up automatically anymore (minor, minor inconvenience).  Found Ray and we got some doubles in…oh, I forgot to mention that I ran into Ming-Sum at some point, I think yesterday or something? (starting to all blur together)

At some point when I was at the TAP machine Inteluctable_Entropy came up and introduced herself and I was like oh hey I remember you from the last TC meet we had I think!  So we started playing some doubles, and on our -third try- we managed a clear that felt really great, and even cleared the staff credits as well! (ridiculous!)  So that was super-duper awesome.  After that me and Alex played some death mode…ahh, the piece sounds of two people playing death mode at the same time just like, makes me ridiculously happy.  We ended up both hitting M (and both dying shortly after), so that was cool!

Afterwards we took the lightrail to japantown to get something to eat (ran into wesley on the way out of the con)…only realizing later on that I didn’t have a VTA pass (….oops.).  I should also mention that as we were heading out of the con, a rover actually came up to me and asked whether my rod was peacebonded and I was like “uhhhhhhh” because the thought hadn’t even occurred to me at all that I had needed peacebonding for my “weapon” (whoops).  So I was like oh okay I’ll go get it peacebonded….but actually I didn’t because I was heading out of the con anyways xD.  We met up with Chopin there and I had some yummy katsu curry, yay.  Headed back to the con, where I finished things out by playing a whole bunch more doubles mode (like 10 games or something crazy like that) with Inteluctable_Entropy.  No more clears, unfortunately (we got a nice 2xx/2xx in our last attempt), but we had some really nice moments where it felt like we were totally in sync…and then someone (like me) would misdrop horribly and screw us both over…I remember a =horrible= I misdrop I did that cut off like the entire bottom 3/4ths of the stack or something (NOOO T_T T_T orz).  Or I’d be rude and place crap on the other side…yeah, I gotta stop doing that >_<  Or sometimes I feel like I just got bad pieces, dunno.  It’s hard when you get to the faster speeds, because if you get a piece that doesn’t really work with your side of the screen, there’s no easy way to deal with it without screwing your partner over.

In any case, it felt really great to get so much doubles experience in one day (not to mention two awesome clears)–I feel like I’m beginning to understand the mode a bit better, but I also feel like there’s a lot that I still have to learn about it to be a better partner…orz

And that was it!  A wonderful day 3, which, again, was totally different from the other two, since it was full of nothing -but- hanging out with other people (plus, lots of TAP xD  Though, I never got to try cement mode with Alex, d’oh!).  Yay…

And yes, no day 4 for me…I’m busy trying to return to reality and catch up on…well, everything.  ugh.

I get the feeling that I’ll know when I meet the someone just for me, out there.  Or, maybe I won’t -know-, but I’ll at least be drawn towards them.  And no, I don’t just mean because they’ll have pretty hair (though we’re all pretty sure that will be part of it…).  I just mean that I’ve been drawn in a special way to people like Kiki and my oneechan, and I get the feeling that I’ll probably have that “connection” with that person too.  I hesitate to call it “chemistry” because to me that word entails something “bubbling up”, as in something “concocting”, when really it’s just that we’re drawn to each other in a warm way.  Not drawn to each other like magnets, but drawn to each other in that we both see each other “brightly”.

Anyhow, if that’s true, it’s just a question of whether that person actually exists……..

Playing TAP doubles today made me realize just how much I still have to learn about TGM, somehow. Like, I don’t know…it’s not that I suck or anything, it’s just, that feeling like when you watch a really great player play and you go “wow, such strong play…” and it really opens your eyes. I got that kind of feeling today.

Maybe it’s because in Doubles, I really don’t want to let my partner down, so I feel this certain motivation to really know what the hell I’m doing ^^;


One of my favorite games of all time.  I’d probably take TGM over it, but it might even come in second.  I’m watching a TAS video of it and it brings back so many memories…I definitely want to do another playthrough someday.

I can remember it so clearly…my brother woke me up during winter vacation and told me to come try this new game that he found.  It started so inconspicuously!  Then after the nonsense that was the first screen, we went to the upper route first, and we proceeded to Mike Tyson, the very first boss we encountered….ah man…such good times.

It’s interesting to note that the first time I heard “The Moon” from Ducktales (one of the best classic NES songs of all time) was probably in IWBTG, as the song that plays during the railcar section after you’ve beaten all the bosses and are on your way to the castle of The Guy.  It was a fittingly epic tune.

IWBTFG was of a similar caliber, though somewhat different in flavor and character.  A little easier, but then again I played both on their easiest difficulty settings…(yeah, that’s right, a game that even I play on the easy modes…)

Fanime – Day 2

Oh!  I forgot to mention my crowning achievement of yesterday (Day 1 of Fanime): I performed a clutch synchro move during my TAP master mode run–it required a simultaneous press of right and A at the same frame (1/60th of a second), and I did it!  And went on to get my Master mode clear :)

Hoookay.  So, Day 2.  Today was Shopping Day!  Unfortunately, I spent more money than I intended to. -_-  On the plus side, I didn’t make it to swap meet (dat LINE) at all, so I’m pretty sure this year wasn’t really that big of a hit to my wallet compared to last year.  …I hope.  I’m not staying overnight at hotel at all this year, so hopefully that saves me some good money too.

The really good part is that this year pretty much all of the loot I got was =good= loot.  Unfortunately it wasn’t quite like last year since…no swap meet, so no super-neat finds like that one lady who had all the Little Twin Stars stuff (I hope she wasn’t there again this year…that would mean that I really missed out T_T).  But I got Di Gi Charat stuff, Pita-Ten stuff (!), even a Shakugan no Shana folder.  And a bunch of pixel art stuff, including a whole set of Super Mario Kart sprites!

I also got to see Amy perform for FaniMaid live!  Yay Amy!~

So that was cool.  Took a whiiiiile though, so afterwards I wanted to just plop down in Kotaro’s hotel room (which he graciously allowed me to use as a sort of home base during the day even though I wasn’t staying overnight).  I did so and played some Lone Survivor (one of the many, many games I’ve been meaning to get around to).  At around 4PM, ish, I started getting really hungry to I left to go scrounge for food.  If I had had more time to prep, I might have already scoped out a place beforehand, but I hadn’t (I was doing cosplay repairs in the morning), so I was basically just wandering a bit in hope of finding something.  Luckily I found a subway pretty close to the con, so I was pretty happy about that.  Not the greatest thing, maybe, but familiar, convenient, easy, and portable.  I grabbed a footlong and ate half of it then, half of it later.

Then spent some time chilling with Azura as we attempted to do some sort of collab in FL studio, despite me not having time to really properly setup my FL environment on my laptop.  I put a little something down quickly and then handed it off to him, and while he worked on it I wrote two belated birthday letters (yep, playing catchup now)…

After that, I went to go find Kio, who was busy with cosplay photos doing shoots and stuff (not surprising!).  So I said a quick hi to her and then she ran off to do more photos.  At this point I phoned my ride and played 2 games of Death (one of them ended at 4xx, the other not so well) before heading out.

Not a bad day, really…most of it was spent shopping (successfully), and I played a good amount of Lone Survivor, so that’s not bad.  I =completely forgot= that I was supposed to meet up with Annie–luckily she’s coming tomorrow too, so I’ll get to see her still, but I could have at least kept her some company in the prereg line at least =X.  Oh!  I also ran into Kat twice, so that was nice ^.^;


Anyways, tomorrow will be me trying to run around and catch Erica, Annie, Amy, Ray, and maybe Kat again?  Plus maybe another attempt at doubles with Kitaru?  Plus just more TAP in general.  And maybe I’ll take some more general con photos…I haven’t really taken that many at all (doesn’t help that even though my cosplay is fairly comfortable, I have a rod to carry around).  There was a Kefka cosplay that I got a photo of, which was pretty awesome (though not as awesome as this guy).

Overall Fanime has just had a really different feel to it every single year I’ve been.  First time I went I only went one day and it was basically just a shopping trip…next time was the first time I cosplayed and I had a whole group/contingent that I went around with…then last year it just felt busy and disorganized; this year my cosplay is much more comfortable, and looks great and I’m really proud of it, but somehow I don’t have that much to do; I think because I don’t really have “hang-out” friends at the event this time around.  Also this year I’m beginning to associate Fanime with this weird smell that I don’t remember from past years, lol.

In any case…I might not be sticking around for -too- long tomorrow–the sooner I can get back to reality the better; I’ve got lots of stuff to catch up on.

Fanime – Day 1

So, we’re done with Day 1 of Fanime.  pheeeeeeeewwwwwwwffff.

I was going to go to Day 0 to pick up my badge, and also to check out the swap meet, but after hearing about everything that was going wrong with registration and everything, there was really no way I was going to go there (I probably wouldn’t have had any success at all, though maybe I would have gotten to see the swap meet).  Plus, I needed more time to finish my costume.

…which, ended up getting done!  Pretty last-minute T_T.  I actually finished everything finally at like 9AM of Day 1.  So, yeah.  Lots of work.

Day 1 consisted of…mostly just waiting in line for prereg.  uhm…yeah.  To be honest, it actually didn’t seem THAT horrible, for some reason.  I don’t know, maybe it’s because I seem to remember last year and the year before also having pretty long lines.  Nevertheless, it was a pretty long time spent in line…I listened to the entire FX4 soundtrack and that was like maybe one third of the wait time.  Wow, I was probably in line for 3 hours.  Spent a good portion of that idly playing Zenonia 4, and another portion of it trying to make something with LSDJ, lol.  I had a mild panic attack as I finally reached preregistration because I realized I hadn’t printed out any confirmation or anything–all I had was my driver’s license for ID (funnily enough, the guy had to doublecheck for a minute or two because of how…different I looked ;P).  I reasoned that if push came to shove, I could borrow someone’s iPhone (there was a nice lady behind me in the line who had one) and login to show them my confirmation.  It ended up being totally okay though *phew*  Also, I was SO glad that I decided not to bring my laptop–lugging that around in line for 3 hours would not have been fun at all.

And then…finally, I was done!  Done with the lines!!! (except not really–more on that later)

After that I went off to the arcade.  I didn’t hit Dealer’s Hall or Artist’s Alley because I probably wouldn’t have enough time to go through them properly, so I just decide to chill until going off to the Swap Meet.  I met Kitaru and Azura, and had a few games of TAP, since that was there again (hooray!).  I beat Kitaru’s high score for the day in Master mode with a super-painful game where I kept misdropping every time I was about to finally clear through all of the garbage, which must have meant he wasn’t really doing so well either.  We also had a really freaking close doubles game where we got to 300/299 and I got the right piece to get the line clear, but just couldn’t maneuver it into place =(  I also tried Item mode for the lulz.  My biggest “accomplishment” of the day was getting Gold RO on that Master run, hahaha.  Oh man…my finesse is terrible.

There were Sanrio plushies in the UFO catcher game at the arcade; I was so tempted to try at it…except it looked super-impossible.  Sigh.

One person recognized me as Shia at the con!  That made me happy.  That’s the thing about cosplaying as a more obscure character–almost nobody really recognizes you, but when they do, it’s like “Oh!  You’re so-and-so!” as opposed to “okay, -another- Naruto, got it”.

After that me and Azura headed to the Swap Meet, which we had a small amount of difficulty finding…and then we saw that, unlike most years where the Swap Meet is just an open event in the Arcade, this year it was in the Fairmont and apparently there was a huge line for it.  Uhm.  Yeah.  I actually -might- have considered waiting for it, but I was planning on leaving at around 8:30 anyways and hightailing it back here for Friday Night Waltz (in costume!).  So I saw the line and I was like “okay, lol.  This is never gonna work”.  I was sort of sad because that was my best chance at picking up cool stuff for cheap (what I got last year was =awesome=…a bunch of little twin stars stuff and di gi charat stuff and everything), but I reasoned to myself that I’m trying to save money for my Japan-HK trip anyways, so it really wasn’t the end of the world.  Plus, you know, I wasn’t too thrilled with the idea of another long line anyways.

Speaking of which, yeah, that was the theme today–LineCon.  Me and Azura joked about how ridiculous it was, and after we saw that Swap Meet had a long line this year, I started speculating about possible ridiculous scenarios where other con events would have lines.  What if Dealer’s Hall had long lines to get in?  What if Artist’s Alley had long lines to get in?? (even more ridiculous)  Some of the more ridiculous ones: What if panels had lines to get in?  What if you had to line up to -host your own panel-?  What if you had to line up to see Stage Zero???  What if you had to line up to get OUT of the con?? xDDD

After that bust, I found some of my friends who were in the midst of the prereg line (which somehow had gotten EVEN LONGER by this time T_T), said hi, and then we went back to the Arcade and I chilled a bit (had another master mode run where I died at 998, great lol), and then I took off.

FNW was fun!  Aside from the fact that my costume was having some minor malfunctions (the two safety pins I had on hand were a lifesaver), it felt really wonderful to wear it while dancing…I might just do it again randomly–that’s how awesome it was.  It was a totally different feeling!

I also called my first Ceili Polka Set ever, which was cool :)  I’ve always sort of thought I could pull it off, but never actually tried it until I was just put on the spot and designated as the caller.  It was fun!!  I might try doing it again–though before I do I’d want to go over some of the more complicated figures in my head (anglosaxon square, etc) and just remember everything that’s normally called.

After that, I just came back and vegg’d for a while.  I still have to do costume repairs, which I think I will save for the morning =(  I will probably be bringing my laptop tomorrow, so I will have to try and pack super-light to make up for it.  Or just try to spend minimal time moving around, aside from going through dealer’s hall and artists alley.  Which makes sense because I don’t have that much else planned for the con anyways.  No going to B&W ball this year because let’s face it, it’s not -nearly- as fun as any of the dance events I’m used to, and no going to the dance/rave this year because there’s no glowsticks allowed (for the weird reason of spillage cleanup…o_o).