Monthly Archives: July 2006

aaaand there are officially 1,256 post-it notes on my wall.  that’s right.  one thousand two hundred fifty-six post-it notes.
meaning kenneth wins…$1.26!…pretty sweet.

join me next time for more ideas to waste away what little summer you have left…

i dont feel as bad now since that documentary wasn’t cubefreak, it was just some other random….thingy.  they said they do mention me in it, though!  whooaaaaa  weirdos

oh.  yeah.  I’m back!!!!  finnnalllyyyy

uhhhhhh i took a very indifferent attitude with me to camp, so there’s not much to say about it here.
although i will say that it’s reallly great to be able to listen to some -real- music after being forced to listen to those evaluation pieces, and marches, over and over and over and over and over again.  gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

i’m going to tally the post-it notes soon, although, kenneth was supposed to enter too

facebook message:

“Are you the Timothy Wong that speedcubes? If so….my name is Sachi
Schuricht. I’m working with an independent film company called West
Side Filmworks ( out of Berkeley, CA. I’m working with
3 other students along with Academy Award winning documentarians to
create a documentary about speedcubing. I’m wondering if you would be
willing to appear in the documentary…maybe we could interview you? We
need to film all of our interviews before July 12th, so if you’re out
of town or unavailable, an interview will not be possible. If you ARE
available and willing, please send me an email
( and let me know when you’re available.
We’re perfectly willing to drive to Sunnyvale or meet you somewhere
else. Hope to hear from you soon! If you aren’t the speedcuber, just
ignore this message.”

dammit.  i just got this and it’s july 26th.
well there goes my shot at being in a documentary.  lol.

I’m off to DM camp.  so in the four days that I’m gone…

The post-it challenge.

View 1

View 2

-tell your friends! (cash prize available!***)
-attempt to guess how many post-it notes are on my wall (the entirety of the post-it note grid and chain are shown in the pictures).
-post your guess as a comment…
-this includes all the post it notes.  meaning all the ones on the really big chain + all the scattered ones.
-i’m not doing anything to stop you from enlarging the picture and trying to do it that way…buttt…that sorta takes the fun out of it.  not to mention the pictures aren’t =that= high quality.
-i’d give you the size of each post-it, but you can just tell that from the scattered ones.  they’re all the same size.
-the chain isn’t exactly end-to-end–there’s a good deal of overlap.
-deadline for entries is…whenever i get back.  or whenever enough people enter.
-winner is whoever guesses closest to the actual amount (i’ll count em twice)
-winner gets…an imaginary cookie, and 1/10th of a cent* for each post-it that’s actually on there.**
*subject to income tax **restrictions apply

Let the contest begin!