Monthly Archives: April 2005

first, vagueness.
…you’re wrong.

next, cmea.
uhm…cool!  lol….ok it wasn’t fantastic…but we did what we
were supposed to, and did…pretty darn good as far as I’m
concerned.  Yeah, ok, i myself did crappy…*sigh*, and
sightreading, well, poo.  but still…whatever.  we
rock.  period.

then, new phone!
(uh oh…i have a phone…=p)
yay!…now maybe i can actually talk to ppl like…more often….lol.
plus, get this…I think I figured how to get it to stop beeping! (it used to beep, even in silent mode O_o)

uhhh….later, ppl.  got stuff to do….well maybe not.  eh, we’ll see.

allright.  here comes a post with actual content (you’re welcome. =p)

soo…after a slightly discomforting thing that i blew out of
proportion in my mind… (…ok the “content” part hasn’t actually
started yet…)

…tonight was pep band for the powderpuff football game…yeah
juniors+freshman won, which…is great?  iono, i’m a sophomore in
junior classes with…the senior thing.  so i didnt really know
who to root for.  lol.
But anyways, that really didn’t matter.  The point is, it
was….fun!  ^_^  yeah…and I was wearing 7 layers and i was
still freezing cold.  yeeek!  but yeah….brings back
memories from marching band season….*sniff*…

and then yeah, a bunch of awesome people wanted to go out somewhere,
and hey, they even invited me to come! (well kinda)  only, that’s
when my parents showed up.  I didn’t even really have to bother
asking…actually that’s why I never ask, because the answer’s always
the same. (no, if you haven’t figured that out by now). 
*sigh*…and this time i actually did wanna go…well i’ll be ok here
at home…heck maybe even more than ok *wink*

…but it kinda makes me
wonder why the heck my parents even care?  I mean…if you don’t
know, when it comes to overprotection, my mom’s not some ordinary asian
mom…she’s an extraordinary
asian mom.  but why?  Is it really so important to them that
I “go to bed early”? (it’s not even going to bed early because i’ll
come home and probably not sleep until 12 anyways…although tonight
that could be different, i guess.)  Or do they just want to ensure
that I never have a social life outside of school?  I can’t think
of any other reasons.

On a brighter note, 4 new cell phones came today! =D
They’re the same model as that new phone we tried out waaay back last semester..the video phone one…
I remember back then I tried to record a solve on the video, but it
stopped recording at like 30 secs so I couldn’t get a whole solve
in…but now I’m faster. =)
but then again…i’m worried….me armed with a phone?  that could be dangerous….

but back to the not-so-bright topic.
the depressing part is, my mom might actually have been right about the whole attachment thing (not that I cared at the time).
And along those lines, apologies to everyone (well, almost everyone) on
my awesome list for gushing so often.  i’m not sure, but i know
it’s probably annoying after a while.  but w/e.

*sigh*…see, other ppl, they want a car + a liscense so they can drive
places.  me?  I wouldn’t be able to drive anywhere.  And
that’s not just because I’m a dumbhead and don’t even know how to get
to school.

so tomorrow is cmea…i think i’ll pull out the good flute…ju–…
….oh CRAP.  well i left my music in the band room.  =swell=.
wait….yeah, well it was my binder and my folder together…my folder
has my number on it and my binder has my -name- on it, so i guess i
shouldn’t be that worried….but wait, then why didn’t anyone tell me
today? (cuz concert band was in the room…and well, i left it under my
chair)  well…ok i guess they were busy today.  *sigh*…
ok, just means i’ll have to be early tomorrow.
….so as i was saying, i think i’ll pull out the good flute, since
i’ve actually been practicing on it…well, not as much as i would
like, but whatever…
guh, i left my music there!  whyy??…..
… *destressify*

aherm…well………i guess this has been a pretty long post.  whee!


edit: sorry to be vague yet again…but…this seems alllll so surreal.
O_o….not just like one or two things, but pretty much everything that
happened today.  Like I’ll wake up tomorrow, and…I won’t
remember any of this stuff happening.  egh?
sleep.  and talking to awesome people.  sounds reaaaall good right about now.

oh jeez, for crying out loud…me plus links to photo albums is -not- a good combination.  omg ahhhhh…

*gets up*
on a totally unrelated note, the track meet was pretty cool.  did
hecka good (relatively speaking, of course) in triple and 200m,
actually not too bad in long.  although it might be due to crappy
measuring again…lol.  in any case, that was that, and uh….well

physics hw needs to die.  but we all aready knew that, didn’t we?

i =will= practice tonight.  just you wait.

oh.  right.  *dies*

sooooo what’s happened so far today?

-liz got a haircut!  =O  omg….but…I admit, actually it does look really good. ^_^;  haha…makes her look more “kawaiian”…*wink*
i still <3 long hair tho.  heehee……..
-being happy.
-uhm….actually not much other than that.  lol.

sooooo what’s gonna happen later?

-track meet.
-physics hw. (uhg.)
-relubing sparklette for isabelle. =D
-more being happy.


still need to go to bed earlier, as usual. =p