Monthly Archives: February 2010

I haven’t blogged in TWO WHOLE DAYS. gasp. Well, two days is not that long, yet it feels like I haven’t blogged in forever. Odd how that happens, yet when I feel like I haven’t written in my diary in forever, it really is true (I write like twice or three times a month now, which is pretty fail by Timm[ie] standards).

Anyhoo, I’ve been continuing the timelining of my activities this week. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of results show up at the end. I might draw up some pictures or something to get a more graphical depiction of how much time i spend on games/how much time i spend on work/how much time i spend writing letters/etc.

We’re getting to the last few weeks of the quarter and my heart is growing a little doki-doki. I also hope I can take care of all the schoolwork of course, but that’s completely and totally secondary to the actual important things I need to do.


new background. This one from Hayate no Gotoku. I think it fits a little well, since it’s been raining occasionally recently and because Hayate has this tendency to be cutesy-girly sometimes (though in his case it’s to his chagrin). And the tagline is sweet, of course: “I will always be with you…”

This also points out something I’ve been thinking about recently, which is how when I think of romantic things, in my mind it always seems to be guys doing things for girls who are cutesy and vulnerable, etc. And you know, that’s all very nice and all–in fact, I really like doing those sorts of things, which is why I do them ALL the time *nod nod* (just think of my letters).
But you see, I really want to indulge my girl side sometimes–now more than ever, it seems–and my girl side really wants someone to do these kinds of things for -her-. Except it can’t be a boy because my girl side is also (somewhat contradictorarily (lol that’s totally a word)) somewhat repulsed by boys.

Really I just want some girl to sweep me off my feet and hold me tight~

I wonder if this is something that’s unique to my girl side, or if all guys secretly have these kinds of desires?

I also just had the scariest thought–such a girl would have similarities to my mother, because the only one who cares about me in that overbearing way is my mother. Oh-god-this-can’t-be-true.

Indie Development

My solution is probably: do everything myself, because I’m that cool. =P I can do coding, yes. I can do music, yep! Sound effects? Got that too! Art? Yep! I didn’t really even try until recently, but I can do pixel art too. Whee!~

The only thing I haven’t really done is anything 3D. but that’s okay because probably none of my indie games will ever be 3D. muahahaha.

Silly String Players…

String instruments are weird. I mean not really, but to a wind+piano+percussion player, they’re just so totally foreign. I was having a discussion yesterday and argued that I thought it would probably be easier to regain violin technique after not practicing for a while than it is to regain embouchure strength after not practicing a wind instrument for a while. I thought of a lot of analogies that seem to support my case, but nothing that really proves it.

I don’t know if I’d ever learn a string instrument. Though I’d probably NEVER learn a brass instrument. I’d probably go for cello, just because it’s pretty kickass and because violin would remind me way too much of flute, which is a bad thing. I don’t know though–they’re weird. I think I’m going to continue being in love with the clarinet for a while.

Something interesting is that my love for the clarinet might be deeply rooted in my fondness for video game chiptunes–clarinets sound closest to triangle waves and square waves, which were really common in those chiptunes back then.

Crunch time

Gahhhhhhh! It seems like I’ve suddenly become just as busy as everyone else is these days. I’m not sure how it happened, but over the past 15 minutes I’ve realized how much stuff I have looming over me. Ugghhhh. No good! I’m sure I’ll still be fine, and as always I’ll still have time for friends, but it just means I’m gonna have to work a little bit harder and be a little less lazy. I can do it!

Of course, I’m writing this at 7:40 AM…and I haven’t slept yet…

About an hour ago I went down to the post office to mail out two letters to people who I haven’t really heard from in years. One of them isn’t really even a friend. I’m crazy…it makes me proud, because this is exactly the kind of thing that makes me who I am, but at the same time, I actually feel a little frightened–even I feel a little uneasy that I’m actually going this far.

Also, just to make sure I really do it–I’m going to timeline my week next week, one way or another.

I’m probably going to be ditching class a lot more often during the coming weeks. Except…maybe not. Because I also need to get some letters written, and class is a good way to ensure that that gets done. Bleahhhhh.

What is it with parents and the argument that they know their child better than he/she knows themself? I really don’t get it. If I become a parent, will I ever think that way? It seems completely irrational…I mean, I would wager some of my friends already know more about me than my parents do. How is it possible, really!?