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After overhearing another conversation about MMOs, I think back upon the terribly, TERRIBLY one-sided “pros vs cons” discussion we had in our CS181 class (I should have weighed in vehemently, but didn’t…).

One of the given cons: “they’re addictive.

One of the given pros: “at -least- you’re interacting with other people.”

For the record, I must state the two following things: I consider addictiveness in games to be a good thing.  I VALUE it.  And in regards to the other one, can you not even comprehend the value that there is in single-player games?  ARRGgghhhh…..

really should have shown them a piece of my mind.

Sanae Furukawa

Maybe -she- would probably do well as an “ideal romantic partner”.  You know, besides the fact that she’s married and a mother and stuff (would you guess it from looking at her?).  She’s motherly, caring, yet quietly and softly so (unlike -someone- we know).  And she has a cutesy side too!  She even has gorgeous hair, with an adorable hair ribbon and that half-ponytail style that I just die for.

She’s even good at cosplay!

I guess the only other downside is that bread of hers…

Serious Sam 3

Serious Sam 3 looks…well, I have mixed feelings as to how it looks.  I don’t know if I’ll like it as much as The First Encounter, or The Second Encounter.  My god, those were fun games.  But Serious Sam 3 actually looks too gory, which is kind of a weird concept given that the whole concept of Serious Sam is to mow down hordes (like, literally, hundreds) of monsters at a time.  But the fact that they blow into fleshy chunks and that you can slice them into bits with a hammer and even pull the gnarr’s eye out…well, it just seems to be in bad taste.  It’s not very doom-like, in other words.  Not cartoony enough.  And good god, this game looks way too much like gears of war and call of duty and [insert other AAA warfare game here].  Yeah, the concepts is different (no cover!), and I’m rest assured that the gameplay is probably different too (weird that they added reloading…), but can we make the look and feel different too?

…actually, it’s not -all- bad.  The environments still look pretty colorful, for the most part (not all).  So there’s still hope.

Well, I’ll probably have fun with it anyways, because it is serious sam after all.  But it’s really quite disturbing to see these kinds of trends expand to Serious Sam.  =/  I think to me Serious Sam is not supposed to be about “ARRRR RAGEEEE” but rather just cartoony ridiculousness of one guy standing against 200 enemies and making big explosions to deal with it.  And those explosions should be bright, flashy, and colorful, because that’s fun!  Not smokey, realistic, and introducing temporary hearing loss.  That’s not fun.


Humans are really, really bad at effecting change on a large scale.  Any change in your life that you wish to make must be decomposed into its smallest possible discrete decision bits, so that they become comprehensible and achievable to your present-oriented mind.

It’s something we programmers have known for a long time.

I noticed the other day that the person I was talking with listening to wasn’t looking at me when they were talking.  I might be becoming even more observant of people, such that I can consciously think about the way they’re speaking and the way they’re acting separately from what they’re actually trying to communicate to me.  Perhaps that’s what you’re enabled to do when you’re not busy thinking about what you’re going to say in response.  In any case, I wanted to make some conjectures, but right now I don’t have enough data–I haven’t noticed too often whether other people look at me in the eye or not.  Which makes sense because -I’m- always averting my eyes anyhow.  But that says something about us.

There was a thing in the newspaper about Steve Jobs recently and the closing lesson was “Life is short.  Don’t settle.”  Which is funny because my response to that would be “Life is short.  Learn to settle.”

You can’t live live awaiting the next big break, because there will never* be a big break.  I can’t say “oh I’ll finish Quasarian when I have time” because “when I have time” will never come.  Actually, finishing Quasarian is quite more important than it might seem at first, given that the indie “dream” is something that I’d like to get a -taste- of, to see whether I have any aspirations for “living the dream”.

*insert obligatory disclaimer here