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Food Coma

Food coma sucks.  It’s probably one of my biggest sources of lost productivity.

Therefore, I should try to:
-Never eat big meals
-Snack a lot more

Also, to avoid general tiredness, I should keep hydrated, especially before naps.

In the event that I -do- feel the onset of that food coma, I should just go and take a walk and stretch out, instead of trying to sleep it off (never really works out too well).

Or maybe I’ll start posting right away…

I don’t understand how people can treat their possessions so badly!

I think every single one of the gaming controllers/peripherals I own is in near-pristine condition.  The absolute worst is my DS (I’ve taken it -everywhere-) and even then, the worst is that the R key is a little squeaky and the touchscreen has some minor scratches (i mean, =minor= scratches), and there’s a little bit of dust underneath the screen (which is normal), and the stylus pops out too easily (but that’s only because I’m always popping it in and out out of habit).

Now, I use -other- people’s controllers and such, and they’re in terrible shape–they’re dirty, they’re sticky, they’ve got analog sticks that are wobbly or without the right amount of tension…
I don’t get it.  I probably use these things at least TEN TIMES as much as anybody else, but mine are almost good as new.  What the hell do other people do, throw them around and use them as spatulas???

This came up because I just noticed that out of my cds, the only ones that have scratches on them are the ones I’ve lent out to people.  graaahh!

Also, don’t even get me started on people being messy.  Almost no one around here has a neat or clean room.  There are even people who “pretend” they’re neat but in actuality they’re far from it.  Hm…reminds me of Catcher in the Rye…

Monitors and laptop screens is another good example.  I only clean my screen(s) every once in awhile, usually when i move my computer back and forth from college, but my screen is sooo much cleaner than anyone else’s.  It’s probably because everybody just goes around touching their screens.  You’re NOT supposed to do that!  LCDs aren’t like CRTs–it’s not like the screen on your phone or DS…

I took many breaks while writing this post.

edit: I forgot to point out, I don’t actually take that much care in cleaning my screens either.  I just use regular water, which technically you’re not supposed to use…

On a related note, it’d be nice if I could have some new microfiber cloth thingamajigs for cleaning screens/lenses/glasses/etc…the ones I have right now are all pretty dirty and used….

Poll: Avatar change

I’m considering changing my universal avatar image to one of Fate Testarossa, since I absolutely adore her so much!  And because her personality might be closer to mine.  This is a fairly big deal since I’ve used my old sasami avatar for awhile now and I use it for EVERYTHING.

So, vote:




background info:
Sasami Masaki Jurai
Fate Testarossa

I guess the new one is in higher resolution anyways, so that’s a plus.

I think that’s the best pic of Fate that I have (for an avatar, anyways).  Possible alternatives:

edit: let’s see how much attention this post will get on FB.

also, this is by no means an indication that I’m returning to the blogosphere =(.  RSI seems a little better tho =D