Note to self: detuned square waves make a good chord stab sound.  Same as detuned saw waves, but you don’t need a filter envelope on it.

Writing this was pretty damn awesome.  It’s a remix of the main themes from the title screen and first level of the indie game I’ve been working on.  I used a multiband compressor on the layered snare to give it a lot of beef and meat–first time I ever tried that.  I learned the technique from one of Flexstyle’s project files for the FL Studio Remix Gauntlet at OCR and I don’t even quite remember how it’s supposed to be done, but I just gave it a whirl and I was really happy with how it turned out, so yay!

The song just evolved naturally.  Yes, I was doing some planning, but it was all spur-of-the-moment planning, as in “okay, what should I do next?  maybe……this?”  and of course, it all just worked.  You just kind of have this sort of intuition for what might work well for a song in terms of what direction it wants to go, and then you just make it work.  It’s pretty awesome.  Drums here are pretty awesome, I feel like this is definitely a step up from anything else I’ve done in terms of beefy drum work.

Anyways, the detuned square waves come in at the last section of the song.  Pretty cool, right?

Whole thing, made in 3.5 hours, pretty much.  Making music is exhilarating.  I mean, I MADE this.  Jeez!  Like…yeah…..


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