Perhaps the saddest thing about the new schedule that I have ever since leaving school is that it’s so much harder to just spontaneously decide to create my music and art.  Being -limited- in the days and times in which you can express your creativity, emotions, ideas, and also just songs that seem to “speak” to you is just…I didn’t think about it this way before, but it sucks!  Music isn’t something that I can just “slot out” time for and say “okay, I’m going to start a new song on Wednesday night”.  Well, okay, actually, I do that every Thursday night for OHC, but that’s besides the point.  So many of my good songs were just made because I randomly decided to start making music because I had free time and it was nighttime, and then 3 hours later I had a song.  I guess that’s still -somewhat- possible, but…


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