Project love: 27% complete.

Emotions running rampant today.  Good, bad, neither good or bad, wanting to cry for sadness, happiness, music, anything, everything, jeez.  My body is simply a conduit for my emotions, for my music…oh my god, the music was flowing through me this weekend, and I was just amazed…I didn’t even, just, it was so good, ridiculously good, and it’s not just formulaic either, because it’s different from my normal style.

I’m so frustrated with communication right now.  Why does everyone suck so much…?  Everything…is…just……….

jeez….i’m both amazed at beauty, and disappointed with suck.  Emotional turmoil.  I don’t think my emotions are usually like this.  I guess in general I’m just not usually…like….this….well, I keep on referring to this “usually” thing, but…..


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