I feel bad, for the things that I don’t say here.  Isn’t that silly?  It’s not even important things, really, honestly, I swear.  I just decided not to say it.  But now it feels as if I’m not being honest.

Putting things off is the worst enemy.  If I am putting things off, it means I’m not in good shape…and something is wrong.  I guess it’s easy for me right now, though, since everything is all in pieces.  Of course something would be wrong.

I think if I ever wrote a story, you know, a fictional story, as opposed to the type of stories that I usually tell, it would have to be in first person.  Because, you see, I’m an ISFJ, and I dwell in the world of personal feelings and thoughts.  Those are the things that are most important to me.  That’s why it’s most important for me to help someone by helping their feelings, rather than helping their situation.  And it wouldn’t feel so personal in a third-person story.  So I think in order for me to write effectively, I would have to write in the first person, barring “weird” writing.  I mean, all of the writing that I’ve been doing here over the past like 3000 days has been in first-person, so…


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